Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Sidney smiled, grabbing my hand and pulling me into the camera's view.
"This is my beautiful, amazing girlfriend, Aubrie."
"Fleury, right?" the male cohost/drummer from the Barenaked Ladies asked,
and I nodded.
"That's right." "Congrats on your team's Nationals," he told me, and I lit up,

In the theatre, we met up with Trina, Troy and Taylor, taking our seats with
I sat next to Sidney, holding his hand until they called his name for the Art
"Go on, babe," I gave him a soft kiss, watching him walk up and on to the
"Now, before we give you this award, we have a video for you.. So take a
He pivoted to the right to face the huge screen behind him, as well as see the
crowd, and watched.
Several clips from fellow players were shown, congratulating him and
acknowledging his skills.
Then my segment appeared.

Once my image came up, Sidney looked out at me, and I blew him a kiss.
'What can I say about Sidney Crosby? He's determined, focused, and the
silliest guy ever. He acts exactly like a kid our age is supposed to act, and
knows when to cut it out. He can read plays in an instant, and has the ability to
react in a split second. Winning the Art Ross isn't about how many goals you
score.. It's goals and assists combined, and that's what Sid does. He helps his
teammates score; setting up great shots for them, among some amazing goals
he's earned himself. He truely is the best player and over all person I've ever
met, and I love him to death. He's done a fantastic job this season, and I am so,
so proud of him. Love ya Sid!" My giant self waved, my fingertips barely
showing under the sleeves of his old home team jersey that I brought with

Sidney stared at me with a huge smile as the audience awed at his reddened
He stepped up to the podium where the Art Ross sat, and pulled out a small
piece of paper. I watched his hands tremble slightly, then he looked towards
"There's so many people I need to thank- Michel Therrien, Mario Lemieux, the
coaches, trainers, the entire Pittsburgh Penguins team and staff... The fans,
everyone who has supported us through this whole season and into the
playoffs. I want to thank my parents and sister for always being there..."
I took a quick breath, waiting for him to say goodnight and exit the stage.
"And finally, thanks to Aubrie, who's there through it all. Love you too."
Everybody clapped as he walked backstage, then he returned to the seat next
to me.

"I can't believe you did that for me." he beamed, softly kissing my hand while
the host spoke after he had won the Lester B. Pearson award.
"It's nothing.. The least I could do after blowing up at you in Halifax.."
Before he had the chance to reply, I 'sshhh'ed him, pointing to Don Cherry and
his crazy, adorable suit.
Sidney was two for two so far, and there was one more category left; the Hart
trophy, MVP of the entire league.
Don stood up there and began to tell a story of then he first met the player who
won the trophy.
I squoze Sid's hand in realization.. I was there when it happened. Sidney
A shocked look hit his face as he stood up, pulling me with him.
He hugged his father, mum and Taylor, then gave me a hug, swooping in for a
quick peck on the lips before heading to the stage.
"Wow.. just.. Wow." was all he could say for a couple of seconds, as he stared
at the statue in front of him.
Then he went into his thanks.
"This one's for Aubs. She knew I could do it the whole time, and wouldn't let me
think otherwise," Sidney concluded, then stepped off the stage after a standing

I met him behind the curtains and gave him one of the most fiery, passion filled
kisses ever, then grinned, "I'm so proud of you!"
"How'd they get you in the video?"
"I came up a few days early and they got in touch with me.. Did you like it?"
"Loved it, babe," he slung an arm around my shoulders, keeping me by his side
as players came by to congratulate him.
"It was very sweet of you to do that for Sid," Trina smiled.
"It's no big deal.. I just had a hard time trying to figure out what to say.. I
couldn't find the right words to describe him.. Your son just makes me
speechless," I saw Sidney blush, and Trina laughed along with her

A photographer came, quickly stealing Sidney away to take pictures with his
new achievements for the Pen's website and newspapers. I was invited to
watch, and in every shot, Sid wore that enormous, bright grin. He's definitely
never going to forget this.. Not ever.
The guy with the camera asked if I'd like to be in a couple of the shots, but I
"Auuubbrrieeeee!!!" Sidney whined, "come take pictures with me!" I smiled at
his utter cuteness, agreeing to his request and walking over to him.
I felt myself being lifted up bridal style, and noticed the camera catching my
open mouthed, wide eyed, shocked expression. Mid gasp, and a huge smile
were caught amongst my surprise too. "Sidney!" I shrieked, wrapping my arms
around his neck.
The camera kept going off.
There was one taken where we both had a grip on the Hart trophy, playing tug
of war, then in the next, I was holding it with a triumphant smirk, while Sid
sulked with his arms crossed and back turned to me. In the next, I gave him a
big, sweet kiss on the cheek, and he flashed a bright grin.
"We're so lame!" I laughed, looking through the digital photos.
"But we're cute lame-o's," he finished in agreement before I asked the
photographer if he could send me prints.

After getting that squared away, I heard Michel laughing.
"You kids are like two peas in a pod."
I turned around so I could face him, "I know! Isn't it weird?"
"I don't think so," Sidney kissed my cheek, and I felt my cheeks flush, which was
weird that I still get embarrassed like that.
We hung around with everyone, and even got to meet the Canadian Prime
Minister- which was really, really cool. After a long night, we went back to the
hotel and Sidney walked me to my room.
"Come and stay with me tonight," he pleaded, "I haven't seen you in forever! I
missed my Aubrie."
Yep. I gave in to his pouty lips and big hazel eyes, like usual.

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