Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Over the next couple of days, Sidney and I had been out baby shopping, and we had gotten a lot done in a short amount of time with the help of Harriet.
We had finished another outing, and Sid was supposedly driving us to the Lemieux's, but we were in a totally different neighborhood that definitely wasn't Sewickley.
"Sid, where are we going?"
"You'll see," he replied, a small smile on his lips.
He pulled up and parked outside of a building I recognized as condominiums.
"Sidney, these are a bunch of condos.." I said as we got out of the Range Rover.
"I know," he nodded, taking my hand and leading me inside and up to the eighth floor.
"Seriously, what are we doing here?"
"Seriously, have a little patience," Sidney mimicked me with a laugh, "now close your eyes."
We were outside a door labeled '8A', and I rolled my eyes, shutting them tightly.
I heard the scraping of a key in a lock, then the door opened, and I felt Sidney gently guide me forward.
The door was shut behind me, and Sidney whispered, "Open your eyes."
As soon as I did, I gaped at the sight.
"Is this..?"
"Yeah, I bought a condo. It's really supposed to be for my parents and Taylor when they come visit.. But I figured that neither Henry or Mario's family want to be around our baby 24/7. When my family is here, we can just hide out at Mario's or whatever."
"Good thinking," I smiled, "want to give me the grand tour?"

Sidney showed me around the rather spacious two bedroom, two bath condo, and I was amazed. He had granite counter tops and hardwood floors done, and he had already brought in furniture and certain things of his from Mario's. I could tell he had decorated himself. Sidney had a bunch of his sticks standing in a few corners of the living room to make it seem artsy, which I found hilarious and something only he would do.
"This place is great, Sid," I grinned, wrapping my arms around him in a hug and giving him a quick kiss.
"Want to go break in the master bedroom?" Sidney winked, making me laugh.
"No, I'm sorry, but I'm exhausted."
"I was kidding, but you really like it?"
"Of course. I think it's just what we need right now."
"Good, otherwise I would've been mad."
"So when do we get to move everything in?" I asked in an excited voice, walking around the second bedroom, now designated for the baby.
"Any time you want," Sidney was excited now, "only if we find out what it's gonna be at the next appointment."
"We're not finding out until we have a sit down with your mum and dad."
Sidney's smile fell quickly.
"They're coming a day before the last game of the season," he told me, and I nodded.
"Okay. I really hope they'll accept it like my parents did. My mum is really excited actually.. She wants to come and help Nathalie throw a shower mid-April. I bet she would love it if your mum was there too."
"I know that you want them to be glad.. But they're weird! I don't know how else to describe them. Last time I talked to my dad, he said mum didn't want to talk to me because she thought I was ruining my life."
"I'm sorry," I said quietly, stuffing my hands in the back pockets of my jeans.
"You have nothing to be sorry for," he told me with a grin, "All that matters is that we're excited about it. I mean, I do care whether or not my parents are, but it's not their decision. I'm a big boy, and I'm gonna life my life."
I nodded silently, then looked around the room and tried to envision where things would go. I walked over to the window and admired the view of the city.
"What's on your mind?" Sidney asked, now standing next to me.
"How I'm gonna decorate this place," I laughed, leaning my head on his shoulder.
Sidney let out a chuckle, wrapping his arms around my waist.
"Don't worry. We've got plenty of time."
"I'd rather have everything ready before, so it's all not last minute, you know?"

That night, Sidney and I ordered Chinese takeout, then we sat on the floor in the middle of the designated baby room and talked about what we wanted to do.
"This is gonna be the best," I smiled, laying back on the hardwood floor and staring up at the ceiling.
Sidney yawned and laid down next to me, making me yawn too.
"Are you tired too?" he asked, and I nodded.
"It's been a long day."
"Want to spend your first night in the new place with me?"
"That sounds like a good idea," I said as I sat up, trying to pick myself up off of the floor.
I let out a frustrated groan, running my hands through my hair as Sidney got up with ease.
He looked down at me and I smiled sheepishly.
"Need some help?"
"More than you know," I laughed, taking his hand and he helped me up.
"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" I asked as we walked to the other bedroom.
"Not in the past few hours," he told me, flicking the lights on. I noticed how this room was basically already furnished with a dresser, a big bed, and a desk and chair.
I looked in the closet to see how big it was, and found that it was already occupied by Sid's and my clothes.
"So that's where my pants went!"
"All that stuff was at the Lemieux, so I just kinda brought it over with a bunch of mine," he explained.
I went into the adjoining bathroom and looked around in there.
"My toothpaste? Shampoo? Sid-" I laughed, "You took my blow dryer?"
"I like what it does to my hair!" he defended himself, running his hand through his dark, curly locks and I grinned.
"Well, bring your head of great hair over here so I can feel."
Sidney leaned in the doorway of the bathroom and I reached up, letting my fingers glide through his soft brown hair.
"Hmm.." I thought for a split second, "I love it. I'm glad you stole my blow dryer."
Sidney smiled and closed his eyes, still holding himself up in the frame of the open door.
"That feels good," he mumbled somewhat coherently.
"Well get into bed and maybe I'll do it some more," I told him, pulling my hands out of his mess of hair and going to brush my teeth.
Sidney still stood in the doorway when I had finished, and I stood in front of him, my hands on my hips.
"Want to move please?" I asked, trying not to laugh.
"Nah, I'm pretty comfy right here," he answered, looking for my reaction.
"Fine. I'll just hip check you then. I hope it won't mess the baby up," I fake-threatened, knowing I wouldn't have to start throwing myself around.
"That's not fair! You can't use the baby to make me move," Sidney whined, making me giggle.
"I can, and I will. You try being pregnant!"
We had been play fighting like this for a while now, and sometimes it could get pretty convincing. If we got into it when we went to the Pen's practice, the guys got pretty concerned.
"No thanks, I'd rather go to bed," he quickly answered, ending the fight and grabbing my hand, leading me towards the bed.

After getting into pajamas and settling into the rather comfy bed, Sidney pulled out two books from the bedside table, and I saw the title.
"Baby names?" Then I saw the other one and read it off, "So you're gonna be a daddy."
"I borrowed these from Mario," he smiled proudly.
So I snuggled up against Sidney and we looked through these books for nearly an hour and a half.
"Sidney, I think it's time for lights out," I yawned, dragging my fingers up and down along his side.
"Awh, a few more minutes.."
"Alright," I nodded, then laid my head back down on his shoulder and dozed off while he kept reading.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Quick Update;;

It's my winter break! Finalllyyyyy.
I'm off school until January 5th, and I've got a lot planned for your reading pleasure. =]

During the course of the next week and a half or however long I have on break, I will have for you;;
-Part 74 of Skate Your Lane, and hopefully 75.
-A Sidney one-shot!!!! [it's almost finished, I think.]
-A Patrick Kane one-shot [someone requested that I write one?]
-Whatever else I can possibly think of.

So now you have something to look forward to this holiday season.
I've been in a rather good mood since Sid scored the game-winner tonight.
Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, December 8, 2008



After a shootout win against the Thrashers and saying goodbye to Colby at the airport, Sidney and I went to my apartment and he called his parents.
"Hey mum, is dad around? Yeah? No, I don't right now. I just need to tell you both something important."
I watched him carefully from the couch as he paced the living room floor.
"I-uh. I'm gonna play on Tuesday. So if you guys could maybe come out? No.. Ok then, I'll just tell you now. Aubrie and I are having a baby."
I heard a loud "What?!" erupt from the phone.
"She's almost at sixteen weeks.." Sidney answered, shooting me a 'save me please' look.
"Yeah, I know. We know, mum. We're ready for it.. No. Look mum, I have to go. Aubrie wants me to make her something salty.. She's got a craving. Love you, bye."
He quickly hung up, turning his phone off.
"That sounded like it went well," I laughed, and Sidney groaned.
"She's gonna leave me a ton of voicemails and stuff. I can't wait."
I knew sooner or later we were going to have to explain a lot more than what Sidney just did to Trina and Troy Crosby.

In bed that night, Sidney grabbed something off the bathroom counter and sat next to me as I laid down.
"What's that?" I asked as he pulled my shirt up, exposing my round stomach.
"Cocoa butter," Sidney answered simply, opening the jar and spreading some on his hands, then rubbing it on my skin.
"The guys said it's good for you and helps keep stretch marks away."
"This is really sweet of you.. Thanks," I smiled, setting my hands on top of his and helping him.

On Tuesday, Sid went with the Pens to Tampa Bay, and about three hours before their game time, he called me.
"Hey Sid," I smiled as I answered, packing my bag for the Langley boys' trip to the State Championship in Philadelphia.
"Hey Aubs, I was calling to let you know I'm playing tonight."
"I had a feeling you were going to," I nodded, zipping up my duffel bag.
"What was that?"
"I just finished packing for Phillie.."
"Oh yeah, State!" I could hear the smile in his voice.
"Hopefully we'll do well," I said, glancing up at the picture of the team after we won Nationals.
"Your boys will make you proud," Sidney assured me, and I chuckled.
"They really are a lot like my kids, huh? Only.. Their a few years younger than me."
"Yep, and they won't want to let their mum down."
"Thanks, Sid. Hey, I'm gonna watch the game online, so make me proud and please be careful."
"Ok, I promise."
"Good. Love you." appreciate
"Love you too."

That night, all the guys and I gathered around my laptop and watched the Pens win 2-0, with Sidney getting two of the assists.
The next day, we lost our game, and the one after that.
Before game three on Friday, I stood in the dressing room trying to talk some sense into my boys.
"If we lose this game, we can kiss our shot at defending our National title. But I don't care about Nationals. All I care about tonight is this game, right now. If we go out there and put the last two games behind us, we can beat this team. We only have three periods to make our presence felt."
We won that night, Saturday night, and the guys had a shut out Sunday afternoon to win the State title.
Oddly enough, Sid and the Pens won their game against the Capitals today too.
The team and I hung around Phillie celebrating and being tourists for the next few hours, then got back on the bus and returned to Pittsburgh.

As soon as I got home, I headed for the fridge, totally starved, and a note taped to the refrigerator caught my eye.
Be ready to go at 10 am sharp. It's baby shopping time.
-Love Sidney.'

I smiled, then did my nightly routine and went to bed.

True to his note, Sidney was here at exactly ten.
We decided to go to a few big stores first, then hit the little things later.
In the car on our way to the first store, I was curious about some things.
"So why are we shopping now? Don't you have practice?"
"No.. I tweaked my ankle, and I'm not gonna risk it getting worse."
"Just as long as you're alright with that."
At the first store, Babyland, I looked around in awe.
"Where do we start?" I gaped, and Sidney pulled a few pieces of paper out of his back pocket.
"The guys and I made a list while we were on the plane this whole road trip."
"Awesome. Those guys are the best.. Not to mention you," I smiled, quickly pecking his lips as we set off into the store.

We spent the whole day going store to store, doing gift registries, picking out things we liked and buying a few items.
"This all seems so... Official," I said as we looked at baby clothes.
"How about this?" Sidney laughed, holing up a little pink bunny outfit like the one I had seen in A Christmas Story.
"Ohmygod, no! Ew, Sid! Our baby will not be dressed like a bunny," I shrieked, making him put it back.
"Come on, it'd be cute!"
"Uh, no. I sure hope this kid gets my sense of style."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Sid laughed, pulling me close to him, "I thought you liked the way I dress!"
"Yeah, cause jeans and Reebok or Pens shirts are a major fashion statement. Now when you're in a suit, I have no complaints," I grinned, wrapping my arms around his waist.
I loved teasing him. Sidney always felt the most comfortable in jeans and teeshirts, and I had no issues with that. It was just fun to get a reaction out of him.
"I'm sorry to cut in, but do you two need help finding anything?"
An older woman smiled brightly at us, and Sidney nodded.
"We need a lot of help," I added with a laugh.
"Is this your first pregnancy?" the woman asked, and we nodded.
This woman, Harriet, helped us sign up for the gift registry and find things for the baby that Sidney didn't have on his list.
She told us about where to go to get certain things, and she even gave us her card so we could call if we had questions.

In the car on the way to my apartment, my phone rang and I quickly answered.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Hey, how's it going?" Carey's voice answered.
"Euhh. Bien, mais je n'ai pas les temps. Telephonez-moi demain," I said quickly, in an annoyed tone.
"Uh.. Ok? Later."
I hung up, smiling over at Sidney.
"Who was that?"
"No one important," I told him, trying to drop it.
"You sounded kinda agitated.. Even in that sexy French you speak."
"What are you trying to say, Sidney?" I asked, a sly smile on my face.
"I'm just going to throw this out there.. You're turning me on."
"Oh, I am, huh? In all my fat, pregnant glory?"
"For sure. You're gorgeous, and I want you now," he looked over, shooting me a heated glance.
"How far are we from the apartment?"
Sidney pulled in and parked the Range Rover.
"We're here," he smirked, jumping out and dragging me upstairs and to my room.
"Hey Henry... Good to see you.. Mind going out for a few hours?" I asked politely.
"Henry. Out, now," Sidney shot, and Henry quickly vacated the premises.

It's My Birthday!

I'm officially seventeen today.
Rated-R movies, here I come. hahahahaha.

I'll be posting tonight after dinner and all that jazz.
So keep an eye out!!


and again.
I apologize for taking so long..
I'm working on a Sidney one-shot.
Teehee. =]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



While the Pens were in Ottawa on March first, Sidney mentioned that he felt like he wanted to come back to the team.
"Sid, are you sure you're ready? I see how you grimace when you move your ankle a certain way," I said as we hung out and played Xbox 360 in his bedroom.
We were waiting for Mario and Nathalie to finish getting ready; they had a date night planned, and Sidney had volunteered us to babysit.
"I feel like I'm letting everyone down by not playing," he answered, groaning as I shot and killed him again.
"I thought you were good at this!" I laughed.
This was my first time ever playing Call of Duty 4, and I was putting Sidney to shame.
"Beginner's luck.."
"Yeah, you just can't play to save your life!" I teased, "Anyways. You'd be letting everyone down if you came back prematurely, getting everybody's hopes up only to realize you weren't ready."
"I'll talk to Therrien, ok?"

After Nathalie and Mario left, Sidney and the four kids sat in the living room watching cartoons. Sid even let them hold the remote.
It was sweet, as they all sat on the couch with Sid in the middle, using him as their pillow.
I was keeping an eye on the dinner I was making; chicken, peas, potatoes and cornbread, while I watched them all sit around too.
The six of us sat down at the table for dinner, and around ten we tucked each kind into bed and told them goodnight.

In the kitchen, I started to do the dishes, but Sidney told me to sit on the counter and he would do it, since I cooked.
"Imagine.. This is gonna be like a routine for us someday soon," he said as he rinsed off plates and put them in the dishwasher.
"I know. It's weird, huh?"
"Soon enough, we'll have our own little one to tuck in, read stories to, and assure that there are no monsters under the bead," he referred to what we just did for the Lemieux kids.
"In five months, we'll be bringing a new life into the world," I shook my head, still not totally grasping the idea.
"You know, we haven't gone baby shopping yet," I mused as Sidney finished the dishes.
"We will soon, I promise. But Army is coming tomorrow.."
"I know. I'm not saying we have to go right this second, but maybe sometime within the month? I want to get the general stuff before I get to be the size of a house. Like I'm not huge enough as it is."
"You're not huge," Sidney told me sincerely, standing in front of me and kissing my neck, "you're beautiful."
"Sid, stop," I breathed as I wrapped my arms around his waist, "We're babysitting.. What if Nathalie and Mario come home to this?"
Sidney mumbled something back that I couldn't understand, and continued kissing me.

"Aubrie, Sidney?" a small, tired voice rang out, and Sidney quickly pulled back.
"Hey Alexa, what's up?" I asked, jumping off of the counter.
"I miss my mom and dad," she sniffed, and it broke my heart.
"They'll be home soon," Sidney comforted the girl, picking her up and walking her back to her room. I followed closely, watching Sidney lay Alexa in her bed, pulling up the covers just right.
I sat on the edge of the bed, gently rubbing her back.
"Your mom and dad will be here when you wake up, I promise," I said in a soft tone, then glanced at Sid, who was on the opposite side of the bed, watching me.
"Will you stay here with me till I fall asleep?" Alexa asked sweetly, and I couldn't say no. I laid on the bed next to Alexa, continuing to trace patterns along her back to soothe her, until she was fast asleep.

After carefully getting up, Sidney and I went into the living room and sat on the couch.
"I think we handled that really well," Sidney stated, and I agreed.
"We make a pretty good team," I smiled, "hopefully we'll be that good with our kid."
"I know we will. You're a natural, and I learn fast," he chuckled.
"Hey, this is kinda random, but have you told your parents yet?" I asked quickly, and Sidney shook his head.
"They're gonna go nuts."
"Why would they?"
"You know how old my dad is, right?"
"Late forties? I don't know.." I said in an unsure tone.
"He's forty-one. My parents had me when they were our age.. They may not say it, but I was basically a mistake."
"Don't say that, Sidney."
"They'll tell me I'm ruining my life, and that I should learn from what they did and didn't do."
"You still need to tell them."
"I can't. I don't want them to hate you."
"Sid, I told my parents and brother. We told the team! Your parents need to know that they're going to be grandparents. And they're not going to hate me."
"Well, I'm not going to just call and tell them. I need to tell them in person, like you did."
"When are they coming next?" I asked.
"I don't know. I could call and find out tomorrow."
I nodded, "Please do."

We sat on the couch with the TV on a low volume, quietly talking about what to get when we go baby shopping, then about baby names.
"What do you think it's goinna be?" I asked, even though we had talked about it before.
"All the guys say a girl, and I'm starting to believe them," he admitted, "I think I'd really like having two girls to come home to after a road trip."
I smiled at his theory, and we continued to talk until Mario and Nathalie came home.
Then we went to Sid's room and laid in bed, talking until we fell asleep.

The next morning I had an appointment with Dr. Roy, and Sidney wanted to come, but he wanted to hang with Army.
Army ended up coming with us, which was super awkward and hilarious.
When it came time to do the ultrasound, Sid wanted Army to come in and see, so I agreed.
"Dude, Brie. That thing is inside you!" Colby blurted, and I laughed.
"I know, Colb. It's been inside of me for fifteen weeks!"
"Do you know what it is yet?" he asked, and Sid shook his head.
"But if you want, you can find out at your next appointment in two weeks," Dr. Roy told us, a slight chuckle to his voice.

After the appointment we drove to the arena, talking and catching up.
Colby told us all about Atlanta, and how all he eats are Krystals hamburgers, then he asked whether or not we wanted to know the sex of our baby.
Sidney had said yes, and I said no.
"Why not find out?" he asked, "then we could plan and all that around what it's gonna be."
"He has a point," Colby nodded from the passenger seat, while Sidney drove.
"I kinda want it to be a surprise.. I don't know." I definitely didn't want to argue about it right now, so I let it go.

At the arena, I received a lot of compliments from the guys. They all said I looked really good, and that I was glowing, which was weird, since I had started feeling better and wasn't getting sick to my stomach as often as I had been.
Then they invited Sidney to practice.
He looked to me, and I nodded, whispering, "Only if you call and tell your mum and dad after the game."
He quickly agreed, and suited up to go work on his game.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008



On Tuesday the 26th, I received a call from Mario to come to his house because Sidney probably needed someone to be there for him.
When I asked why, Mario said I'd find out when I got there.
"Thanks for coming on such notice, Aubrie," Nathalie smiled sadly as I entered the house.
"What's going on?" I asked, not sure if I really wanted to know.
"Colby was traded to the Thrashers this morning before the deadline," Mario answered, and my eyes widened.
They both nodded.
"Alright, I guess he's in his room?"
The two nodded again.

"Sidney?" I asked as I opened the door, about to enter an all to familiar situation.
"Not now, Aubrie," he snapped, making me flinch. He'd never reacted that way...
He was laying face down on his bed, most of his face covered by his arms and a pillow.
"I'm not going anywhere, Sid."
"Well that makes one of us," he grumbled, getting up and trying to leave, but I blocked the door.
"No," I replied in a stern voice to match the one he had just used.
"Don't make me move you myself," he threatened, taking a firm hold of my arm.
This was definitely something new.
"Don't you fucking threaten the mother of your unborn child," I hissed, glaring up at him.
"Fine, whatever," he backd down, sitting down on his bed with a 'thud'.
"I want to try and help you not be so sad," I said in a soft voice, sitting on the bed next to him.
"How? It's not like you've ever lost a best friend before."
Right after he let that sentence out of his mouth, I slapped him across the face.
"How dare you, Sidney. I didn't only lose my best friend, I lost my first love too. At least you'll get to see Army a few times during the season and over summer. I will never see Nate again."

He heaved a sigh, and I caught a whiff of alcohol on his breath. Then I noticed his tired eyes and flushed cheeks.
"Sidney Patrick Crosby, where is it?"
"Where's what?" he asked, and I stood up immediately, picking up his pillow and grabbing the quarter-full bottle of Jack Daniels, then saw another, empty, bottle in the trash next to the bed.
"I can't believe you.. And in Mario's house! Maybe this is the occasion that calls for you getting totally wasted off your ass, but not in your boss's house, while his entire family is here! Go get fucked up at Marc-Andre's or Talbot's. Better yet, don't get plastered at all."
"They're on a road trip.. Anyways, Marc said you were practically an alcoholic after Nate.."
"Nate died, Sidney. He didn't get traded to a team that was a three hour flight away. You know what. I don't need this right now. If you don't want me to try and help or just even be here, I'm gone."
I quickly left the room and went to the kitchen, where Nathalie was starting dinner.
"Did you talk to him?"
"Yeah. But I think he needs to do this by himself."
"Don't tell Mario, it's not that serious.. But he's already downed nearly two bottles of Jack. He just needs to chill out."

When I got home, Carey called me. It was like this guy could read my mind or something.
"Hey Carey, what's up?"
"Not a whole lot. I heard Colby Armstrong got traded to the Thrashers. How's Sidney taking it?"
"Not too well."
Thus began my twenty minute rant about what had just happened.
"He really brought up your dead ex-boyfriend?"
"Inadvertantly, yeah. I have a feeling Sid's gonna be facing some tough times in the near future," I sighed.
"Don't let him stress you out. It's bad for the baby."
"Oh, speaking of baby! It's starving," I laughed, and Carey chuckled.
"But I'm being totally serious."
"I know, Carey. Trust me, I know. That's why I left the Lemieux's. I can't be around him knowing he's in that 'mood'. Bad things have happened when I am."
"What do you mean?" Carey asked, and I felt like taking back what I'd said.
"Nothing, really. He just got drunk on the way home after a loss in Philadelphia.. Then showed up at my apartment at like four am, and when I tried to talk to him, he got mad and just kinda pushed me.."
"And I fell and landed on a part of the couch, then got a huge-ass bruise?"
"No, I mean after that."
"I don't remember what else, really," I lied, "But we talked through it the next day like we always seem to do. I know it seems like I'm making Sid out to be some sort of abusive drunk when it's the total opposite." I let out a sigh.
"He's just going through stuff, and it frustrates me that I can't help, even though he doesn't know it or mean to. I'm sorry for making you listen to me!"
"No, it's ok. I'm glad you wanted to talk to me, and that you trust me with this stuff. I'm always happy to help friends vent."
"Well thanks for listening.. I really appreciate that we're putting my mind at ease."
"No problem, but hey. I gotta get to practice."
"Alrighty. I'll talk to you later then.. And thanks again, I mean it."
"Bye Aubrie."
I hung up and made myself dinner, then after eating, I just laid in bed watching tv until I dozed off.

I don't know how long I'd been asleep for, but I was woken up by the buzzer of the door, then a loud knocking.
I goraned and rolled over, facing my night stand and checking the time.
"Who the hell is here at one am?"
I rubbed my eyes, getting up and walking to the font door.
Sighing, I opened the door and looked up.
"Sidney," I breathed, and he nodded awkwardly.
"Can I come in?"
I nodded, noticing that he looked freezing cold and wide awake as he stepped inside.
After closing the door, I turned around at watched Sidney, who looked conflicted.
"I'm really sorry for what I said earlier.. I never meant it. I was kinda- ok, no. I was really drinking, and it was totally inappropriate. I know I acted weird.. But you can't blame me. I just found out my best friend got traded."
"And I do understand, more than you may know."
"I talked to Mario after my buzz wore off, and he helped me realize that I made a mistake."
"I'm glad," I nodded, wondering where he was taking this.
"I don't want to break up over something like what I did earlier.." he admitted, and I could see the fear in his eyes.
Did he really think I would do that?
"Sidney, relax. I do not want to break up! I love you too much!"
He carefully approached me and rested his hands on my hips.
I grinned, giving him a warm kiss that brought a smile to his lips.

Monday, October 27, 2008



After spending the previous day in bed with Sidney, the Pens had a game against Ottawa today at three, so Sid went.
I decided to stay home, too tired to sit through an entire game, so I sat on my couch instead.
Henry finally decided to show up after spending most of his free time with his new girlfriend, Vienna.
She was good for him, so I didn't mind their spending time together.
We sat on the couch with my laptop, watching episodes of Cabbie on the Street on
"Hey look, it's the one where Cabbie interviews me!" I laughed, clicking on the link to play the whole video.
"NHL Siblings?" Henry chuckled his famous 'Henry laugh'

"Hey this is your man Cabbie and today we're talking to and about NHL sibilings!"
He talked to the Sedins, Neidermeyers, the Staal boys, the Kostitsyns, and then me.
"Now Aubrie, you're obviously not in the NHL, but your brother, Marc-Andre Fleury, is."
"Gee Cabbie, thanks for reminding me," I laughed.
"So what's it like? Your big brother being a pro goalie and all?"
"Well, it fucking sucks!" I joked, "But really? My brother can be a jerk when we play. He shows no mercy because I'm better at scoring than he is at goaltending."
"And you're his sister? No mercy at all?"
"I know!" I pointed off camera to Marc, "and I won't forget all of those times, either, Marc-Andre."
"Ooh, sounds like someone's got some blackmail all up in here!" Cabbie grinned.
"Oh, definitely."
"Wanna share some of that with me?"
"Maybe later," I shrugged.
"So, you want me to like, call you or something?" he asked, and I shot him a weird look.
"Uh, are you trying to get my number? You do know my boyfriend is right over there.."
"Where?" he asked, and I pointed to Sidney, who was with my brother.
"Oh, wow.. Nuh-uh. No way," Cabbie laughed.
"Yes way."
"You mean you and your brother?"
"Ew, Cabbie! No. Sid, not Marc-Andre."
"Phew, that's a relief. Wait- you and Sidney Crosby?" he blurted, and I smiled.
"See ya, Cabbie," I waved before leaving the dressing room and he talked to my brother.

"How awkward was that?" I laughed, and Henry nodded, looking through my bookmarks for a new site.
"University of Pittsburgh? Carnegie Mellon? Duquesne?" he asked, seeing I had a bunch of college sites saved.
"Yeah.. I was thinking about signing up for some classes in fall or winter, depending on baby. I want to actually do something with my life.. Not just be 'that girl Sidney Crosby knocked up'. You know?"
"I think that's a really good idea," he nodded in support.
"There's just one problem. I want to go to play hockey. But I know it's not in the cards right now- don't even bother reminding me."
"So what? Enroll and take classes, then when you get settled with the baby and everything, join the team."
"Yeah.." I nodded.
"What made you want to go do this? Once we left Sorel, you didn't want to even think about college ever again."
"Hen, that's not true. I didn't want to go at the time because I was messed up. Then I met Sidney and everything changed. And there's also the fact that I don't want to coach high schoolers for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love it, and the guys. But I'd rather be playing myself."
"So the truth comes out," Henry laughed.
"What do you mean?"
"I knew you weren't happy. I just wanted to see how long it took you to admit it."
"That's not funny. But you know what. I'm never going to get to play professionally. And because of this baby, I'll be playing in a Wednesday night rec league for the rest of my career."
"Really Bubbles. Think about it. If you went pro, you would have to travel all the time. You and Sid? Well, it wouldn't be possible."
"Is it selfish to want a career and love, like Sidney has? All I know is hockey, and I don't think I could function if I didn't play."
"You're not being selfish, you just need to satisfy your passions. That's why you're coaching. You stay in-district and show off your talents from behind the bench. But that's not what you want, right?"
"Right," I nodded.
"Just visit the schools and talk to some counselors. I'm sure they'll be able to help. Oh, and definitely talk to Sid about this. He'll probably be supportive."

After our serious talk, Henry and I started making poutine as the game played on the TV in the living room.
But Henry left around five to go see Vienna before he had work, and once again, I was alone.
As I waited for the poutine to cook, I picked up my phone and looked through my contacts, pressing send when I got to who I wanted to call.
"Hello?" the voice asked, and I smiled.
"Hey Carey, are you busy?"
"No, why?" he asked.
"I'm making poutine and I have no one to talk to," I sighed, turning the stove's flame down to medium.
"You make poutine?!?"
"Well yeah, what French-Canadian doesn't?"
After a few minutes of catching up, Carey asked,
"Where's Sid at?"
"Oh, the Senators are here for a game and SIdney went for moral support.. Not much else he can do I guess."
"Ah, it's on CBC, right? I flipped by it earlier."
"Probably. I'm watching FSN Pittsburgh."So we watched the game together on the phone, while I kept an eye on the food I was cooking.
"Tough loss," Carey said after the Sens won the shootout, making it a 4-3 final.
I let out a groan.
"Sid's not gonna be happy..."
"Good thing you made poutine!" Carey laughed, making me grin.
"Hold on, Sid's on the other line," I said quickly, then answered my other call.
"Hey Aubs. I don't think we're going out for a victory dinner, if you saw the game."
"I did."
"So do you want me to bring anything over for dinner?"
"No, actually. I'm already making you a special something. So hurry home, okay?"
"For sure," he sounded somewhat excited, for his team just suffering a loss.
He hung up and I switched back to Carey.
"Sorry. He wanted to know if he should bring home dinner, and I told him not to."
We talked as I set the table and finished making everything, including some crepes, which were Sid's favourite part of my French-Canadian meal plan.
"Carey, next time we see each other, I'll have to make you my poutine."
"Uh, definitely! You should just come to college at McGill."
I had told him all about my whole dilemma, and he was supportive of my ideas too.

"Aubrie, I'm home," I heard Sidney, then saw him come into the kitchen.
"Who are you talking to?"
I held my finger to my lips, shushing him.
"Oui, maman. Je t'aime aussi.. Mmhmm, au revoir," I said to Carey into the reciever, who said a quick goodbye, then shut my phone.
"Oh, sorry!" Sid flushed as I approached him, lightly pecking his lips.
"Come see what I made for dinner," I led him to the dining room, where I had everything all dished out.
"Aubs, you didn't have to.. This is delicious," Sidney said, halfway through his plate.
"I know. I wanted to though.. Plus, Henry and I got bored."
"Henry was over?"
"Yeah," I nodded.
"How is he and that new girlfriend of his?"
"He's having a great time with Vienna. I think he wants to move out, but doesn't want to tell me," I muttered, then quickly changed the subject.
"So Nathalie mentioned something about how she wanted to throw me a baby shower.."
"Wait. Henry wants to move out, leaving you with the rent? I can't believe that.. How are you gonna pay it?"
Sidney kept going until I finally stopped him.
"Relax. We haven't talked about it yet. And I don't think he'll just ditch me with the bills and rent all of a sudden. He'd wait until I could fully support myself and pay all the bills. Don't worry, okay? Just sit back and eat your crepes."

Friday, October 17, 2008



I stood on the ice, waiting for Sidney to come out.
He had called Mario and Coach Therrien to let them know he was going to be skating, then he joined me on the ice.
I watched carefully as Sidney meandered along, weaving and testing his abilities.
"Nothing too fancy now, alright? Let's not prolong that six to eight weeks," I warned, going into the curve, skating backwards so I could keep an eye on my boy.
'You be careful too! I don't want you falling, ever," he answered, speeding up just a little to catch up to me.
"Sid, I'm fine. It's you I'm worried about," I argued.
We stayed on the ice until I heard familiar voices flowing from the locker room.
I saw Ty Conklin, Sergei Gonchar, Jordan and Jarkko come out, and I quickly asked Sid if he wanted me to get him a yellow no-contact jersey.
"No.. I think I'm done for now."
The guys all saw Sidney and watched him carefully, just like I was.
"Atta boy, Sid!" Sergei called after us as we passed them in the hall.
I had already gotten my Vans back on while Sidney pulled on his sneakers, being especially careful of his ankle.
"What the hell did you do to my skates?" Colby shouted from his locker.
"What on earth do you mean?" I asked and Colby pointed down to his feet.
"Pink laces?"
"I think they're hot," Sidney laughed.
Once Colby settled down and laughed the pink laces off, my brother came over to us.
"Hey Sid, wanna come over and play Call of Duty?"
Sidney nodded enthusiastically.
I rolled my eyes, "What's with you cripples and your Call of Duty four?"
"Oh, Aubs! I- uh," Sidney was trying to figure out who to let down.
"It's all good, Sid. Go with Marc-Andre and play your Xbox 360. Just don't come crying to me when he kicks your ass."
"Oh trust me, he'll be the one crying!"
"Mmhmm," I nodded, giving him a peck on the lips.
Sidney couldn't play video games to save his life. But for some reason, he was in denial and thought he was decent at it.
"I'll see you later."
"Bye! Love you."
"You too," I grinned, saying bye to everyone else before heading out to my car and going back home.

I lounged around for a while, then met the Langley boys at the rink for practice.
I was changing out of my longsleeve shirt into a tank top, when Jared laughed.
"Gee, CB, you're gaining weight."
I flushed, pulling my shirt over my body.
"You're a little fattie," Brett chuckled, and Casey nodded, poking my middle.
"Ew, why's it hard?" he asked, "Fat is supposed to be mushy."
Intrigued, Jared, Brett, and the other goalie, Jason began to poke at my 'fat'.
"Maybe it's not because I don't excercise or eat a ton of junk."
"What else could make you fat?" Bret asked.
Mike, now a sophomore, rolled his eyes at the seniors.
"Here's an idea. Maybe she's pregnant!" the fifteen year old told them.
"No way!" Jared and Casey yelped as I nodded.
"Congrats!" they all told me.
"Who's the lucky guy?" Brett asked.
"That'd be moi, thank you," Jared announced, raising his hand.
"Oh you wish," Casey shot.
"Tell Sid we're proud of him," Jason told me.
"Yeah, our little boy has grown up so much since we peer pressured him into groing a pair and asking you out."
"Brett!" I laughed, not knowing how to respond to him.
"What are you gonna name it?" One of the boys, Alex, asked.
"We don't know yet.."
"Do you know what you're having?" Casey asked.
"Well, a baby. I know that much."
"You don't know if it's a boy or girl?!"
I shook my head.
"I'm open to name suggestions though. Try and come up with some good ones and tell me when you do."
"Jared, obviously," the boy grinned.
"Uh-no. Let's just get practicing," I laughed, pointing them out the door and to the ice.

I stood at center ice, watching the boys doing passing drills all around me.
I felt my phone vibrating, so I pulled it out and checked the caller ID; 'Sidney <3'
I rolled my eyes and pressed 'reject' to cease the buzzing.
My team has playoffs starting in less than a month, and I knew he just wanted to check up on me.
I shoved my phone into my pocket, skating over to Mike and Jared with my stick in hand.
"Guys, come on. It's either go big or go home. Square your shoulders and follow through with your checks! Once you start, you have to finish it strong."
I heard a puck hit a goalpost and whipped around.
"Brett!" I yelled across the ice, and his head shot up.
"Cover your top shelf, we're not playing in a fucking rec league!"
I quickly covered my mouth.
"I uh. Wow," I muttered, then apologized to Brett.
"Angry fetus attack?" Jared asked.
"It would appear so.. I haven't really had any thing happen like that yet, so I don't know... Let's just do a scrimmage."

While I helped who Mike how to own his faceoff style, my phone rang again, and I continued to ignore it, even when it signalled a voicemail.
I groaned a little, then dropped he puck for Mike and Jared.
I let the team go after a few minutes of scrimmage; they had been on the ice for almost an hour and a half, and I could tell they were tired.
"Don't party too hard," I called after the last kids to leave, heaving my bag over my shoulder and leaving the rink.

I was at home, all settled in bed and watching Rock of Love 2 when I heard the front door open and close, along with quiet footsteps.
"Hey Aubs," Sidney announced his presence," did you get my message?"
I shook my head.
"I left my phone here."
"You went out?"
"Yeah, I had a practice with the boys."
"Their playoffs are coming soon, eh?"
"Yep. Gotta get ready. So what was your message about?"
"Oh, just that I beat your brother. Well, I put him to shame, actually," he smiled, but it seemed forced.
"That's awesome. Now come to bed," I smiled back, knowing now was not the time to call him out.

The next morning I checked my voicemail while Sidney was in the shower.
"Hey Aubrie, it's me. Even though it's fun and all hanging out with Marc, I'd rather be with you. I- uh. Guess I'll see you later then. Love you. Bye."
I grinned, leaping out of bed and sneaking into the bathroom.
I stifled my laughs when I heard Sidney singing I Fought The Law; a song overplayed during the Pens games.
I couldn't hold out any longer; I pulled the curtain back, a bright smile on my face.
Sidney quickly opened his eyes, an embarrassed smile crossing his reddened face.
"What are you doing?" he asked while I reached in and shut the water off.
"I listened to your voicemail," I answered, pulling on his hand and leading him out of the shower.
"Aubrie?" he asked, the pitch of his voice raising as he laughed, still trying to reach for a towel, even though I had now brought him into my room.
"What Sid?" I smiled a bit, looking over his sleek, wet body and brushing my fingers along his chest.
"Oh.. Nevermind," he smirked, getting my idea.
"So now do you remember what we were up to outside the dressing room?" I asked, gently touching my lips to his.
"Vaguely. Care to refresh my memory?"
I looked up at him, admiring how his dripping wet hair fell into his eyes, small curls sticking up everywhere.
"Definitely," I nodded, pulling him in for a much harder kiss as I slid my arms around his waist.
Sidney pulled me closer, and I let out an 'oof' against his lips, only breaking contact to pull off my shirt.
Sid's hands, which had been roaming earlier, were now planted firmly on my hips, his fingers playing with the edge of my pajama shorts.
He pulled back a little, shooting me a devious smile, then in one fluid motion, he had pulled both my shorts and panties down to my ankles.
I laughed as I stepped out of them, flinging the clothes out of the way with my foot.
"Someone's a little eager."
Sidney nodded, resting his forehead against mine.
I watched him for a second, and he watched me.. It was like he could see right through me and into my soul.
"What?" I asked, pulling back a little, now nervous.
"Nothing.. I was just admiring this beautiful girl in front of me. Now come back here," he quickly pulled me back into him, moving me towards my bed.

Saturday, October 4, 2008



The next morning, Sidney and I got to the arena just after everyone was supposed to be finished with practice.
As we walked through the halls, I grabbed Sidney's hand, smiling.
"Hey. If all goes well, I'll get rid of Henry and you can spend the night at the apartment with me," I wore a playful grin, and Sidney's eyes widened.
"I like the sound of that," he nodded, opening the door to the locker room for me.
"What's that?" I asked, pointing to a pair of baby booties in his locker instead of his shoes.
"Oh," Sidney flushed, "they all play jokes on me because every other team's fans think I'm a baby.. Not the first time they've done it, eh guys?"
"Nope!" Colby laughed, followed by Jarkko Ruutu.
"And certainly not the last!"

The two of us had been talking to everyone, Sid was catching up on the past few days.
Nobody knew that I had gone to hang out with Carey Price, and that was how it was going to stay. I wasn't about to be yelled at for 'fraternizing with the enemy'.
After a half an hour of mingling, Sidney pulled me to the center of the room, a wide smile on his face, and I knew what was coming.
"Hey guys, there's something important I need to tell you," Sid beamed.
"Oh, is it about your ankle?" Sergei Gonchar asked, now attentive.
"Nope," Sidney shook his head, a knowing smile still set on his face, "Aubrie and I are..."
"Getting married?" Colby asked.
"Breaking up?" Jordan added.
"Forming your own two person super team?" Kris Letang finished, and I laughed.
"No," I shook my head, setting my hands on my hips, "Sidney and I are having a baby."

A burst of loud, 'No ways' and 'Nuh-uhs' and 'Go Sids' filled the locker room, along with some applause and congratulations, but not from everybody.
I knew some people wouldn't be too thrilled, and I was right.
But I didn't want to deal with them; if they weren't happy, too bad for them.
"When are you due?" Ryan Malone asked, and I knew his wife was having their second child in March.
"August," I smiled, noticing Ryan suppress an awh as he gave me a hug.
"Thanks," I grinned once he let go, and then Brooks Orpik came over to me.
"Our little Aubrie is growing up so fast!"
"I know, right? Could you have ever seen me like this two years ago?"
Brooks laughed, "Uh, hell no! You were a bitch back then."
My smile fell; Brooks and the guys who were here when I moved out with Marc-Andre knew how much I had changed.
"I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have said that," Brooks apologized, and I shook my head.
"No, it's fine. I know I wasn't a pleasure to be around, but you understand why."
He nodded, giving me a hug.
"Why is everyone so full of hugs today?"
"It's not every day our best friend and captain tells us he's impregnated his girlfriend!" Colby yelled to me from across the room.
I saw the embarrassed look on Sidney's face as he stood beside his best friend, and I knew I was wearing a similar expression.
"Colby, shut up," I groaned, "why is he so awkward?"
I laughed, covering my face with my hands.
"He's crazy, that's why," Brooks told me with a smile.
"Hey, I'm gonna go get a drink. I'll be back, okay?"
Brooks nodded, wandering off as I quickly exited the locker room.

I found a bottle of lemon-lime Gatorade, then made my way down the hall to the locker room, texting Carey while I walked.
"There you are!" I heard Sidney as he opened the door and came into the long hall with me.
"I was wondering where you disappeared to."
I quickly shoved my phone in my pocket, putting on a smile and holding up the drink.
"I got thirsty."
"Yeah, well. I think everyone's taking the news pretty well.. Some of the guys aren't sure what to think. But I'm sure they'll come around," Sid smirked, nudging me back against the wall.
For some reason my heart was racing, which was something I hadn't felt in a while.
I wrapped my arms around Sidney's neck, a nervous smile on my lips.
Sidney just watched me for a few seconds, his hands at my waist.
"What?" I asked, a hint of curiosity in my voice to match the look in his eyes.
"Why are you so nervous all of a sudden?"
"I don't know.."
I saw an unconvinced look, and I added, "Really. Just butterflies, I guess."
Then I planted a light kiss on his lips.
"I like these butterflies," Sidney breathed in between his rough kisses.
I let out a slight gasp, dropping the Gatorade I had been trying so hard to hold onto as I felt Sid slide his warm hands under my shirt and along my sides.
"Sidney," I tilted my head back, letting out a slight moan and tugging gently on his dark hair.
"Hmm?" he asked.
"We're in the hall outside your locker room."
"The whole team's in there.. Not to mention my brother too." I was becoming more and more aware of our surrounding as the seconds passed, "We'll go to my place soon, okay?"
I gently pushed him back, readjusting my shirt.
He backed up and grabbed the bottle off of the floor, handing it to me as he gave me one more kiss, then lead me into the locker room.
I smiled when we saw everyone, lacing my fingers with Sid's as we walked over to Colby, Kris, Evgeni and Tyler Kennedy.
"Nice lip gloss, Sid," Kris laughed, making the other three laugh along.
"Thanks, I think it goes well with my skin tone," he shot back jokingly.
"What, pale?" Tyler grinned.

After everyone left the arena for a well deserved lunch, Sidney and I stuck around, setting up little pranks for Colby, Brooks and Tyler.
"Hey Aubs, do you think we could skate around for a bit?"
I looked up at Sidney from my spot on the bench in front of Colby's stuff. I had been relacing his skates with neon pink laces.
"You think you're ready?"
"I just want to skate. Nothing fancy," he promised.
"I know, but will it mess with your healing, trying to condition so soon?"
"It's been over a month. I asked Josh and the doctor. They say it'll be good for me."
"Alright. I'll go get my skates."
"I'll be here," Sid laughed.

I got up and gave him a kiss on the forehead, then went to the parking lot and retrieving my custom RBK 9K Pumps that Sid had gotten me for my birthday.
My phone vibrated as I made my way back to the arena, and I checked my newest text.
'Hurry up my feet are getting cold'
I got into the locker room, laughing at Sidney.
"Was that really necessary?"
"Was what necessary?" he asked, trying to hide a smile.
"Oh, don't even try to play innocent," I answered, setting my skates down and standing in front of him so his head was level with my waist.
He swiftly slid his arms around my middle, pulling me towards him, resting his cheek against my stomach.
"I love you," he told me in a content tone.
I grinned, placing my hands on his head, tangling my fingers in the curls of his hair.
"I love you too," I answered, then watched Sid crane his neck and look up at me.
"I wasn't talking to you," he shot, then nuzzled his face back into me.
"Oh, so that's how it's gonna be!" I tried not to laugh, but did anyways.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008



"Carey, stop. I'll go to lunch with you after practice," I yelped, holding my hands up between the two of us.
"Alright. Meet me back here after we get done," Carey nodded, getting the hint that I didn't want to be more than friends.
"Okay," I agreed, walking off to watch the Pens practice.

After the Habs finished, I went and told my brother I was going to lunch alone instead of with the guys.
I met up with Carey and he drove us to a small deli.
Once we got our food, we really began to talk.
"Sorry I was so weird earlier," Carey apologized, "I guess I just thought you liked me that way."
"I'm going to tell you this up front, right now so there's nothing to get in the way of us being friends."
"I have a boyfriend named Sidney."
"Wait, Crosby?"
"Yeah... And uh.. He and I are having a baby."
"You're pregnant?"
I nodded.
"Really? That's so cool!"
"You think so?" I asked, eyeing him carefully.
"Yeah. You've got something growing inside you. I think that's pretty awesome."

As Carey and I spoke, he never questioned whether or not Sid and I were ready for a baby.
He did ask a lot of questions about the whole 'being pregnant' process, and that was a huge relief for me.
"So, is Sid excited?" Carey asked after we finished lunch and went walking around the shopping plaza.
"I think so.. But I think he's overwhelmed, because I didn't tell him until after he got hurt, and he's nervous.. We'll figure it out."
Carey and I walked into a touristy knick-knack shop, and I felt my phone vibrate; a text had arrived for me.
I pulled it out of my pocket, smiling as I read, 'Having fun in Montreal? Miss you <3'
I quickly texted back, shoving my phone back into its place.
"Sorry," I said to Carey and he laughed.
"That was from Sidney, right?" he asked.
"Yeah.. Is it that obvious?"
"Judging by the way you lit up, it was super obvious," he nodded.
"Wow," I shook my head, picking up a stuffed grizzly bear, "think this would be cute for a baby?"
"You're so in love with him. It's awesome you've got someone like that in your life. And no, I like the moose better. You want your little one to be a true Canuck, don't you?"
He held up almost a miniature version of my stuffed moose that I had at the hotel.
"Awh. Perfect," I grinned, "and yeah. I do want it to grow up a proud little French-Canadian."
We shopped around the little tourist store, then I bought the moose and we went on our way.

"Do you know what gender it is?" Carey asked when we were in another store.
"No, I don't. I'm not sure I want to find out until it comes.."
"But knowing makes decorating and shopping much easier. Not to mention names."
"True.. I never really thought of that," I realized, "oh wow. And Sidney lives with Mario.."
"You live with him?"
"No," I shook my head, "I share an apartment with my best friend. But I don't think the Lemieux or my room mate want a baby around twentyfour-seven."
"I'd kick the room mate out," Carey laughed, making me smile.
"So, what do you want it to be? Boy or girl?"
"I overheard my brother talking to my parents when I told them yesterday. He said people would expect it to be a boy, you know? To be the ultimate hockey prodigy.."
"Because the two of you are just a gene pool full of awesome," Carey interrupted, "I saw you out there after the Pens finished practicing and before we went out."
"Yeah.. My brother wants it to be a girl, so everyone will be wrong. He thinks it'd be ironic for the face of the NHL to have a daughter."
"But what do you want?"
"I'm not so sure.. I love little kids.. I used to coach pee-wee hockey, so either way I'd be happy. All I know is that this kid is probably going to skate its way out during delivery with a stick in hand," I laughed, shaking my head.

A while later, Marc-Andre called, concerned and wondering where I was.
I told him I was shopping, and he told me to come back to the hotel.
Carey took be back, and we exchanged numbers and e-mail addresses, knowing we'd definitely keep in touch.
"Thanks for everything, Carey. You're really great."
"You too, Brie."
I got out and went upstairs to the room Marc and I shared.
"Hey," I greeted when I saw my brother in the room, pulling on a sweatshirt.
"Salut Aubrie," he grinned, "what took you so long?"
I pulled out the stuff I bought.
"Things for the baby to remind them that they're Canadian."
"Only you.." he shook his head.
"Hey! My kid isn't going to grow up an ignorant American. I haven't told Sid this yet, but I want to be here or in Halifax when I go into labour."
"You're hilarious. Only you would want to do something like that," he laughed, "but we gotta go. The game starts in an hour and a half."

At the game, Marc and I stood at the glass where the team comes from the locker room, watching everyone play.
It was an exciting, close game. Carey had been doing his best to hold his own in net, but in the end, the Pens won five to four.
The team, my brother and I were quickly taken back to the hotel to get our stuff, then to the airport.

Around two am, Marc-Andre dropped me off at the Lemieux house.
I wanted to see Sidney, and I couldn't wait until a decent hour.
I used my key and quietly entered the house, locking the door behind me.
I tiptoed into Sidney's wing, then into his room, softly closing his door.
In the light of the alarm clock, I could see Sidney fast asleep, and I smiled.
After setting my things down, I stripped out of my winter clothes and down to my cami and panties.
Then I carefully slid into bed, trying not to wake my sleeping boy up.
He had probably been waiting for me to come home, then dozed off.
I watched him in silence, admiring his peaceful, totally relaxed features.
Then I felt a tingle in my nose, and I sneezed, trying to be quiet, but Sid jerked his eyes open.
He stared at me for a second, totally confused and disoriented before his eyes widened in realization, lighting up.
"Aubrie!" he grined, setting one of his hands at the nape of my neck, his thumb on my cheek.
"Yeah, it's me," I smiled, mimicking his hand's placement.
"I saw you on TV during the game.. Now you're home," he said quietly, still trying to wake himself up.
"I know I'm here."
"I was supposed to pick you up!" he gaped, beginning his apologies.
"It's okay, Marc-Andre gave me a ride. Somehow, I knwe you'd be asleep."
"I didn't mean to.. I just laid down and I don't know.."
"Sidney, it's fine. Now, tell me. How do you think the game went?"
"It was a good game.. That Price is good, but I met him a few times.. He's a total jerk. Hopefully you didn't have to deal with him."
I bit my lip and shook my head.
"No run-ins with him. I did say hi to the Kostitsyn brothers though..."

Sidney and I talked for a few more minutes, then he yawned.
"Is someone tired?" I smiled, scooting closer and touching my nose to Sidney's.
He shook his head, pressing our foreheads together.
"Yeah, you are. You just don't want to admit it. You know I'll be here when you wake up..."
"I know," he smiled, kissing me gently.
"And tomorrow, you know what we're going to do?"
"Uh.." SIdney thought for a split second, "Oh! We're telling the guys. Good thing they're coming off of a win."
I laughed, wrapping my arms around him in a warm hung, then ended up just staying there, tucked carefully under Sidney's arms.
He quickly kissed my forehead, then a few minutes later, his breathing evened out as he fell asleep, and I followed suit shortly after.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

School Time

As everyone knows, school is starting up.
For me, it's Monday, August 11th...
and I'll be a junior in high school.

I've been busy doing sparknoting my summer reading..
Which consist of three books and a play.

But when school starts, I have to get adjusted to everything all over again.
They totally redid our school and it's very confusing.

So I'll be taking a break from posting Skate Your Lane.
Just until I get back into the groove of things.
[it won't take very long for that.. I learn fast]

I hope you all understand.. I'm really, really sorry.
and I really hope I don't lose any readers because of this.

But while you all are waiting...
I have three other blog pages with stories.
Two are actual series, and one is a blog for all of my one shots.
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Sunday, July 27, 2008



After much convincing, Sidney decided it was best that I went to Sorel and talked to my parents, but he made me bring Marc-Andre along.

As soon as the Pens won 2-1 against the Panthers that Tuesday night, we were all on our way to the airport.
"I'm gonna miss you," Sidney muttered into my shoulder as we sat together on the bus.
"Sid, I'll only be gone for what, two days?" I smiled up at the cute boy.
"We'll take good care of her, Sid. I promise," Colby smiled reassuringly.
The team, including my brother, still had no idea that I was nearly twelve weeks pregnant. But Sid and I were planning to announce it that Friday before practice.

We got to the airport, and I was standing outside the bus with Sidney, my arms around his neck in a hug.
"I love you, Sid. I'll call when we get to Montreal."
"Love you too. Please be careful, and have fun."
"Don't sorry, I will," I smiled.
"Come on you lovebirds, we gotta go!" Marc-Andre groaned, and I gave Sidney one more hard kiss before following my brother.

Wednesday morning, Marc-Andre and I drove the hour and a half from Montreal to Sorel to our parent's house.
Despite their excitement to see their children just show up out of the blue, my mother knew something was up.
"Aubrie, you seem different since we last spoke. How are things with Sidney?" Tatiana asked me as we all sat at the familiar kitchen table for lunch.
"Mum," I rolled my eyes and she gave me a stern look.
"I know you're here for a reason, not just a random visit."
"What about me? I'm here because I missed you guys.."
There goes Marc; always the best child. Always the favourite.
"Be quiet, Marc-Andre," our dad shut him up instantly.
"Alright, fine. I-uh.. Sidney and I are great. I'm uh- pregnant," I said quietly, but mum heard.
She jumped up from the table and began mumbling incoherent things in her quick French.
My dad and Marc-Andre sat there, stunned.
"How long have you.. been..?" Dad asked over mum's babbling.
"Since like, the second week of December."
"Ew, since I got hurt?!" Marc-Andre cut in, "seriously? And you didn't tell me?"
"How could you be so irresponsible?" I heard my mum, and Marc muttered, "Merde."
"Don't you dare curse in this house, Marc-Andre!" Mum hissed, and I rolled my eyes.
"Congratulations," Dad smiled at me, and I grinned
"Thanks Dad. You're the only sane one here."
"Why didn't you tell us as soon as you found out?" Mum asked, clearly flustered.
"I wanted to tell you in person. Sid and I are really excited about this.. I hope you are too."
"We are," Dad smiled from his seat across from me.
"Well, I'm not! You're much too young, and not ready for a family!"
My jaw dropped at my mother's remark, "Mum! I think I grew up a little too fast. I know I'm still a kid at heart, and Sidney and I are nowhere near ready for this- but every day we become more and more.. prepared."
"You're not even married!" she tried.
"I know that. But it doesn't matter if we are or aren't. All that matters is that we love eachother..."
"Tatiana, don't give her the 'too young' speech! You were nineteen with Marc-Andre," Dad told her, and she piped down, looking at her plate.
"Mum.. I just want you to be happy for me."
"Is this what you really want?"
I nodded, "Of course."
"Then I'm happy."

Marc-Andre and I drove back to Montreal that night before dinner.
"I can't believe you didn't tell me that I'm going to be an uncle."
"I couldn't. I didn't even tell Sidney until after he got hurt.. I did it the day he got his x-rays."
"I guess that's why he's being so protective of you.." I nodded, and we went to our room at the hotel to go to bed.
"You can't tell anyone," I stressed.
"I promise, I won't."

The next morning we all went to the arena, and as it was, the Habs were there.
I snuck into their dressing room to hang out with Sergei and Andre Kostitsyn, who were with another boy.
This guy towered over me; 6'3, at least. He had very dark, probably jet black hair and dark eyes that had a familiar sparkle to them.
His presence reminded me so much of Nate.. and I was enthralled.
"Hi, I'm Carey," he smiled at me, and I smiled back.
"Brie. Nice to meet you."
"Price strikes again," I heard Andrei mumble to his brother.
"We'll catch up with you two later. We have practice, remember, Carey?" Sergei told us, then they left.
"What brings you to our dressing room? Looking for some autographs?"
He had no idea who I was, hah, who does he think he's kidding?
I shook my head, "Nope. Just wandering around, killing some time before the game and all. The usual," I added a slight shrug.
"So where are you from?" Carey asked as we sat on the benches in front of his locker.
"Originally? Sorel. But I live in Pittsburgh.."
"Aah.. A Pens fan then. Well, I hope you know.. Crosby's not here, so don't waste your time hanging around them. You're much better off here anyways."
I held back a laugh, "I'm aware Sidney isn't here, Carey."
If Sid was here, I wouldn't have been in the Hab's dressing room..
I couldn't help but notice Carey Price's arrogent side; much like the one Nate had.
"I wouldn't have pinned you for a Crosby fan.. Maybe I could change your mind?"
"Oh, and who should I be rooting for instead?"
"How about thirty-one for the Habs?"
I knew that was his number; the kid's jersey was hanging right there.
"Hey, maybe after practice I could take you out for lunch," Carey suggested, "I'd really like to get to know you better.."
"I bet you would," I rolled my eyes, "I think it's time for me to get going. It was nice meeting you."
I got up and made my way out into the hall.
"Brie, wait," I felt a strong hand grip my wrist, pulling me to a halt.
"Let go of me, Price," I snapped, glaring up at the guy.
He loosened this hold, and I tried to yank my arm away, but he only leaned down and tried to catch my lips with his, steadying me with his other hand on my cheek.

Sunday, July 13, 2008



That following Saturday, February second, the Pens were playing the Hurricanes at Mellon, and Sidney wanted me to come with him to watch.
"Sidney, stop! I need to finish getting ready," I giggled as I felt his lips on my collarbone and his arms around my waist, holding my back against his chest.
"I'm sure Mario would understand if we wanted to stay..."
"Nuh-uh, we're going to go and support your team. Now, Nathalie and Mario are waiting for us."
I wiggled out of Sidney's grasp, pulling my trench coat on over my new dress Sidney got me after the doctor's appointment.

When we got to the Lemieux's box, Sidney and I leaned against the edge, watching everyone warm up.
"Aubrie, could I talk with you for a second?" Nathalie Lemieux asked me quietly.
I nodded and gave Sidney a peck on the cheek before following the woman out into the hall.
Nathalie looked around as if to make sure that the coast was clear, before finally speaking.
"Mario told me that you're pregnant?"
I immediately felt my face flush.
"Yeah.." I nodded.
"For how long?" she asked in an excited tone.
"Since the first week of December..." I answered, still somewhat nervous.
"I'm so happy for you! Who all knows?"
"Uh. You, me, Sid, Mario.. My doctors and Henry. We just want to let it sink in.."
"I understand. Mario and I were very private about our first pregnancy. You two may want to tell the team though.. And your families too."
I nodded, "Thanks Nathalie."
She pulled me into a hug, then we walked back into the bo and I returned to my place beside Sidney.

"Hey baby," he smiled, wrapping an arm around my waist with a grin, "and Aubrie."
"Hey!" I yelped, smacking his arm.
"So what'd Nathalie want?"
"Well apparently someone spilled the baby beans to Mario and she heard."
"I needed to talk to someone after you told me!"
"Hey, I'm not mad. I get what you mean, and it was smart of you to go to Mario."
"Well, I am a genius."
"That you are.." I rolled my eyes with a smile, carefully leaning up and touching my lips to his.

We watched the game, and during the break between the first and second periods, I got a text from Jared.
'Lol, they showed you & sid in the box on vs.'
I laughed, tapping Sidney's shoulder and waited for Mario to finish speaking.
"Yeah?" he asked, looking down at my phone, then I got another message from the kid.
'and they were talking about how well you two work because youre so hockey oriented :)'
"Well, we'll have to watch that when we get home," Sid smiled, knowing I DVR all the games I can on Versus on his TV.
"That we shall," I laughed, "I'm curious as to what the Incredibly Bad Haircut Men have to say about me."
After a four to one win over the Canes, we went down to the locker room to see everyone.
"Salut, Marc-Andre!" I smiled up at my big brother, and he pulled me into a huge hug.
I saw Sidney watching me from acroos the room, a concerned look on his face.
'It's fine,' I mouthed, rolling my eyes.
We hung around and talked with the guys for a while, then Mario told us it was time to get going.

I sat on Sidney's bed in my pajamas, TV remote in hand as I fast forwarded to the part Jared told me about.
"And look at who's here! The Captain himself, Sidney Crosby; out with a high ankle sprain for six to eight weeks," Brian Engblom said.
"Isn't that Aubrie Fleury with him?" Keith Jones asked, and Brian nodded, "The holder of just about every high school hockey record in the country, yes it is."
"Y'know, she coached that Langley High team to win the Nationals in Minnesota.. How amazing is that?"
"Fleury has a wicked sense for hockey; it does run in the family with her brother Marc-Andre, who's also out with a high ankle sprain."
"Let's see her senior year stats- Two years ago, this girl had a sixty-eight goal season, and nearly ninety assists.That's over 150 points.." Keith mused, reading stats off a sheet of paper.
"Yeah, if anyone's going to be helping Sidney Crosby back on the ice, it's gonna be this girl. She'll get him back in no time," Brian laughed, and they showed a clip of Sidney and myself sharing a quick kiss.
"Now, I know we're no gossip channel, but Crosby has himself quite the catch," Bill Patrick came into the conversation now, obviously trying to fill air time.
"This girl is lethal on the ice. They share a common passion, and are very good at what they do. I hear they help each other practice and have 'in house' competitions."
Keith continued for Brian, "They bring out the best in one another, which is just what the Pittsburgh Penguins will need when Crosby returns."
They tied it back to something actually relevant, so time must've been running short.
"We'll be back after this," Bill laughed.

"Awh, how cute," Sidney joked.
"See! Everyone thinks we're great together. It's weird," I grinned, erasing the recording.
"I never said we weren't.. I think it's funny that they can just talk about us for ten minutes.. The best part is when they had your stats right there.. Like they just so happened to be laying on the desk."
"How convenient," I nodded.
"That's Versus for you.. Gotta love it though," Sidney gave me a sarcastic, cheesy smile and a thumbs up before climbing into bed.

I was trying to watch ESPN's NHL highlights, and I was succeeding until Sidney nestled his face into the crook of my neck.
"How about Carter." Sidney mumbled into my neck.
"What?" I asked, looking down at him.
He set his warm hand on my stomach with a soft smile.
"Carter Crosby."
"Uh... no," I told him with a slight smile, "no alliteration unless it's really cute."
I kissed the top of his head, "You're sweet for trying though."
"No. We're not naming our kid after my mother.. or any of our parents, alright?"
"Cool with me.. How about James?"
"James Crosby? No.. And hey, don't worry about it right this second. We've got like, seven months to figure out a name," I smiled, running my fingers along his back and through his slightly damp, dark hair.
"You smell like my shampoo.." I mused at the fact that he smelled like my vanilla Philosophy shampoo and not the usual Old Spice.
"Oh really?" Sidney asked, lifting his head up to lock his eyes onto mine.
"Mmhmm," I nodded.
"Do you like it?"

I nodded again, "Love it. But I think we should talk about something.."
"Yeah?" Sidney asked, now totally serious.
"I know the team is going up to play the Habs on the twentieth. I want to go so I can tell my parents the news... I just can't do it over the phone."
"Do you want me to come with you?" he asked. I knew Sid loved Montreal, but this was something I had to do alone.
I shook my head, "I don't think you should be traveling right now."

Tuesday, July 1, 2008



The door opened not long after I rang the bell, and I saw Sidney in a nice pair of slacks and a button-up dress shirt, his sleeves rolled halfway up his arms.
"Come on in," he smiled softly, putting my nerves at ease for the moment.
I stepped inside the house and Sidney removed my coat, resting it over a chair in the 'sitting room'.
Sidney took my hand into his, as my other one was tugging at the long, silver chained Tiffany's necklace he had given me nearly a year ago, my eyes catching a glimpse of the ring I received for our six month anniversary.. All reminders of our past year together.

Sidney pulled me into the formal dining room, where I saw plates, glasses and candles set for two.
He pulled out a chair and I sat down, examining the chicken, green beans and pasta, along with a caesar salad that laid in front of me.
Sid took the seat across from me, and I grinned.
"You made all this, didn't you?"
He nodded sheepishly, "Happy anniversary."
My smile widened, a wave of relief flooding over me.
I picked up the wine glass that had a golden liquid in it, and I smelled it.
"Apple juice?" I asked, an eyebrow raised.
"Well, obviously," Sidney responded, "one; we're underage. And two, alcohol is bad for the baby."
I felt my face turn bright red, and Sidney beamed at me from across the table.

"So you're not mad?" I asked cautiously.
"Mad at what, you being pregnant? Of course not, how could I be? I helped too.."
I nodded, looking down at my plate and picking at a green bean with my fork.

"I've been really thinking about this, Aubrie, and I know what we're getting ourselves into... Or, I have a vague idea."
"Yeah," I nodded again.
"Don't get me wrong. I want kids and everything. I would love to have little versions of us running around.. I just wasn't expecting it to be so soon.."
"Tell me about it. I feel the same way.. It's scary to think about seven months from now."
"Yeah, but we'll get through it together," Sidney smiled, which put a matching grin on my face.

After a wonderful and amazing dinner, Sidney and I were in his room.
I was sitting on his bed, and Sid was rummaging around in his stuff.
"Ahh, here it is," he smirked, pulling out a pastel yellow, wrapped box with a green ribbon around it.
"Voila. My anniversary present to you," he said, handing me the box.
"Sid.. I didn't bring your present.."
He held his hand up, "It's no problem. Just open it."
I noticed Sidney watching me carefully unwrap the gift and pull the lid off the box, a proud look on his face the whole time.
I moved the tissue paper, and I felt my eyes fill up with tears as my heart raced.
"Oh Sidney," I breathed as I lifted up the small mess of black fabric, carefully inspecting the stitching, a bright grin on my face.
He had gotten a baby-sized Pens jersey, 'Crosby' on the back, as well as Sid's number, with the Pen's logo on the front.
"This is adorable," I cooed at the jersey, setting it back in the box and pulling Sidney into a kiss.

He pushed me back into his bed, hovering above me before asking, "Is this ok?"
"Is what okay?" I asked back, playing with the top button of his shirt.
"You know.. What we're about to do. Will this hurt the little one?" he specified, setting a hand on my ever growing stomach with a soft smile.
"It's fine. I made sure to ask Dr. Roy at my last appointment."
"When's your next one?"
"Tomorrow," I answered.
"I want to come with you.."
"I'd like that," I grinned, setting my hands on his neck and tugging him down to press our lips together.

The next morning I woke up to Sidney's voice telling me it was time to get up.
I sat up, rubbing my eyes, when the scent of pancakes and bacon hit my nose.
I covered my mouth, jumping out of the bed and running past Sidney, into the bathroom to empty the few contents of my stomach.
When I was done, I went back to find Sidney sitting on his bed, a plate of pancakes, bacon and raspberries in his lap.
"You made me breakfast?" I asked, and he nodded.
"Sorry I made you sick," he said in an apologetic tone.
"It wasn't you, really. It's the 'morning' sickness," I said, picking up the glass of orange juice he had set on the nightstand, "and thank you. You're really a sweetheart."
"No problem," he answered, putting the plate beside him and standing up, "when's your appointment?"
"One..? Yeah," I nodded, glancing at the clock to see eleven am.

At Dr. Roy's office, I was seated on the exam bed like usual, and Sidney was sitting on the designated chair for guests.
"Ah, so you must be the proud dad-to-be," Dr. Roy smiled when he walked in, shaking Sidney's hand, "I'm Derek Roy."
"Sidney Crosby," he nodded back.
Dr. Roy chuckled, "I know you you are, young man. Now, let's get started."
The whole time, Sidney asked questions.
"What should we do if..?"
"When will she..?"
"What kinds of activities can't she do? Is she still allowed to play hockey?" Sidney asked as Dr. Roy started the ultrasound.
I grabbed Sid's hand, squeezing it gently, "Relax, please."
Sidney nodded, shooting me an apologetic look.
"You can still play.. Skate, pass, yes. But try not to get slammed into those boards. A fall shouldn't be too bad. You just need to take extra care and be cautious."
"Sid, my mum fell off of a bike with Marc-Andre in the womb, and look how he turned out."
A look of fear crossed Sidney's face, and I hit him playfully, giggling at the cool jelly on my stomach.
"Is that it?" Sidney asked, mesmerized by the gray image on the screen as he pointed to a spot.
"No," Dr. Roy laughed, showing us how tiny and insignificant this all had seemed before, but it was now just hitting me.
Truthfully.. I'm not sure I really even saw anything on that monitor besides fuzz..

"Thank you so much, Dr. Roy," I smiled, and Sidney shook his hand once more before we went and made another appointment with Melissa for a few weeks from now.
In the elevator downstairs, Sidney rested his forehead against mine, his hands on my hips and a smile set on his beaming face.
"Guess what, Aubs."
"What?" I whispered back.
"We're having a baby.."
"I know," I grinned, placing a soft kiss on his smiling lips.

Friday, June 20, 2008



Ever since I got back from the road trip to Florida, Aubrie had been acting weird.. Like she was keeping a huge secret from me.
I almost got it out of her twice; once being before the game against the Lightning on the eighteenth.. But after she saw me take that fall and mess up my ankle, she's been quiet and I can tell that whatever it is, it's killing her.
She took me to get my x-rays done that Wednesday, and when I finished and got my 'boot' I heard her on the phone talking to someone, and it sounded pretty fishy.
Aubrie knew I had caught her off guard, but she quickly recovered and I let it slide, just like I always did.
In the parking lot, she asked me a question in that quiet, concerned, serious tone of hers.
"Did they give you a timetable?"
"Six to eight weeks," I nodded as I told her.
"Oh Sid," I heard her soft voice as she pulled me into a hug I really needed.
Once I wrapped my arms around her, something about Aubrie changed, but I couldn't tell exactly what.
Then I heard her mutter, "I need to tell you something.. It's important."
I let her go so she could take a step back, and the look on her face sent my mind into a frantic race.

The whole ride to her apartment, I tried to think of any and every reason Aubrie could want to tell me something.
I hadn't done anything horribly wrong over the past few weeks...
We weren't fighting, which was awesome.
The two of us had been so much better than we were before because of our November feud.
Maybe I had done something to make her mad without knowing it...
Or she could just want to talk about my injury.
But who am I kidding? I have no clue what she's on about.

Once we were at her place, I was waiting on her bed while Aubs and Henry were talking out side.
He had to be in on this too. She tells him pretty much everything..
Aubrie came back in and sat so she could face me, a nervous, cautious look on her normally bright and smiling face, which made me anxious.
Then she began to talk, and all I could do was sit there and listen.

After I finally got everything off my chest, Sidney just sat there staring at his hands as they rested in his lap.
"Sid?" I asked quietly, "Do you think you could maybe say something.. Anything? I don't expect you to be all excited or thrilled, but something is better than nothing."
He shook his head slightly, his eyes still focused on his hands.
"Well.. uh.. I'll just give you some time to yourself, yeah? I have to go schedule some practices at the rink and stuff.." I said nervously as I carefully got off of my bed and slipped on my shoes. I pulled on my January coat and scarf, pulling up my hood.
"I'll understand if you're not here when I get back," I hesitated for a second, "I love you no matter what."

I went out and sat in my car, resting my head in my hands for a second before slipping my key into the ignition and turning it.
The engine rolled for a few seconds, then halted, and I groaned.
"Just great," I sighed, leaning back in the seat.
I wasn't just going to walk back up into my apartment and ask Henry for a jump. No way.
So I sat there for a few more minutes, debating on what to do.
Then I heard a tap on the passenger window.
I jumped and looked to my right, seeing a familiar black trench coat and shirt standing outside.
Shaking my head, I locked the doors, not wanting to talk to him.
"Let me in, Aubs.. Please? Come on," Sidney pleaded.
"No," I answered, trying to start my car again.
"Aubrie Fleury, unlock the damn door!" he growled, pulling harshly on the handle a few times.
"You didn't want to talk about it a few minutes ago.. What makes you think I want to now?" I snapped, and Sidney took a step back from the door, peering in the window at me.
I turned the key one more time, hoping for the engine to roar and come to life, only to be disappointed by a rolling sound.
Sighing, I retracted my key and unlocked the doors, getting out of my safe hideout and facing Sidney on the sidewalk.
I looked up at him, and he stared intently back at me until I looked away, glancing down at the ground and shuffling my feet around on the snow covered ground.

"So, uh.. Since December?" Sidney started, and I quickly moved my eyes up to his, then back down.
"Yeah, the eighth," I said quietly, shoving my hands in my coat's pockets.
"It's uh.. Mine, right?" he asked, slightly rocking back and forth on the ball of his foot and the heel of his protective boot.
I kept my smart-alec reply to myself, knowing now was not the time to get into an argument about being faithful, and I nodded.
"Yeah, definitely" I told him simply.
Another awfully silent minute passed before Sidney spoke again.
"Do you know if it's a girl or a boy or what?"
I held back a laugh; what else could it be besides that?
"No," I shook my head, remaining my quiet composure and waiting for another question as silence fell over us yet again.
Sidney rubbed the back of his neck nervously, unable to keep still for more than a few seconds.
"When is.. When is it coming?"
"Are you ready?" he asked softly, and I shook my head.
"Not in the least. But I'm trying my best.."
Another pause; more tension filling the cold air around us.
"What do we do now? Where do we go from here?" I finally asked a question on my own.
"Um.." he managed to stutter out along with a slight, hesitant shrug.
This was not how I envisioned our talk to go... These questions and one-word answers were getting us nowhere. But neither of us could get out of the awkward atmosphere.
"Maybe we should take some time to figure that out," he suggested in a quiet voice, and I nodded.
"Yeah, you should go home and get some rest.. I think we both need to sort everything out. This is going to change our lives."
Sidney gave me a hesitant look, almost like he didn't want to leave, but he agreed.
"Are you okay with that?" I asked, watching him carefully.
"Yeah. I'll call you later or something.. Ok?"
I nodded, and he inched closer to me, planting a soft kiss on my cheek.
"I love you," he smiled as he spoke before getting into his car and driving off.

I went upstairs and got into bed, then Henry came into my room.
"I'm proud of you for telling Sid what's going on. I'm sure he'll get things sorted out soon."
"Let's hope so.." I nodded, "night Henry."

The next several days had gone by almost in slow motion; and it was now Sunday, January twenty seventh.
I hadn't seen Sidney since we talked in that parking lot, and today is our one year anniversary.
But who could blame the guy?
He sprains his ankle pretty badly, can't play hockey for two months, and then finds out he got his girlfriend pregnant.

I came home around two after a little practice with the Langley boys and saw a note waiting for me on the kitchen counter.
Be at the Lemieux's at six thirty. Please wear that dress I like so much..'

Even though there was no name signed- I could tell Sidney's handwriting anywhere.
"Oh great," I sighed to myself, "let me get all dressed up so Sid can tell me he doesn't want anything to do with me.."
I took a shower and got dressed, blow drying my hair and doing some light makeup before slipping on a pair of silver, metallic flats and my warm, black trench coat.

I got to the Lemieux house at six thirty sharp, and rang the doorbell, taking a deep breath and preparing for the biggest let down of my life.

Saturday, June 7, 2008



I stayed with Sidney until Wednesday, making sure he didn't do anything to make his injury worse.
"Aubrie, you don't need to baby me!" Sidney sighed once I got into the driver's side of my Rabbit.
My hand immediately brushed my stomach, but I quickly removed it, buckling my seatbelt and turning the car on.
Thankfully it was a cold winter, so I was constantly bundled up under layers of clothes to hide my growing stomach.
"It's my job, Sid. Just accept the fact that I'll be watching you like a hawk for the duration of your healing," I told him once we were on our way to the x-ray place.

I sat in the waiting room and texted Henry while the people were checking Sidney out.
I hadn't seen him since Friday; I'd spent just about all my time at the Lemieux. I only left to go to practices with the Langley boys.
My phone began to ring, so I answered it quickly.
"Hey Hen. It's good to hear from you.."
"How're you doing? How's Sidney?"
"He's frustrated and I'm doing my best to help.. But you know how that is."
"Have you told him yet?"
"Henry! Now's definitely not the time.. Sid's stressed enough already.. He doesn't need this on his shoulders right now."
I heard Henry sigh and I could just imagine the disappointed look on his face.
"I'll tell him once things settle down, I swear.."
"That's what you said a week ago."
"I know. But Sid got hurt. There was no way I was going to drop that bomb on him."
"Am I going to have to do this for you? He'll figure out that something's going on sooner or later, and you know he'll assume the worst."
"But, I.. I just wouldn't know what to say or when or how. It's stressing me out."
"You can't get too stressed, it's not good for the you-know-what."
"Thanks for not saying it.. I don't think I'm totally ready yet."
"Give it some time.. and tell Sidney. Then you'll be ready to take this on."
I rolled my eyes at my ever-persistent best friend.
"You need to stop trying to make me tell him! I'll do it when I feel like the time is right."
"Tell who what now?" I immediately stiffened, my back went rigid and I hung up my phone after muttering a quick goodbye.
I placed a smile on my face and answered without missing a beat, "Never you mind, Mister." I added a wink, "You free to go?"

A skeptical look crossed Sidney's face, but it was washed away when I got up and squoze his hand.
"Yeah.." he looked down at his foot, and I followed his gaze to see his white, fabric covered toes peeking out from a dark, plastic boot.
When I looked back up to Sid's face, I could see the anguish and discomfort in his eyes.
"Did they give you a timetable?"
"Six to eight weeks," he answered quietly as we walked out to my car.
"Oh, Sid.." I pulled him to a stop and wrapped my arms around him.
He returned the hug, and something clicked.
"Sidney," I muttered into his neck as he held me tightly against him, still in that warm hug.
"Hmm?" he asked, running a hand along my side.
"I need to tell you something."
"Go ahead."
"It's important.."
Sidney let go of me and took a step back, "Yeah?"
I looked around the parking lot and unlocked my car
"Uh.. Not here, okay? It'd be kinda.. weird in a parking lot."
"Then where would you like to go?" Sid asked, and by the look on his face, I could just see his mind racing.
He had every right to assume the worst, and I knew he was.
"How about we go to my place.." I suggested, getting into the driver's seat, and Sidney nodded somewhat reluctantly as he got into the passenger seat.

We got into the apartment after a silent, awkward car ride, and I saw Henry sitting on the couch.
"I need to talk to Hen alone for a minute.. Would you mind?" I said to Sidney, and he shook his head before hobbling into my room and sitting on the bed.
Henry got up and led me out into the hall.
"Did you tell him?"
"No. I'm just about to though.."
"Really? You're gonna do it?" Henry seemed surprised and relieved.
"Yeah, after we left the doctor's it just hit me, y'know? I have to do the right thing before it's too late."
Henry nodded, "I'm glad you realized that before it really was too late."
"I just.. I know what I need to do. I just don't know how to say it."
"It's pretty simple. Just tell him you're pregnant."
"Yeah, but that sounds so.."
"Unrealistic and lame?"
I nodded at Henry's explanation.
"Then just go in there and start from the beginning. Tell him about the tests and just go from there."
"Okay.. Here goes nothing," I gave my best friend a hug and opened the door.
"I'm gonna go run some errands and stuff. I'll see you later," Henry told me, and I went inside.
I joined Sidney in my room and sat on the bed so I could face him.
"Sorry I took so long out there.."
"It's fine," he answered quietly, "you wanted to talk about something?"
"Yeah.. Okay," I took a deep breath, "So you know how we thought I had the flu around Christmas and New years.. and we thought it was because I was out in the cold all day in Vancouver?"
Sidney nodded.
"Well.. Henry didn't think it was the flu; he had his own theory. So he got me all these at-home pregnancy tests.." I kept my eyes on my green and blue striped bedsheets as I spoke, making sure to avoid Sidney's gaze.
"But half of them were positive and the other half were negative. It was the weirdest thing.. So after we came back from Buffalo, I went to the doctors when you had practice.. to have a blood test done."
I glanced up at Sidney to see him staring back at me intently, his expression unreadable, and I began to fear the worst.
"Uh.. they called me back with the results.. and it turned out positive. I'm pregnant," I finally blurted, then waited for Sidney to react.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008



Monday came, and I didn't tell Sidney.
Tuesday went by, and I didn't mention it.
Wednesday passed, and I kept my mouth shut.
Thursday, I almost told Sid, but I chickened out.
By Friday, he definitely knew something was up.
"Aubs, after the game you and I need to talk about whatever's been bothering you, alright?" Sidney asked me when we got to the locker room
"Yeah, sounds good," I nodded, sending him a half smile.
I noticed the concern in his eyes, and I knew he wouldn't be able to focus.
"Don't worry, Sid. It's a good thing.. Well, I think it's good. Now go get pumped for the game," I gave him a tight hug, following it with a hard kiss, then went to my normal seat at the glass.

Sidney came out playing pretty strong, but halfway through the first period, Paul Ranger pushed him as he fell to the ice, sliding into the boards feet first.
I watched his left leg go up like it normally would, but his right foot hit the boards at a weird angle, and I instinctively cringed.
As soon as I saw the pained look on his face when he got up, I knew something was wrong.
I jumped up, banging on the plexiglass.
"Sidney! Sid," I called out, even though I knew he couldn't hear me as he was helped off the ice.
I didn't know what to do as I looked at the people around me. They were concerned too.
"Hey, are you ok?" A woman next to me asked, her hand on my shoulder. I shook my head, "He's hurt.."
"He'll be alright. The kid's young, he'll bounce back," the man beside her told me.
"No, you don't understand. This is serious. Sid didn't hit the boards like he usually does when he falls. He hit his ankle funny.. It's got to be bad."
"And you know this how?" A second man asked me.
"He's my boyfriend.. Now I need to get out of here," I muttered, pushing my way up the stairs and through the crowd of the main concourse, down to the locker room.

"Where is he?" I asked frantically, out of breath and slightly shaken.
"Aubrie," Marc-Andre wore a familiarly concerned look, "the team doctors are checking him out. You need to wait until they're done."
My brother handed me his water bottle, "You're looking really pale. Like you're gonna pass out."
"I just know something's wrong, and I'm worried is all." I took a sip of the water and let out a sigh.
I knew I wasn't going to be telling him anything tonight, so I texted Henry making sure he wouldn't freak out at me. I wouldn't be able to handle both this and another angry lecture from my best friend.
'I understand. I saw on tv' was his reply.
Half an hour passed, and the team doctor came out of the room Sidney was in.
He informed one of the assistant coaches that he thought it was a sort of sprain up in his ankle, but he'd need x-rays once the swelling went down to be sure.
"Can I go see him?" I asked the doctor shyly, and he nodded.
"Go right ahead, Miss Fleury."
"Thanks Josh," I smiled, walking into the little room to find Sidney reclining on a long exam bed.

I was immediately at his side, gently pulling him into a hug before stepping back slightly.
"I saw what happened.. Probably hurts like hell, eh?"
Sidney nodded, "You have no idea."
"Oh yeah?" I asked, setting a hand on my hip as Sidney had a hold on the other one, "freshman year. I had a pretty minuscule ankle sprain, so I thought I could still play. Yea-no. I ended up making that one much worse, plus I sprained my left one three weeks later trying to get up in my Algebra class."
"How do you sprain your ankle in math class? Was the problem too intense for you?" he laughed, and I laughed along for a few seconds.
"So I hear you have to get x-rays, yeah?"
"Wednesday," Sid nodded.
"This seriously blows.." I muttered.
"Tell me about it. No more hockey, no more nights of kinky, rough sex," Sidney joked, making me turn bright red.
"So says you!" I retorted in a similar tone, earning a fake glare from my adorable boyfriend.
"Uh, you guys do know I'm right outside," Marc-Andre called, "and I don't like what I'm hearing."
Sid and I burst out laughing, and I heard my brother heave a sigh.
"He's such a drama queen," I smiled, trying to distract Sidney from the pain of his swollen ankle.. But I could tell it wasn't working by the way he clenched his jaw and kept his lips sealed when he smiled.
I ran my hand through his hair, and he eased up for a second, then quickly went back to the tension when I removed my hand.
I noticed the bag of ice sitting on Sid's ankle had started to fall, so I readjusted it as carefully as I could, trying so hard to be gentle, but Sidney still winced.
"I'm sorry," I quickly apologized, and was right back by his side.
"It's not your fault," he told me and I nodded slightly.
"I know, but I hate seeing you like this."
"Take it easy. I won't be down for too long. Remember when I fractured my foot?"
"But a foot and an ankle are totally different. If you're hurt like I think you are, it's gonna take some time to heal," I sighed.
''I don't want to think about it right now.. I just want to go home and sleep off this pain."
"I'll go ask Josh when you can go.."

When I returned to the locker room, everyone was there dressing out.
"Hey guys," I nodded with a half smile, and they greeted me back.
They were all so somber, so I asked, "Tough loss?"
"You can say that again," Kris Letang groaned as he pulled off his pads.
"How come you guys weren't breaking down the door to see Sid?"
"Marc-Andre said you came in here as fast as you could.. all worried and like you were gonna pass out unless you were with him. So we wanted to let you do what you needed to do," Ryan Malone told me with a sincere tone.
"Thanks.. I really appreciate it," I smiled, giving him a warm hug.
"You should all go say hey, because he wants to go home and sleep."
Instantly, half the guys were up and rushing to Sidney as if to see if his leg had been amputated.
Once all the guys had seen Sid, and Josh wrapped up his ankle, I took him to Mario's and helped him inside.
"Aubrie, I'm a big boy..." he pulled away from my reach then took a step, wincing as he put the slightest amount of pressure on his swollen tendons.
I shot him a 'told you so' look, and he apologized, so I continued to help him to his room.