Monday, May 12, 2008



Today the players were allowed out of the hotel for a few hours ot explore Dallas after an autograph/press session, so Sidney and I went to see a movie.
"What do you want to see?" he asked, gazing up at the titles and times.
"How about Casino Royale? I hear it's amazing."
"Sounds cool," Sidney bought the tickets and we went inside to the snack stands.
"Want anything?" I pulled my wallet out from my bag, "I've got a mad craving for popcorn.."
"Yeah, but I've got it."
"Sidney!" I groaned, "you don't have to pay. We're not on a date or anything."
"Actually, I was hoping that we could call it a date.. I just didn't say that part," he answered, looking down a bit. "Aw, how cute. You take me to the movies, then ask for it to be a date. Sure, I'd like that. But I'm paying for treats."
We got a big bag of popcorn, two icees and some sour gummy worms, then we got perfect seats right in the middle of the theatre so we could put our feet on the railing.
Apparently the movie has been out since November, so besides us, there were several old people in the back.
Well the movie was really good. And yes, I actually watched it.
Afterwards we walked around near the hotel, window shopping and siteseeing.
When we were walking through a nice park, I felt Sidney's hand grab mine, so I laced our fingers, shooting him a quick smile. We continued hand in hand, all the way back ot the hotel and into the lobby.
Let me tell you. People The press noticed.
"Sidney, is this your girlfriend?"
"Sid, how'll a relationship affect your playing schedules?"
But one reporter knew who I was.
"Sidney, how will Marc-Andre handle the fact that you're dating his baby sister?"
We stopped in front of the woman.
"He'll be fine, seeing as there's nothing going on," he told her and I nodded.
"Are you sure, Miss Fleury?" another man behind her asked.

Once we got back up to our room I let out a heavy sigh.
"People suck."
"Tell me about it," Sidney laughed, falling back onto his bed while I went and sat on mine.
"Can you believe them? Assuming that we're together. We've only been on like two dates."
"Is there a required amount before consideration of being together?" Sid asked, laying on his side to face me. "Well, I guess it's different for everyone," I answered, unsure of there this was going.
"Is two enough for us.. I mean, for me to ask you to be my girlfriend?" I froze, my heartbeat steadily increasing as I saw the confident look on his face falter, turning to one of fear.
'Say something damnit!'
"I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have," he started.
"No. It's two too many," I finally smiled.
"So that means that you'll-"
"Go steady with you? Mmhmm."
His entire face lit up, a huge smile set on his lips.

There was a late lunch scheduled for the players around three, so on our way down I texted Henry to tell him the news, but knew he was working so he couldn't reply.
Sidney and I have been nothing but smiles, now openly closer with one another.
"Guys! He followed through!" Miikka announced upon seeing Sid's arm around me.
"Shut it Miik," I blushed fiercely.
"Hey no problem," Sidney grinned, pecking my cheek.
"Awww," a few guys teased.

The next few hours went by quickly, goofing off and reaking havoc through the hotel and whatnot.
Come gametime, I was in the same seat as I was yesterday, wearing Sidney's jersey again.
About six minutes into the first intermission, my brother called me.
"Hey Marc!"
"Why are they talking about you and Sidney on Versus?"
"I don't know, what are Bill, Keith and Bryan saying?" "They began talking about Sidney and how he had a 'mystery girl' at the games with him. But Keith Incredibly Bad Haircut Man identified the girl as my sister!" "So..?"
"It showed you guys walking through the hotel holding hands and saying you weren't together."
I didn't say anything, so he asked, "You aren't, right?"
"Aubrie Nichole!" he yelled, making me pull the phone away from my ear.
"Marc, shut up," I growled, but he kept going.
"What'll happen when you guys get in fights and eventually break up? He'll be too caught up to think and focus it all on playing! He'll fall below his own standards and hate himself. Neither of you need this right now." "Really?" I asked, "we seem to think so. Don't tell anyone yet. We want to see how long it takes for the team to catch on."
"Whatever. Don't come crying to me though."
"Oh trust me, I won't."
"Bye." I hung up a minute or two into the next period, but I couldn't seem to get back into the game. All I could think about was whether or not my brother was right.

The East lost to the West, but I didn't really care right now. Not when I could have made an extremely bad decision without thinking it through.
I went back to the hotel without going downstairs to congratulate everyone. I sat on my bed in the dark, staring out the window and thinking.
'What if Marc's right? I don't want Sid's career to take the backseat so he can be with me.. But I really like him a lot, there's no denying that.'
I sighed, pressing my forehead to the glass.
'I'll be busy too. The team just got to Nationals. Those kids are pretty hardcore when it comes to hockey too. But the team is on fire. Perfect season and total devotion to working on our a-game.'

I continued to get lost in my thoughts, watching the traffic of Dallas down below and didn't even hear Sidney come in.
"Aubrie?" he asked in a soft voice.
"Aubs," he nudged me and I jumped.
"Oh, sorry. You scared me."
"Sorry," he looked away.
"It's fine."
"So why didn't you come and say hi to everyone? We're leaving tomorrow at four, you know."
"I didn't really feel like it," I shrugged.
"Are you ok? Be honest," he entwined our fingers, playing with mine.
"Marc called.. He said that footage of us walking through the hotel was on Versus. He knows, and said it was a dumb idea for us to get involved."
"He has no right to say that."
"I know, right? That's the whole thi-"
Sidney gently pressed his lips to mine with a very soft, tender kiss.
This was nothing like the one I'd received a few months ago, and I liked it this way.
Snaking my arms around his neck, I pulled him closer, breaking contact for barely a second, only to return to the lovely kiss.
'What does my brother know... That's right. Nothing.'
I smiled against Sid's lips, rather content with my decision.

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