Saturday, May 10, 2008



At three, Sidney said that we had to get ready, and leave by three thirty.
"Hey.. uh.. Could I borrow a shirt or something?" I asked while watching him get his stuff together.
"Yeah, sure," he went to his closet and pulled out a jersey. After he tossed it to me, I realized just what it was. "Sidney.. I'm not going to wear your Team Canada jersey!"
"And why not? I said you could."
"This is practically priceless! It probably means the world to you!"
"Other things are more important," he mumbled, then said, "I trust you with it."
"Sidney," I said in a warning tone, trying to hand it back to him.
"No. You can either wear that or go naked for all I care. But make up your mind fast, we need to get going."
Groaning in defeat I went back to the guest room and changed into my jeans and tanktop, gently pulling the jersey over me. I slipped my Uggs on and put my other shirt in my purse.
"You happy?" I asked, joining him in the hall and heading out the door.
"Very.. It looks good on you," he smiled, and I watched him check me out, yet again.
"Not this time," I laughed, getting into the car.

At the arena, I realized I didn't have my ticket.
"Sid, I can't get in."
"Are you retarded or something? Just come in through the back with me. I bet everyone that works here knows who you are anyways, so it doesn't really matter if you don't have a ticket."
We entered Mellon Arena, then went our separate ways. Sidney to the locker rooms downstairs, and I went to the team store to help set up.
Come game time, I'd been asked where I got my jersey about forty times, and each time I answered, "I don't know, it's a friends," which was pretty much the truth.

I sat in my usual seat, watching the first period intently. The Pens were ahead four to one, so fights were breaking out halfway into the second.
A Washington Capital latched onto Sidney's helmet, pulling it off of him, then started to take off his own, as well as his gloves. Sid just stood there, clueless as to what he should do. Almost immediately, I was at the glass, banging and yelling "Get him Sid!"
But I know how non confrontational he is on the ice. The boy likes a clean game, and doesn't want to get hurt.. Unless it's table hockey. Then everything goes..
This guy threw several punches, those of which Sidney blocked until a referee finally intervened. The Capital was sent to the box, five minutes for fighting, two more for instigating.

After another win, I went down into the locker room to see how Sidney was doing. I greeted my brother as well as the other players, congratulating them on a job well done, then found Sid.
"Hey, you okay?" I asked him, but he simply nodded, brushing me off.
"Sidney..." I waved, "earth to Sidney," but he continued to ignore me.
"Whatever," I sighed, heading back to Marc, smiling a bit, "hey there bro."
"Aubrie Nicole! What are you doing in that jersey!?" he asked in a shocked voice.
"I dunno. Sidney told me to wear it."
"Oh, god no," he gasped.
"Did he? Did you? EW!"
"Did we what?"
"Do it?" he asked in a quiet voice.
"EW NO!" I practically shouted at him.
"I haven't even known him for a week," I continued in a softer tone.
"If you give me a ride home, I'll tell you all about it on the way."

An hour or so had passed, and Marc was free to go. While he was driving me home, I proceeded to tell him how I came to wear Sidney's jersey.
I made it up. I told him I got hurt at practice, one of the boys took me to the ER, and that Sidney picked me up. We hung at the Lemieux, then he took me home. Then I went over the next day, and Sid told me to wear the thing, so I did.
Marc bought it, and left the subject alone, switching to a more embarrassing one.
"I saw you yelling at Semin to get off of Sid. Overprotective much?"
"No!" I shot, "worried. I hate seeing you guys get hit, because I know how it feels."
"Ok. Whatever you say. See you later," he pulled up outside of my building.
"Bye Marc," I got out and went inside.

"So you spent the night at Sidney's, eh?" I heard Henry right as I shut the door.
"Technically, no. I stayed the night at the Lemieux house, but yes. Sidney does live there." I pulled off the jersey, gently setting it on my bed before returning to the living room.
"Anyways, didn't Taya spend the night here?" I grinned, sending Henry a wink.
"Yeah.. Well.."
"At least I didn't sleep with Sidney! That's why I didn't come home last night. I knew I'd have to blast loud, angry music to drown you two out."
"Shut up!" he was now deep red, and I began to laugh.
A while later we were watching Deal or No Deal reruns, and my phone vibrated. The caller ID read 'Sidneyyy,' so I pressed ignore.
"Aren't you gonna answer that?"
"Nope," I answered simply.
'If he's gonna ignore me, I can play too.'
"Well who was it?" he asked.
"No one special."
"Why didn't you pick up?"
"Didn't want to."
"Fine, be vague. But I bet you anything it was Sidney."
I nodded, causing him to sigh, "Tell me what happened."
So like always, I told my best friend about how Sid had ignored me.
"But maybe he didn't recognize me," I tried to think of an explanation.
"Not in that shirt you were wearing. He'd know his own jersey anywhere," Henry rebutted.
"Stooop! I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt," I groaned.
"Fine, what to play Gin?" he asked, pulling out a deck of cards from the coffee table.
"Only if you're ready to lose."
He shuffled and dealt.
"So how are things going with Taya?" I asked, trying to keep the subject as far away from Sidney as possible. "Can't complain. It's really going great, to be perfectly honest."
"That's good to hear. Are we gonna start planning the wedding soon?" I joked, knowing just how infatuated he was with her.
"No," he blushed a crimson colour, "not yet. I should ask you the same."
"Pfft, yeah right. You're kidding... Aren't you?"
"Not at all. You and Sidney would make a cute couple."
"Shut it! I don't like him like that. We're just friends. Actually, I don't even know if we're that."
"Come on. De-nile isn't just a river in Egypt."
"Did you seriously just say that?"
"Yes. Yes I did."
"Alright. I do like him, but he doesn't like me back. Plus, he wouldn't have time for me, with the whole travel thing."
"Well, you see Marc all the time, right?"
"Yeah. I can't get rid of the guy."
"Same will go for Sidney."

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