Monday, May 26, 2008



New Year's Eve day came, and it was the first time Sidney brought me to practice on the outdoor rink.
He'd made me stay inside at the hotel, saying he didn't want me
out in the cold more than necessary.
"Sid, relax. I'm fine. Keeping the blood flow going," I told him for the hundredth time after he asked if I was cold.
He and the team were practicing on the rink, while I skated around on the small patch of ice near one of the ends.
Every chance he got, Sidney would look over and shoot me a concerned glance, telepathically asking if I was okay. I would just roll my eyes and nod.
I grew up playing pond hockey in Sorel, which is much closer to the North Pole. I've been in worse weather during games.
I actually love skating outside. It gives me that familiar sense of freedom that skating has naturally, and multiplies it by ten.
"Aubrie, we can go now.. Practice is over," Sidney stood on the mini-rink with me now, pulling me away from my thoughts.
"Hmm?" I asked, then realized what he said.
"Alright," I took his outstretched hand and we walked back to the locker room.

At the hotel, Marc-Andre and Maxime were going room to room and taking orders and money for a Tim Horton's run.
"I haven't had Timmie's in so long.. " I reminisced back to when were in Western Canada.
"Well, I already know you want Timbits, Brie."
"Naturally," I grinned at my brother.
Sidney told Maxime what he wanted, handing him a twenty as the pair left.
Sidney shut the door and turned to me, a devious grin on his face.
"Oh no.."
"Oh yes," he pulled me into a rough kiss, leading me over to the bed at the same time.
"Sidney, not right now," I breathed quickly.
"Yes, now," he smirked, kissing me again.
"Sid, no," I told him firmly, putting my hands up to push him back a little.
He stared at me for a second, then apologized.
"It's not your fault, it's mine," I assured him.
"Ohh, you don't want to get me sick, huh?"
"Something like that," I nodded a little, "plus you're staying up with me to watch the ball drop.. I don't want you to e completely worn out for tomorrow," I winked, lightening his mood.
"Well anyways, I'm still sorry. I don't mean to pressure you or anything like that."
"I know you don't. Let's do something else," I suggested, knowing he meant well.

Nearly an hour later, I told Sidney that he should go see if my brother and Maxime were back, and he agreed.
Once he was out of the room, I pulled out my black lacey bra and matching boyshort panties, my 'sexy lingerie' that I'd been saving for a rainy day; well, today was that day.
I quickly got out of Sidney's practice pants I'd been wearing and my shirt, changing into the underwear and pulling on Sidney's bright blue game socks for tomorrow, then I cleared some stuff off the bed.
I ran into the bathroom and pulled my hair down, letting it fall messily over my shoulders.
Next, I peeked out the door, slipping the 'privacy please' card over the handle, then shut the door and waited.
"Hey, they weren't back yet.. and what's with the do not disturb-" Sidney cut himself off as soon as he walked in, "Oh."
He stared for a second, his eyes scanning over me, and I couldn't help but blush.
"Happy New Year?" I half asked, and he grinned, "Definitely."
Sidney practically pounced on me, and began to attack my lips with his, all the while trying to undress himself.
With my help, he was out of his clothes in a matter of seconds, and I could feel him reaching behind me for the clasp of my bra.
"Sidney," I let out a laugh as he sat me on the bed, his hungry lips not once leaving my neck. "Hmm?" he asked, his eyes meeting mine.
"It hooks in the front.." I untangled my fingers from his hair and let go of his shoulder so I could help guide his hands.
"Success!" he smiled up at me, "you're very tricky."
"I know," I winked, smiling again.

No one bothered us for several hours, but I'm sure we bothered them.
"Would you care to take a shower.. avec moi?" Sidney offered as he got up and stretched, making me blush.
"Alright, but no funny business," I nodded as I got up, pulling the sheet with me.
After getting all cleaned up and into some jammies, Sidney was ready to call for room service, seeing as we never got our Tim Horton's.
A knock came to the door, and Maxime's voice rang out.
"Is it safe to bring you your.. uh, dinner?"
I opened the door to see Mister Talbot, and he wasn't alone.
Colby, Kris, Jordan, Evgeni, Erik, Ryan Whitney and my brother were there too.
"Jesus, Brie. Could you warn us to vacate the premesis next time?" Kris laughed, and I turned beet red.
"Yeah, poor Marc here is scarred for life because of you," Colby told me sterntly.
"Sorry.. dads." I replied.
"Here's your Tim Horton's," Marc-Andre handed me a bag and attempted to run away, but it didn't work with his high ankle sprain and all.
"Bye guys," I told them quickly, shutting the door and returning to Sidney with our dinner.
I had the channel on MTV, and I watched as the huge ball dropped slowly in Times Square.

"Happy New Year, Sid," I said softly, then looked up at him only to see that he was fast asleep.
I couldn't help but grin, brushing the stray curls out of his face and kissing his forehead before turning off the TV and snuggling into bed.

I was up at eight the next morning, and Sidney was already gone.
I found a note at the foot of the bed, so I picked it up and read it.
'Aubs, gone in for a morning skate. Come see me before the game, don't forget your pass! Oh, and please wear the stuff I left for you; can't have you getting hypothermia. Bisous- Sidney.'
I looked down to see the thermal-esque shirt and odd, hooded face guard thing he'd been wearing around at practice, and I laughed, "He's crazy to think I'm wearing that."
Then I saw the furry hat and grinned, "But this.. This is good."
I got dressed in the warmest clothes I had, yes, even the weird ski mask shirt, pulling the fuzzy hat on last. Once I had everything I went downstairs to meet up with Troy, Trina and Taylor, then we all went to the stadium.

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