Sunday, May 11, 2008



After a long breakfast, the guys had a meet and greet with fans and kids from various charities. So, I went around and said my hellos to the players I'd previously met, and introduced myself to the new faces.
It's really great how much these guys appreciate their fans and support systems. Oh, and the smiles that these people wore.. It just made me grin too.

I was making my way back across the large convention sized room towards Sidney, when Alex [Ovechkin] stepped in front of me.
"Brie!" he grinned, pulling me into an enormous hug, lifting me off the ground momentarily.
After I was back on land, I felt my smile dim.
"Hey Alex. What's up?"
"Oh nothing. A bunch of the guys and I," he pointed behind him to a group of players signing autographs, "were wondering if you're seeing anyone."
I must've been blushing, because I heard Marty tell the Joes,
"Aha! You owe me twenty bucks!"
"Well, not officially or anything.. We're friends who've recently gone on a date, but haven't thought that far ahead," I tried to be as vague as possible.
"Ha! You owe us forty bucks!" Thornton gloated.
"Well then, would you like to go out to lunch with me?"
"Alex.. I just met you. I'm sorry," I shook my head, then watched the Joes come over.
"If you won't go out with him, what about one of us?" Thornton asked, and Sakic wiggled his eyebrows.
"No thanks guys," I suppressed a laugh.
"Then what about Marty?"
"No," I rolled my eyes, "I'm gonna go over there now."
I continued my planned trip over to Sidney, who had probably seen the whole thing.

"What was that about?" he asked while waiting for the next fan to come over.
"I have no idea. They all tried to get me to go to lunch on a date with them. But I said I was sorta seeing someone."
"Oh yeah?"
"Yup. It's not official yet, but hopefully he'll ask me any day now. I mean, I just love my Danny Briere," I pulled him over as he walked by.
"What?" Daniel asked.
"Shut up, we're lovers, remember?"
"Okay then.." I gave him a short hug before sending on his way.
"Oh.." Sidney looked a bit upset.
"Cheer up! I was just messing around. Dan's married, remember?"
"Oh yeah!"
"What am I going to do with you, Crosby?" I reached up, ruffling his already messy dark hair, making him look even cuter than before.
"I've got an idea," he grinned a bit, causing me to cock my head to the side.
"After this next meet and greet, be in the lobby, ok?"
He purposely left out his plans just to torture me.
"I guess I could check my schedule," I laughed.
"Naturally," Sidney answered, "you're obviously popular with the guys here."
"Really? It must be because of my hot body," I placed my hands on my hips.
"No need to be sarcastic with that body, Aubs," he took a quick once over.
Not like I haven't gotten enough of those looks today.
"Stop it!" I pushed him, trying to sound playful.
"It's not my fault you're fit!" he defended.
"Yeah, whatever Sidney. I'm going upstairs. Call if you need me."
"Alrighty, We'll probably be done by oneish. So I'll see you in a few hours."

Without another word, I turned on my heel and left the conference room. Upon entering our room, I flopped down onto the nearest bed, which just so happened to not be mine, but what the hell. I'm tired. I inhaled deeply, breathing in and having that feeling that Sidney was near me.
It's funny how sleeping in a bed for one night can preserve a scent so well. I checked the clock, seeing that it was only 10:50, so I decided to take a nap right there.

After Aubrie left, I realized just how creepy and awkward I sounded.
"Geez, Crosby. What'd you say to the poor girl?" Ryan Smyth laughed alongside Joe Thornton and Alex.
"Shut up guys," I tried to play it off like a joke, but failed miserably.
We finished at one, so I set out to the lobby and looked around for Brie. When I didn't find her, I asked the woman at the front desk.
"Um, hi," I greeted her quietly. The kind looking little old lady smiled cheerfully.
"Can I help you young man?"
"Actually, yes. Have you seen a girl my age, about two inches shorter than me.. She's got kinda long, dark brown hair, and really nice green eyes.."
"What was she wearing, dear?"
'What? How am I supposed to..'
I closed my eyes, trying to remember.
"A pair of light jeans, and a black tee shirt with a big Pittsburgh Penguins logo on the front."
"I've seen a a few of those today. Do you know what number was on the back?"
Again. She has tons of these shirts. I'd say one for every guy on the team. But she'd be wearing Marc's, because he was pissed that he didn't get to go.
The woman shook her head, "None of those. I've seen lots of 87's though."
The one number Brie probably didn't have.

I went to the elevators and up to the room. Outside the door, I went to get my card key, but it wasn't in my pocket, or anywhere I could find, so I knocked on the door.
"Aubrie," I called as I knocked, knowing she was in there. When she didn't answer, I began to freak out.
"Aubrie!"" I was yelling now, and anyone who passed by could hear the panic in my voice.
I saw a maid down the hall, so I jogged over to her.
"Excuse me, I got locked out of my room. My friend is in there, but she isn't opening the door, and I think something might have happened," my voice was shaking as I spoke.
"Okay, calm down," the girl nodded, sticking her universal key in the slot.
"Thank you so much!"
"No problem."
I went in and looked around.
"Aubrie?" I continued to the beds, and sighed a bit.
She was face-down, laying across my bed. I sat next to her, shaking her frantically.
"Hmm?" she groaned, "what?"
"Oh Brie!" I pulled her up into a hug, kissing her forehead.
"What Sidney?" she asked while rubbing her eyes.
"I thought something happened to you."
"Why?" She was now fully awake, aware of how close we were.
"You weren't in the lobby, so I asked the desk clerk, and she didn't see you, so I came up here, but I didn't have my key, so I knocked. When you didn't answer I got scared," I finished, burying my face in her neck, feeling completely helpless and stupid.
"It's okay Sidney. I was just taking a nap. I'm here," she cooed.

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