Sunday, May 18, 2008



Christmas eve dinner was great. Full of food and family; everything you could ever want.
Afterwards, Sidney and I were in his room sorting through and wrapping the presents we'd gotten today, seeing as we were spending Christmas morning here we brought all the gifts for the Lemieux and Sid's family.

"Sid, you seriously don't know how good you look in a suit," I grinned as he took off his blazer and undid the top button of his collared shirt.
"And you, Miss Aubrie, don't realize how rediculously good you look in that dress... and just about everything else you wear," he replied, making me blush. "Your mom got it for me."
"No kidding? Well I'll be sure to thank her," he smiled, pulling me up off the bed and into a sweet kiss.
"What're your plans for New Years?" Sid asked as I sat on his bed wrapping a cool cookbook for Nathalie.
"Uhh.. as of right now?" I asked, and Sidney nodded. "Absolutely nothing."
"Oh really? So you'd rather sit in your apartment all by yourself than in Buffalo with me?"
"Well I haven't exactly been invited to go to Buffalo with you," I answered as I set the last of the presents with all the others I'd wrapped and labeled.
"How stupid of me then. Would you please come to the Winter Classic with me?"
"Hmm. I think I've got plans that day." When Sidney shot me a look, I laughed, "Of course I'll come. I'd be an idiot not to."

After all the kids went to bed, Sidney and I snuck out and put all the presents under the tree then headed back to his room.
I opened Sidney's closet door to look for a shirt to wear to bed, when something fell from one of the shelves.
"Oh my gosh.. Is this.." I picked it up with a grin, "the furry hat!" I yelped as I pulled it on.
Sidney quickly finished putting on his pajama pants and groaned, "Aubrie."
"No! This is the most hilarious... ridiculous thing I've ever seen. It's fantastic!' I found a mirror and laughed at my reflection.
"I hoped you didn't see the interview," he sighed, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck.
"The one on Youtube from when they announced you as alternate? Marc-Andre made me watch it.. You were so.."
"Young? Stupid? Poorly dressed?" he tried to fill in the blank for me.
"Adorable!" I answered, pulling him over for a hard kiss.
He quickly pulled back, taking the strange hat off my head and placing it on his own, making me crack up.
"It's like.. Davy Crockett found roadkill or something," I mused, petting one of the pieces covering his ears.
"Yeah, it's not that funny," Sidney tried his best to conceal his grin as he put the hat away and threw me a big shirt to wear to bed.
"Thanks," I smiled, "and just so you know.. You're never going to hear the end of the furry hat."
"I know," he nodded, getting into bed.

At six thirty sharp, Taylor and the Lemieux kids were in Sidney's room, standing at the foot of the bed.
"Sidney! Aubrie! Santa came! Santa came!" Austin told us, tugging at the covers, "come open presents! Everyone's waiting for you guys."
"Huh?" I heard Sidney, and Austin repeated, "Come open presents! Everyone's waiting!"
"Alright, we'll be out in a minute," I told him as I sat up.
The little blond boy nodded as the five kids left the room in a hurry.
"Get up Sid. Pere Noel came," I grinned, kissing his forehead before getting out of bed and getting ready.
Sidney finally got out of bed with much persuasion, and the two of us were out in the living room.
I heard Taylor sigh, "Finaallyyy! Can we open presents now, Mum?" Trina nodded, and everyone dug in.
Sidney and I sat on the floor with the kids, and he handed me a box.
"I know we agreed not to get eachother anything, but I couldn't resist."
"Well, I couldn't either," I laughed, grabbing what I'd gotten him out from under the tree.
"Hockey stick cuff links? With my number engraved? These are awesome!" I smiled as I watched Sidney carefully inspecting the little cuff links.
"Now you," he told me, and I peeled back the wrapping paper.
"Sid," I grinned, staring down at the simple black frame holding a picture of the two of us at the All Star games in Dallas last January. It was Joes' Sakic and Thornton, Marty Tucro, Sidney and myself in the middle, Danny Briere, Miikka and Ovechkin all standing together after breakfast on the first day.
"This is the best!" I gave him a quick kiss, then leaned on his shoulder as we watched the kiddos unwrap the rest of their stuff.
I noticed the way Trina watched us; she wore that same dazed, far-off, proud look from when she first saw Sid and I kiss forever ago.

Christmas day lunch rocked out loud, and after that, Sidney and I took Taylor and the little Lemieux's to the movies.
"What do you all want to see?" I asked, receiving different answers from each kid.
"Ohhkayy," I sighed, and Sidney laughed.
"I want to see the new National Treasure," Sid smiled, and the kids all agreed.
We got to theatre, bought tickets, snacks, and quickly found seats.
I sighed in relief once we got back from the movies, now exhausted.

"Did the kids tire you out?" Sidney teased.
"Pshh, no.. Okay, a little," I admitted.
"Does someone still not feel good?" I shook my head a bit, lying down on Sid's bed after taking off my shoes, scarf and jacket.
Sidney followed suit, lying down with me.
"Yeahh. Imagine doing that every day."
"When we have kids," Sidney quickly caught himself, "if we have kdis, every day is gonna be hectic like this."
I simply nodded, thinking to myself, 'You're not too far ahead of yourself there..'
Sidney and I laid there watching the 24 hour marathon of a Christmas Story on TBS, when I got that nauseous feeling gain.
I pulled out of Sidney's grasp, hopping out of bed and rushing to the bathroom, tying my hair up on the way.
I shut the door behind me, and commenced my prayers to the porcelain god.
I finished throwing up and I flushed the toilet, now lying on my back; the cool tile comforting me.
"Babe, are you ok?" I heard Sidney as he knocked on the door.
I groaned, rubbing my face and the door clicked, signaling Sid coming in.
"Are you sure you're alright?" he asked again, now kneeling next to me, "Aubrie?"
"I'll be fine," I mumbled, sitting up only for Sid to pull me into him, gently rubbing my back and rocking me slightly.

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71Geno71 said...

I love the furry hat, it is da bomb diggity. Looks ridiculous on Sid, but in a good way of course!