Friday, May 30, 2008



"You actually wore it!" Sidney smiled when he first saw me in the locker room.
"Well yeah, I didn't want you saying 'told you so' if I get sick," I laughed, pulling off the infamous fury hat once I was in the warm room.
Taylor and her parents had gone to find their seats, so I was on my own to find them later.
"It's gonna start snowing soon," I mused, "the clouds are perfect for it.."
"Well aren't you a little meteorologist," my brother chimed in from halfway across the room.
"Yeah, you're just jealous," I shot back, and Marc-Andre rolled his eyes, unable to make a comeback.

I sat with Sidney as he began to gear up, and I watched every move he made. I noticed the way he put his things on right side first, and how he struggled to pull his socks all the way up.
"Having difficulties?" I asked as he grew frustrated.
Sidney nodded, and I asked another question, "Want some help?" He nodded yet again.

I sat on the floor in front of him, slowly tugging up his right sock, keeping our gazes locked on each other. I smiled softly, running my hands up his calf, smoothing out his left sock after I finished pulling it up too.
Our little 'moment' was ruined by Brooks Orpik's voice.
"Jesus, you two want to take that somewhere else? Somewhere we won't be able to see or hear your dirty kids?"
Sidney turned bright red, and I knew I was almost the same shade as I got up and sat next to him.
"Yeah, no repeats of yesterday. Do that somewhere far, far away from us all," Danny Sabourin grinned, loving how embarrassed we obviously were.
"I should probably go find my seat and adjust to the cold. Damn you and your heated bench!" I cursed them all as I got up.
Sidney got up too, and turned me to face him, and he smiled, "Thanks for being here."
"De rien, mon petit ami. Bon chance," I sent him a grin before saying, "show those Sabres what you're made of. Snow or not, you're a force to be reckoned with."
"Yeah, well I'll let them know."
"I think they've gotten the memo.. Along with the rest of the league," Colby laughed.
"Shut up! I'm trying to be supportive and inspirational, something you apparently aren't," I snapped sarcastically, and I heard Colby mutter, "Damn, someone's got a puck up their ass.."
"Oh, just wait till he falls asleep on the bus ride home," I told Sidney before giving him a long good luck kiss and wishing a good game to everyone else.
"What? We don't get good luck kisses too?" Jordan Staal called after me, and I shot him a smirk, "Only in your dreams."
"Yeah, but in my dreams, you're not dating Sid," Jordan muttered, but I still heard him.
"What was that, Staal?" I asked, shooting him a cold glare.
"No-nothing Brie," he told me nervously.
"Yeah, that's what I thought." I left the locker room, quickly finding my seat with the Crosby family before the game began.

I stood on my tip toes trying to see the beginning of the shootout. I was ready to get up on my seat when Sidney came onto the ice, so I did.
The crowd was going wild as Sid took off down the ice towards Ryan Miller and quickly flicked his wrist, the puck flying past Miller and the buzzer going off.
I grinned as I watched Sidney skate back to his team, an enormous smile on his face. He had not only gotten the first goal with the help of Colby, but won the shootout. It was a spectacular game for him.

A few hours later I'd said goodbye to Sidney's family, and was now on the bus home.
"Sid, that was.. Just wow," I told him with a smile before giving him yet another congratulatory kiss. "You played a great game," I added to my previous statement, lacing my fingers with his.
"I'm glad you came with me," he smiled back, his cheeks still rosy and dark red from being out in the snow for so long.
I held my free hand to his cheek and laughed, "You're still freezing! Do I have a popsicle for a boyfriend?"
"Maybe you're too hot and I've got a heater for a girlfriend," he retorted with a small smile.
"No, I'm pretty sure I'm right this time. You're frozen," I pulled his baby blue and white Winter Classic beanie down further and zipped his jacket up all the way before snuggling into his arms.
"Much better," he sighed, resting his head on mine and dozing off.

We got to Mellon after several long hours on the road, and Sidney had slept the whole time.
"Hey Sid, get up. It's time to go home."
"Five more minute," he grumbled, swatting my hand away as I shook his shoulder.
"I'd carry you off the bus myself.. But you do weight eighty more pounds that me," I laughed and finally convinced him to get off his butt and to the Range Rover.
I drove him to Mario's, knowing he'd want to be in his own bed tonight.
"Come in with me," he demanded, now considerately more alert than he was earlier.
"I think you need some more sleep, dear," I answered, turning the car off.
"And you don't? I know you're exhausted and didn't sleep on the bus."
I avoided his gaze, nodding as I got out and helped bring our stuff inside.
"Salut, Nathalie," I smiled wearily as we passed her on our way to Sid's room.
I set his stuff in the designated spot and kicked off my shoes before following Sidney's example and getting into my pajama shorts, tee shirt, and a pair of my old game socks I found in my bag.
"Mm. I'm thirsty. Want anything while I'm out there?" I asked Sid, who was already in bed, propped up against his pillows.
"Just some water, s'il te plait." "Bien, d'accord," I nodded, heading out into the kitchen.

Mario and his wife were there doing the dishes together, and I smiled at how cute they were.
"Those are some nice socks, Aubrie," Mario laughed.
"Merci, Monsieur Lemieux," I answered quickly as I opened the fridge, pulling out a bottle of Smart Water for myself, then I found Sid's favourite water bottle nestled towards the back. I grabbed that too, and conversed with Mister and Missus Lemieux for a few minutes before getting back to Sidney.

I tossed him the water bottle once I got to the bed, and he gaped at me.
"How'd you find this?" "There's not too many places to hide stuff in a refrigerator," I answered with a laugh as I snuggled into bed.
Sidney had already turned the TV onto the forty-eight hour New Year's Twilight Zone marathon, and my favourite one was on; the wax museum of murderers.
"I knew there was a reason why I loved you," I grinned, kissing his cheek.
"Well, that's good to hear," he smiled in return, "cause I know there's lots of reasons to love you.."
"You're so incredibly cheesy, Sidney. But it's adorable. Now shut up and watch TV."



You're like a genius!! LOVE IT!! MAKE MORE PLZ!

Ilove#51 said...

Omgsh! I absolutly the skate your lane story! I havent been able to stop reading it! Its is just so sweet seeing i love Sid Crosby! Well you promise me you will keep writing it?! PLEEEEASE!? I hope you will! But hey, comment back and lets talk. Comment back please!!

Parker! said...

I promise I'll keep updating.

Ilove#51 said...

Parker, when do you plan on writing the next one? Cause i cant wait!

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OMG u have 2 make more i LUVVVVVVVVVVVV this series plz i need 2 know wat happens!!!

Anonymous said...

im a little late...but still
please please keep updatingg :)