Wednesday, May 14, 2008



I walked down the very busy Robson street, my hands tucked
into the pockets of Sidney's warm jacket I'd borrowed, just taking
in the gorgeous city.
In between the skyscraper-esque buildings, you could see the
mountains, and it was amazing.
Every once in a while I'd peek into a store like Roots or a
touristy gift shop and pick up little things for the boys on my
I even stumbled upon a Sportchek in a mall and saw Sidney's
line being advertised and sold there.
Around lunchtime, I was walking down by the water, and I found
a cool little brewery to eat at.
Though it's legal to drink at nineteen, I prefer not to, so I had
a Pepsi, a cheeseburger and fries.
Once I finished and was back outside, I noticed that the
temperature had dropped significantly.. and it was only 30
degrees Celsius when I'd come in.. I had to walk all the way
back to the hotel.. Wonderful.

In the lobby I was met with an employee.
"Miss, do you have your room key?"
"What?" I asked, totally caught off guard by the question.
"Security is requiring that everyone who comes in must present
their room key."
"Ohh, because of the team.." The man nodded.
"Yeah, hold on a second," I began to rummage through my small
backpack, and my heart stopped. I knew exactly where my key
was; the bedside table up in our room.
"Oh my gosh, I'm an idiot. I left it up in my room when I went
out this morning.."
"Can you tell me what room you're staying in?"
We were now standing at the front desk.
"Seven-oh-nine," I told him quickly.
"Miss..?" "Fleury. Aubrie Fleury."
"Yes, Miss Fleury. Well.."
I could tell he was trying to let me down easy.
"Who're you here with?"
"My boyfriend and his team mates," I answered.
"Who's name are you checked in with?"
"Sidney Crosby.." I told him in a quiet voice, and the guy just
stared at me like I was insane.
"Miss, I can't let you up without your room key. I'm sorry."
"Could you just please call up there so he can set things
"I'm sorry. The team isn't back yet."
"Great. So you're saying you're not letting me up to my room
then?" "No.. Extra precautions have been put in place for the
safety of the players."
"So you think I'm a crazed fan?'
Even though he didn't answer, I knew he did.
Then I recognized another woman behind the desk, "Ask her," I
pointed, "she was here last night when we checked in!"
The woman simply stared at me before walking to a back
"Look. My brother is on the team, too. Marc-Andre Fleury," I
pulled out my ID and a picture of the two of us, showing it to
"Miss Fleury, I still can't let you upstairs without a room key."
"I can't believe this.. This is a joke," I shook my head before
leaving the hotel.

I found my way to the GM Place, and saw my brother hanging
around outside the back.
"Aubrie, you're out of your mind!" he laughed, bringing me inside
with him. "You're going to get sick," he told me as we went to
the locker rooms.
"Aubs, what're you doing here?" Sidney asked once he saw me
come in, "did you walk here?! You're all red from the
cold." I nodded and he pulled off his jacket, wrapping it around
me. "Thanks... and they wouldn't let me up to the room because
I didn't have my key. And when I told them I was staying in
your room.." I shook my head.
"They seriously wouldn't let you up?" Jarkko Ruutu asked, and I
"That's bogus," my brother said, and I quickly agreed.
"Well, we're all done here. So want to go get this all sorted
out?" Sidney asked, leading me out and onto the bus.

When we got back to the hotel, Sidney and I went to the front
desk and I pointed out the guy that wouldn't let me up.
"Ah, Mister Crosby. Did you have a pleasant outing?" he asked,
then saw me standing there too.
"I did, until Aubrie walked all the way to the GM Place because
you wouldn't let her up to our room."
"She didn't have a room key.."
"She showed her ID, proving she was here with her brother. Is
that not good enough? Because I really don't appreciate the way
you treated my girlfriend.."
"I am so sorry. I really am.. But I couldn't just take her
word for it. Then just anyone could walk in and say they left
their key upstairs."
I could tell he was doing everything he could to keep Sidney
from getting even more upset.
"All I know is that it better not happen again."
"It certainly won't, Mister Crosby," the man quickly apologized to
me, then I pulled Sidney to the vacant elevators.

As soon as we got into the room, I got into my pajama pants
and a three-quarter sleeve shirt, seeing as we weren't going
anywhere for the rest of the day.
Sidney sat on the edge of the bed, now in a long sleeve
Reebok undershirt and shorts, fixing his socks, and I could tell
he was still frustrated.
"Sid, it's no big deal. I would've done the same thing if I were
him" I said as I sat behind him on the bed, setting my hands
on his shoulders as I began to gently massage his tense
He immediately loosened at my touch, and I smiled in
"Yeah, but there's really no reason as to why he treated you
like you didn't matter."
"Well dear, I think an entire NHL team is more important than
any other hotel guests they happen to have at the moment.."
He quickly turned to face me, "But you're what's important."
"To you, maybe," I mumbled, "but not to other people."
Sidney stared me straight on, making me blush and look
"I know things have been weird lately.." he finally said, and I
laid back across the bed to rest my tired feet.
"Tell me about it," I sighed.
"Things'll get better once everything settles down.. We've gotta
find our groove." As soon as those words escaped Sidney's lips,
I burst out laughing, and didn't stop for a good minute or
"Wow, Sidney.. You need new adjectives. Or was that an adverb?
Well, whatever it was.. I haven't heard someone say
'groove' in forever."
"What're you trying to tell me?" he asked playfully.
"That you're adorable," I grinned, sitting up and pecking his
Next thing I know,
Sid's pushing me back down onto the bed
and deepening my innocently intended kiss.
"Sid, you've got a game tomorrow. So no," I laughed, making him

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