Saturday, May 10, 2008



We went through the tapes, making plays to accommodate our strengths with their weaknesses.
"You have a knack for hockey, don't you?" Sidney asked.
"Oh really? I never noticed," I rolled my eyes.
"How did it start? Your passion for the game, I mean. You don't really seem like.. the hockey type."
"What type would that be?" I asked, feeling slightly offended.
"A young, smart, gorgeous girl," he replied, and my cheeks reddened, but he continued on, "I can see you liking the one team, because of your brother, but you're so involved in every aspect of the franchise, even at the high school level."
"Well, my story's a tad long. You may want to get comfy."
He smiled and nodded for me to go on.
"Alright, so when I was four and Marc was seven, he begged for our Dad to teach me to skate. Seeing as it came naturally, I was ready to play hockey four or five months later. Marc used me to his advantage by making me play goalie when he and his friends played out on our street. We used trash cans as goals, or anything we could find. I'm not gonna lie, I was the worst goalie ever. The only reason I stopped pucks was because they were hitting me and I didn't make a move to catch. I've got a scar on the side where my neck meets my shoulder, from when I fell backwards and got cut on the edge of the can on my way down.." I moved my hair and let him see the fairly dark, semi-jagged line covering around four and a half inches of the left side of my neck.
"Marc played left wing at the time, and he was the one trying to take all the shots at me. Every day after we'd get inside, he would yell at me and tell me that I'd done an awful job, until one day I told him to try and do better. Then everything fell into place, and we are what we are now. I've played on co-ed teams, both in and out of school, and I even played on the team I'm coaching now. I'm friends with all those kids outside of the sport, because I always saw them at school. Then there's my dad. He got season tickets to Nordiques games, just for the two of us, up until they got moved to Colorado. It just made the game even more special for me," I ended with a smile, "and thanks for saying that I'm pretty."

"I never said you were pretty," he shot in defense, "I said you were gorgeous."
"Well.. thanks," I blushed yet again.
Sidney opened his mouth, but the door to the apartment burst open, and in walked Henry.
"Henry! You're home early!" I glared at him when Sidney turned to introduce himself.
"Ah, so you're the guy Bubbles won't shut up about."
"Henry!" I snapped, but he only went on.
"It's good to finally meet you. I'm Henry Ryan."
He stuck out his hand and Sidney shook it, "I can see why Aubrie speaks so highly of you. The name's Sidney if she never mentioned it before."
I rolled my eyes at their stupidity, burying my face into the couch cushions.
"Anyways. Dennis came in early, so in turn I got off when I did. When is the last time you went to the store?" "Two days ago. I went to get peanut butter, and left with so much more. Then I realized I didn't even get the damn peanut butter!"
"Well now I'm going in a bit, because my dear Bubbles, Dr. Pepper is on sale."
"No way," I lit up.
"Would I lie about something like that?," he questioned, and Sidney chuckled.
"We're all going then. This is red alert, stock up."
"Ma'am, yes, ma'am," Henry saluted, knowing not to get between me and my Dr. Pepper intake.
"Do I even get a say in this?" Sidney asked, and I simply laughed, "Of course not!"
"You'll learn to just go along with it. Trust me, you do not want to see her without caffeine," he cringed. "Henry!" I gasped, making a mental note to hit him.
"This isn't a democracy, if you haven't noticed. It's and Aubrocracy, got it?"
"I think so," Sidney laughed a bit.
After our ordeal at the store, Henry invited Sidney to stay for dinner, even though I completely objected. But they outnumbered me, and I had to give in.
The three of us were sitting on the couch, waiting for the pizza guy to come, when Sidney's phone went off. He got up, and I told him he could take it in my room. I slid over to the end of the couch, pulling my legs up and resting my feet on Henry's lap at the other end.
"Massage?" I pouted, earning a mock glare as he turned back to the movie.

After telling Mario where I was, I went back into the living room to see that Aubrie's legs occupied my seat. So, I sat on her legs, trying to suppress a smile.
"Ah, you jerk! Get your heavy ass off of me! You're gonna break my legs and I'll be paralyzed forever. How would you live with the guilt, knowing that you killed my hockey career?!"
"Oh, you'll live. There's always coaching," I played along with her game, something I don't usually do. I'm always so serious, or I really try to be.
"I'm not Wayne Gretzky, nor do I ever want to be!" She groaned, turning bright pink, which I found to be very cute. Giving in, I got off of her, and she lifted her legs, allowing me to sit, before resting across me.
The entire time we watched whatever was on TV, my mind was on Aubrie.
'She always looks stunning, and has the greatest personality. Not to mention that I've had a thing for her since I spotted her in the stands. She's very independent, and isn't clingy when Marc's around. Hell, she's probably too busy with her own team for anything like a relationship.. I don't even know how to ask her out.. I'm such a loser.'
"Hey, Sidney! How was practice with Jared today? He was really excited about playing with you," Aubrie suddenly asked, bringing my thoughts to a screeching halt.
"Yeah? He was a lot of fun. But he got serious when we needed to, and it takes skill to do what he can naturally," I rambled on about his good puck-handling, then realized I sounded dumb, so I shut up.
"You're such a geek," she laughed, and I caught Henry rolling his eyes, obviously aware of something I wasn't.

After pizza and some Playstation, Sidney said he had to head back to the Lemiuex, so I walked him out to the elevator, giving him a hug before saying, "See you at practice tomorrow."
Upon reentering the apartment, I groaned, "I hate you," and threw a pillow at Henry's head.
"Oh Bubbles," he laughed, "you'll thank me later."
"Doesn't mean I can't hate you now!"
"Very good point."
"We were having such a nice, relaxing time. Couldn't you have made up an excuse to leave? Like that you had a date with Taya or something?"
"Where's the fun in that?"
"Hen, he told me I was more than pretty. He said I was gorgeous.." I said in a serious tone, and a smile crept onto his face.
"Aw!! He likes you!!!"
"Maybe," I smiled a bit.
"No, definitely. He's under your spell."
"Yup. He fell for you."

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