Thursday, May 22, 2008



Not even ten minutes into the bus ride to Buffalo for the Winter Classic, and Sidney had already persuaded me to take a nap. Ever since Christmas, he'd been keeping a close watch on me.
The guys had just come from a wicked win against the Caps, and they were all jittery for the upcoming outdoor game.
"Sidney.. There is no way I'm sleeping with all these crazy kids," I motioned back to my brother, Jordan and Kris Letang.
"Fine, come here," Sidney grinned, pulling me into him so I could somewhat lay back, setting my feet on the armrest of Colby Armstrong.
"Aubrie!" Colby whined.
"Whatie?" I mocked, peering at him over my issue of the Hockey News.
"Do you have to to have you feet in my area?"
"Why, yes Colby. My feet quite enjoy invading your space," I laughed, and he huffed, dealing with it.
I began to read the interview with Sidney, seeing as it was his cover issue I was holding.
"Sidney!" I yelped, jumping off him and sitting up straight.
"Huh? What?" he had been watching the cars zooming by on the dark highway.
"What do you mean 'Eva Mendes- she's my favourite'?" I gaped, pointing to the picture.
"Aubs, no. The question was if I could not would date any-"
I cut him off, "Yeah, I bet you would if you could."
I got up, throwing my magazine in the seat and storming towards the back of the bus where Marc-Andre sat.
"Dude, Brie. What's wrong?" My brother asked as soon as I sat down next to him.
"I don't know, Marc.." I shook my head, pulling out my phone.
I quickly sent Henry a text telling him about what just happened, and I sighed, "I just.. I think I got really jealous. Eva Mendes I mean.. She's gorgeous and talented and people just adore her.."
"And she's waaay high maintenance," Kris added, making me laugh.
"Thanks Letang," "Anytime. I've got lots. She has that weird mole, she's fat.. Her eyes are too far apart, she seems like a total bi-"
"That's enough, man," my brother silenced him.
My phone buzzed and I quickly read Henry's text.
'It's the hormones..'
I answered back a quick 'I hate you'
"Don't pick a fight about something so stupid. You have to choose your battles," I nodded at Marc-Andre's wise advice.. Something he's known to offer from time to time.
"Thanks Marc.. Kris," I headed back up and sat gingerly in my seat, tapping Sidney almost hesitantly.
"Yeah? Oh.." he pulled out his headphones and turned off his iPod.
"Sid.. Je suis desolee. I don't know why I got so mad, but I shouldn't have. I was just being stupid and jealous," I told him in a quiet, sincere voice.
"Hey don't worry. I'd get ticked too if I read in an interview that you'd date Leo DiCaprio," Sidney told me.
"Yeah? Leo's pretty good looking," I nodded, "But I'm much more into curly-haired, hazel eyed cutie pies like you."
Sid's cheeks turned pink before returning my corniness, "Well Eva Mendes is y'know, cool and all. But I'm more prone to this girl with long, brunette hair, a fantastic smile and an awesome body named Aubrie. She's smokin' hot." Now it was my turn to laugh and blush at his remarks.
"Now that we've got that all cleared up," I smiled, giving him a long kiss.

"So that's how you're gonna play?" he asked once I pulled away from him.
"Maybe," I nodded, biting my bottom lip. Sidney let out a slight groan of frustration, and my jaw dropped, "Sidney!"
"What?!" he asked.
"Are you disappointed that I won't make out with you?" "A little," he pouted, and I rolled my eyes.
"You do realize how much I could torture you right now, yeah?" I grinned, merely placing my hand on his upper thigh.
"Mmhmm," he nodded, his eyes fluttering closed as I leaned into him, pressing our lips together roughly.
"Oh, EW. Not on the bus guys!" Colby exclaimed, shielding his eyes and I laughed as I turned around to face him.
"You're just jealous," I shot with a grin, hearing Sidney snicker.
"Of you making out with Sid? More like I'm envious if him."
"What was that, Colbs?" Sidney asked, wrapping his arms around my waist and setting his chin on my right shoulder so he could see past me.
"I'm just saying, man.. You're lucky."
"You got that right," he smiled, giving me a quick squeeze around he middle, making me groan.
"Sid, please don't do that."
"Do what?" he asked.
"Squeeze me like you just did.."
"Like this?" he asked playfully, squeezing me again.
"Sidney, I said don't!" I snapped, feeling a little rush of nausea. I did not want to get sick on the bus.
"Sorry Aubs," he immediately apologized, "still feeling icky?"
I half nodded, trying to think of a way to explain, "Plus ou moins.." was what came to mind. "More or less," I repeated in English this time.
"We'll have to get you checked out when we get back."
"Yeah.. Maybe. It'll probably clear up after I get a good nights sleep," I concluded the conversation, and Sidney shot me a skeptical look; one I'd seen frequently since Christmas.

When the bus pulled into the parking lot of the hotel, a group of Sabres fans were there in their snow gear.
Soon after we sat them, we heard weird noises, and something hitting the bus.
"They're snowballing us!" Colby laughed as we all peered out the huge windows.
After the crowd had been contained, all of us were allowed off the bus and up to our rooms.
Sidney and I practically raced eachother through the door and to the remote.
Like usual, I won, flicking the TV on and to the channel that usually plays 48 Hours; Hard Evidence and all those murder mystery shows.
"Ughh," Sidney sighed as he got ready for bed, "whyyy must you watch these shows?" I laughed, knowing his normal road-roomie Colby subjected him to the same thing.
"Hey, at least I don't make you watch Ellen Degeneres!"
"True. But can't we just watch Friends or something?"
"No. We've seen every episode.. Thirty times."
"Fine," he huffed, getting under the covers with me, but still kept his distance.
"Sid, don't be all pouty," I told him, setting my hand on his neck as I turned onto my side and faced him.
I traced my thumb along his jaw and he smiled, wrapping me up in his arms and pulling me into his body, like his personal teddy bear.

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