Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Sidney had me up bright and early for my birthday. It was like he was more excited than I was.
"Sid, relax," I laughed as we walked into Mario's, only to be greeted by the entire Pen's team, Henry, and a few of my other friends.
"Oh, you guys! Thanks so much," I smiled after they sang and dished out cake.
"Hey it wasn't us. Sidney planned it, and we just showed up," my brother told me before shoving a piece of cake in his mouth.
"Lovely.." I rolled my eyes and turned to face Sidney, who had a proud look on his face.
"Hi," he grinned, making me laugh.
"Merci beaucoup, mon cher," I kissed the tip of his nose before wandering off amongst the crowd.

Around five, Sidney announced that he had to take me somewhere else, then he loaded me up in the Range Rover.
"Sidney, where are we going?"
"You'll see. But first, please put this on," he held up a blindfold.
"You're kidding, right?" "Nope."
I shook my head, then let him tie the fabric over my eyes.
Once we got to wherever we were going, Sidney picked me up out of the car bridal style.
"Sid! I think I can walk," I screeched in surprise.
"Yeah, but I don't think you'd like it if you tripped and we had to go to the ER."
When we got inside, I felt a familiar chill wash over me, and I was right at home.
"Sidney, what are we doing at the Igloo?"
"You caught me.." he laughed as he set me down, removing the blindfold, "come on!"
As we got to the entrance of one of the sections and I could see the ice, my jaw dropped.
A mattress, complete with pillows and blankets sat out on the ice, along with a cooler and what looked to be hot dogs and icees.
"Surprise," Sidney whispered, pulling me down and onto the surface of the ice over to the mattress.
"You're crazy!" I laughed once I'd gotten under the warm, cozy blankets, "but I love it."
"Just wait," he nodded towards the huge screens above the ice, and I gaped as my favourite movie came on.
"The Blues Brothers? Sidney, this.. This is the best birthday, ever."
"Really?" he asked, now beside me in the bed, handing me a hot dog.
"Mmhmm. I love this." "Good," he smiled.

We sat in bed and watched the movie, occasionally talking and making jokes. After it was over, Sid got up and retrieved something from the bench, coming back over with a manila envelope.
I opened it up, then pulled out the papers.
"Langley is retiring my jersey? For real?" Sidney nodded.
"How cool is this?" I grinned, "thanks, Sidney."
"Hey that's not all I've got for you. The rest is at your place."
"So that means we gotta get out of here then, huh?"
"If you want to." "I dunno. I'm kinda comfy right here," I smiled as I snuggled into him.

Sidney covered my eyes before he opened the door to my room, and I could hardly contain my curiosity.
"You know how you always complain about never having a good stick?" he asked, and my smile grew when he uncovered my eyes and I saw four brand new sticks resting against the wall.
I ran over and picked one up, running my hand along the barely curved blade.
"They're personalized?" I asked when I saw 'Fleury #18' towards the middle of the shaft.
"Of course. I know these will be perfect for you too."
"And how's that?" I asked, and Sidney beamed, "The people at Reebok know everything- we designed these based off videos your brother had of you playing at practices and stuff."
I blushed, staring down at the gorgeous sticks. They were red and black, Team Canada and Langley colours.
"These are just awesome.."
"And tomorrow, we're going to meet with some Reebok people to get you a new pair of skates made," he informed me.
"Mmhmm," Sidney nodded, and before he knew it, I was giving him the tightest hug ever.
"Thank you.. You don't know how much this all means to me.. The party, the movie at Mellon, the sticks and now skates? This seriously is the best birthday."
"You're forgetting one more thing.."
"Oh? Yeah! I love you!" "Well, that.. and this," he pointed to may wall where all my favourite pictures hung.
"Sid.." I said as I stared at it.
On my wall hung the framed front page article and photo from the day after Nationals.
'Langley High Dominates at Nationals'
The headline read in bold, and beneath it read,
'With Coach Aubrie Fleury behind the bench, what can't these kids do?'
Then my attention turned to the wrapped box that sat on my desk.
"Ok, I lied. Two things," Sidney laughed, handing me the gift.
I pulled off the turquoise bow, sticking it on top of Sidney's head as I carefully unwrapped the box, opening it up and finding a gorgeous digital camera.
He turned it on for me, and I saw that there was already a picture on it, so I quickly figured out how to view it.
"Sidney, you're a sweetheart," I smiled, giving him a quick, soft kiss before looking back at the picture.
Of course, it was of Sidney, and he was standing outside he RBC Arena in North Carolina with an entire crowd of fans, all holding signs spelling out, 'HAPPY BDAY AUBS'
"Ohh, and if you break your sticks, let me know. Cause the Reebok guys will replace them."
"Awesome," I grinned before giving Sidney yet another thank you kiss.

After spending the morning being fitted and having molds done for my skates, Sidney and I had a quick lunch then drove to the rink; Sid had practice today.
"Ok. So you can go home or whatever if you want," Sidney told me in the parking lot.
"You're gonna let me drive the Rover?" I asked. Sidney loved his car, and I couldn't come between those two. Haha.

"No, I'm gonna make you hitchhike," he laughed, rolling his eyes, "of course you can take my car."
"Gee, thanks! I think I may go chill at home."
"Kay. Just don't forget to pick me up at six thirty."
"Alright. Love you." He leaned in and kissed me gently before heading towards the building with his gear, and I got in the Range Rover then headed to the grocery store.

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