Wednesday, May 14, 2008



We ordered room service around seven, and I felt bad for
"It sucks you can't go out and see the city.. It's great," I told
him while we ate.
"I know, but I really need to focus for tomorrow."
I nodded, "That's why I took pictures of my excursion today."
"Really?" "Mmhmm. You can take a look after we eat."

A little while later Sidney and I sat on the bed with the digital
camera from my birthday, as I showed him pictures of the
There were lots of Pens fans out in there paraphernalia, so I
made it my goal to take a picture with every one I came
Sidney laughed at our funny faces, clearly enjoying the idea.
He loved the ones I'd taken of myself in front of store windows,
pointing out the cute trinkets inside, and the one's I'd gotten
people to take of me outside of cool buildings or near the
"Looks like you had a lot of fun today.."
"Yeah. Oh! Look who I saw today!" I skipped ahead to a huge
poster of Sidney that was hanging inside the Sportchek, and I
stood below it, holding my fingers together to shape a heart.
"Ohh geeze," he laughed, "am I really that fat?"
"Uh, yeahh. You're enormous. I'd say obese, even," then I
made a 'pshh' noise, "you're two hundred pounds of pure
muscle, babe."
"Well that's nice to hear," he laughed again before continuing
through the pictures.
"I really appreciate this, Aubs," he grinned, "and I'm still sorry
that they wouldn't let you up.. I should've made sure they
"It's okay. I'm over it, really. Don't worry yourself," I assured him,
then a knock hit the door.

"Hey guys," I laughed as I saw Kris Letang, Jordan Staal, my
brother and Colby Armstrong in the hall.
"We're bored," Marc-Andre groaned.
"Entertain us!" Kris demanded.
"Guys, I'm not your babysitter! But I bet Sidney wants to come
out and play with you kiddies."
"What do I want to do?" Sidney asked from the bed.
"Go back to one of their big rooms and hang out," I told him,
"hold on a sec, guys."
I shut the door and helped Sidney up.
"Go hang out with your team mates. Maybe we'll do
something when you get back," I somehow managed a small
smirk before leaning up and giving him a lingering kiss.
"Awh, now I don't want to leave!" he whined.
"Nope. Go have fun with your friends!" I laughed, pushing him
towards he door.
On his way out, I grinned, "Don't be gone for too long," and I
smacked his butt as he walked by.

"Gee, she's feisty tonight," Kris laughed, and I nodded.
"You sure you don't wanna stay?" Marc-Andre asked.
"Yeah, I need some advice from you guys anyways," I told them
as we went into the room Jordan and Kris were sharing.
"Uh-ohh. Having some... issues?" Jordan laughed, then he saw
my serious face.
"Are you and my sister having problems?" Marc-Andre asked,
shooting me a threatening look.
"I overheard her on the phone with your mum the other night in
"What'd she say?" Colby asked, clearly interested in helping.
"Aubrie said that since we've been losing lately, I've been distant
and that I blame myself for our slump."
"Well, you kind of do, Sid," Jordan told me, and Kris added,
"and you do get really quiet and distant."
"I guess I've been letting it bother me too much, and it's having
a bad effect on us."
"Dude, yeah. She says you don't talk after losses," Marc told me,
"she hates the lack of communication.."
He paused for a second, "Look.. I don't know if I should really
be talking about this, but Aubrie told me its like you ignore her
or take it out on her or whatever.."
"When did she say this?" I asked quickly.
"A few weeks into November.." Marc answered.
"Why didn't she say anything?"
"Probably because you were in a bad mood," Jordan mused.
"How do I fix this?"

"You have to talk to her. That's what seems to be the main
problem here. Just don't shut everyone out after a loss."
"You know my sister. She's like a freaking therapist," Marc-Andre
added to Colby's advice.
"Thanks guys. Now, let's do something that's not so serious," I
laughed, flipping on the TV.

As soon as Sidney left, I slipped on my shoes and went to find
the room Gary Roberts was in.
Luckily he wasn't too far away, and he was willing to talk.
"Gary, what should I do if Sidney's ignoring me because he's so
stressed from losing?" I asked as soon as we sat down, and he
just shot me a curious look.
"Have you confronted him about it?"
I shook my head a little, "No, he just overheard me talking to
my mum about it in Edmonton.. But we haven't directly talked
about it."
"Well that's step one."
"But what am I supposed to say?"
"How about, 'hey Sid? How come you've been taking your
frustrations out on me lately?'
or something simple like that,"
Gary suggested.
"It's not as easy as it sounds.."
"Once you get that one little question out, you'll feel a lot

"I sure hope so. It's like, everything's great when you guys win.
But he gets so quiet after you all lose, and I know he blames
himself. But it's not like he's playing every position, there's an
entire team involved here."
"Sometimes you gotta let him deal and have his space."
"Oh believe me, I do. I'm just tired of him putting himself down.
It's not good for him, or you guys. I mean, who wants a
pessimistic captain?"
Gary continued to give me advice, then walked me back to my

I made sure bring a room key, so I went in and shut the door
behind me gently, only to see Sidney coming out of the
bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, toothbrush in his
"Hey Aubshh," he smiled, then went and rinsed his mouth
"Hey Sid, remember earlier when I said 'maybe' we'd do
His head poked out from the door frame as I sat on the bed,
"Well, I didn't mean it."

"Oh.. Okay," his head hung a little.
"I meant definitely," I grinned,
patting the spot next to me on the
Within seconds, a white towel fell to the floor and a big, peachy
blur tackled me back onto the bed,
laughing the whole time.

I took this at the Vancouver Sportchek =]
Yeah.. I gave into the peer pressure and bought his clothes.
But can you blame me?

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