Thursday, May 15, 2008



Christmas eve day arrived, and Sidney and I were finishing some very last minute shopping.
We had talked about everything that was happening in our relationship, and what needed to happen.
Okay, that's a lie. I didn't mention the twenty-two positive and negative pregnancy tests I'd taken the other day...
Things were getting back to, and even better than normal..
Slowly, but surely they were.
I could tell by the grin on Sidney's face whenever we did something small, like holding hands.
I remember when he used to turn bright red if I so much as said hello to him..

We walked through the busy mall, hand in hand, blushing like mad for no reason.
Sidney was wearing a beanie to be 'inconspicuous' but it didn't matter. Everyone around us was in their own hectic world while we slowly meandered and perused the mall and browsed the stores.
We passed a few kids eating fresh chocolate chip cookies, and they smelled amazing.
"Ooh, I want one of those," I awed as we continued to walk."
"One of what?"
"Paradise Bakery cookies."
Sidney laughed at me, "That's really random.."
"Nuh-uh! That girl we just passed had one. It looked gooey and delicious. Please," I asked, looking up at him with pleading puppy eyes.
"You'd better be glad I love you," he smiled, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.
"Oh yeah? You'd better be happy I love you back," I leaned up and kissed his cheek.
"Let's get you some cookies then."
"What should I get for Marc-Andre?" I asked as I swallowed a piece of my warm cookie.
"You haven't gotten anything for your brother yet?"
"He's hard to shop for!" I exclaimed, "help?"
"Anything for you," Sidney grinned, kissing my temple and quickly breaking off a piece of my treat.
Sidney took me to a small, lesser-known sports store that I'd only been in once before.
"Find him something neat," he whispered, then nudged me inside.
I wandered through the place and found a pair of old school, vintage goalie pads
"These," I grinned, showing Sidney what I'd found.
"Let's get them!" he nodded, picking them up and taking them to the register.
"Fantastic. He was the last one on my list."

Sidney and I were laying on the couch together watching the original cartoon version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and I groaned when the door buzzed.
"Nooo. Make them go away," I muttered, nuzzling my face deeper into Sidney's neck.
"Come on, you gotta get off me so I can get rid of whoever it is," he laughed, and I sighed as I got up and went to the door.
"Merry Christmas!" I was met by the smiling faces of Sidney's parents and his sister.
"Hey, merry Christmas!" I smiled back, and Sidney practically came running to the door.
"Taylor, Mum, Dad! I didn't know you were coming out for the holidays.."
"We thought we'd surprise you, hun," Trina explained, and I let them come inside.
"We brought you guys presents, too!" Taylor announced with a wide smile.
"You didn't have to," I started, but Trina wouldn't have it.
"Oh yes we did. You're basically a part of the family!"
"So Mario was right when he said we'd find you two here being lazy bums," Troy laughed upon seeing our pajama pants and tee shirts.
"He told us to come get you two for dinner," Taylor added, "like when we had that big dinner in April."
"So get dressed, you kids!" Trina smiled, pushing me towards my room and closing the door behind us.

"Here. I got you a little something," she said, handing me a neatly wrapped box.
"Trina, like I said earlier.. You didn't have to get me anything.."
"Stop it, Aubrie! How could I not get you a present or two? After all, I can't thank you enough for how happy you've made Sidney. Now go on, open it."
I carefully unwrapped the gift and opened the box to find a very pretty dress.
[click to see the dress]
I set the box down and held up the dress.
"This is gorgeous," I grinned, pulling Sidney's mother into a tight hug.
"I saw it and thought of you," she told me, and I began to laugh.
"What's so funny?"
"I'm sorry.. That's just.. exactly what Sidney said when he gave me this for our six month anniversary," I held up my right hand so she could see the ring.
"That's beautiful.. I must say, my son does have good taste," she sent me a wide smile.
"Want to help me get ready?" I asked, and Trina nodded.

I went into my bathroom and changed into the dress, seeing that it fit perfectly.
"Trina, you're amazing," I told her as I re-entered my room, "thank you for this."
I quickly blushed, "Do you think you could help me make my hair wavy? I've got a curling iron, but I can't use it alone."
"Not at all!" She followed me back into the bathroom and I got the curling iron out from underneath the sink and plugged it in.
"While that heats up, I'm gonna find some shoes," I told Trina as I went back into my room to look in the closet for my bring pink, glossy flats.
"Aubrie?" I heard Trina call from the bathroom, and I dropped the shoes, heading back in through the adjoining door.
"What's up?" I asked, unable to see Trina's face, her back turned away from me.
"Trina, what's wrong?" I asked again, now worried.
When she turned around I saw a slight smile on her face, then my gaze shifted down to the small white stick with the big plus on it.
"Trina, no..."
"I'm going to be a grandmother?" she asked.
"Where did you find that?" I counter questioned her quickly.
"I dropped your eyeliner by the trash and saw it.."
I noticed how she didn't sound angry or upset that her son might have gotten his girlfriend pregnant. She seemed excited.
"Trina, look. I might be, I might not. I took twenty-something tests. Half said yes, half said no."
Her excited look fell, and my heart dropped.
"Oh.." she said simply, setting the test back in the trash.
"I'm sorry if I got your hopes up.. Or for making you hate me momentarily."
"Why wold I hate you for having a baby?"
"Well.. For one, Sidney and I aren't married.. Not that I have a problem or anything with that.. Plus, this just isn't the best time in either of our lives to have a baby.. We're still kids ourselves, y'know?" I sighed.

"Hey," she sat me down in my room, "if you are pregnant, I'll still be here. We all will. I know just how much you and my son love eachother."
"Things have been rough with him lately," I told her a little about our lack of communication during the last month as she helped wave-ify my hair.
"Who knows.. This could bring you two closer together." I shrugged, "We'll find out. I've got a doctors appointment on the third."
"Is Sidney coming with you? I know he has a game that night.."
"He doesn't know about any of this- the tests, the appointment. I thought I had the flu, so that's what I told him."
"If you don't let him know soon.."
"I know," I cut her off, "I just want to be sure. That's why I took so many tests. But those didn't help."
Trina laughed, helping me finish getting ready.

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