Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Around four that same afternoon, my phone rang.
I lifted my head up from Sidney's chest, reaching over him to
grab it.
"Hey, Aubrie. It's Dennis." "Hey, what's up?"
"You free for a practice today?" I looked over to Sidney, who
was blankly flipping channels until he finally stopped on a decent
movie. "No, I can't. My boyfriend came back from a trip last
night, and we need to spend some time together." "Alright then.
Call us up when you get the chance." "Yeah.. Later," Dennis
said bye and I hung up, turning my phone off. "No
interruptions," I mumbled, laying back down.
"Who was that?" "One of the college kids wanting to know if I
could come practice with them," I shrugged.
"Not a long one, I'd hope. You look pretty overworked if you
ask me," he smiled, running the tips of his fingers along my
shoulder blade and down my back. "Hmm. I wonder why?" I
rolled my eyes and gave a content sigh.
"What do you say we get all spiffed up and I take you
somewhere nice for dinner."
"What's the occasion?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Do I need a reason to take my beloved girlfriend out to
a fancy dinner?" "I suppose not.. So alright. I'm in."
"Sweet," he grinned, pressing his lips to the side of my head,
"Let's go take a shower and get ready."
"So that's why," I couldn't finish my thought, as Sidney
had gotten out of bed and picked me up bridal style.
"Sid!" I yelped as he carried me to the bathroom. "Oh
come on, I'll wash your haiirrr," he offered. "Fine. But I can't
guarantee I'll like it," I crossed my arms as Sid set me down
and turned on the water.

By the time I began getting dressed it was six, and Sidney said
our reservations were at seven fifteen. "Dress or pants?" I
asked, standing at my closet in a towel, and Sidney laughed,
sending me a playful hipcheck to get me out of the way.
"This one!" he smiled, pulling out a pretty dress I forgot existed,
"It's my favourite."
"Thanks dearie," I took it off the hanger and slipped it on,
"Zip?" Sidney zipped the dress up, then went to iron his
[click to see the dress.]
I dried my hair and did my makeup, finding a pair of silver flats
and a bag before checking up on Sidney.
He stood in the middle of the living room, trying to look down
as he attempted to tie his tie.
"Let me get that," I suppressed a giggle at his frustrated look.
Sid huffed, throwing his hands down to his sides as I effortlessly
fixed his silky tie and smoothed it out.
"You look wonderful. I'm glad you talked me into this," I said as
I ruffled up his hair.
"What're you doing?" "I'm not really into the whole oily, slicked
back look. I love your fluffy curls." He smiled down at me,
taking my hand. "I'd just be a fashion nightmare without you,
eh? You're looking especially stunning right now."
I felt my face flush as I pressed the 'down' button for the
"The sad thing is it's probably true," I laughed, "Oh, and thanks,"
I pecked his lips for the compliments he'd been giving me.
"Yeah.. That's why I designed my line with you in mind."
He nodded, "Every time we talked about something, I always
thought, 'would Brie let me out wearing this?' or something
along those lines.."
"Then I've taught you well.. Because if I ever see you
wearing a long sleeve fleece tucked into sweatpants,"
I shook my head, "you're dead."
"That was one time!" "Yeah, because after that one
time, I hid that shirt," I explained.
"So that's why it disappeared? I thought I lost it.." he
said, opening the door to the Range Rover for me before
getting in the drivers side. "That was the whole point," I

We ate dinner at a small, relatively unknown, yet upscale
restaurant that served a little bit of everything. When dessert
came, I noticed that Sidney had become a little less talkitive than
he was minutes before.
"It's just cheesecake, Sid. It doesn't bite," I assured him, then
ate a small forkful.
Sid shook his head, "That's not it."
He took a quick breath, "Look. I know our anniversary is in two
and a half weeks, and six months is really big for me.
You've dealt with the traveling and practices and late nights, and
haven't complained. Every other girl ditched me after two or
three weeks, but made up some bogus reason. They never
admitted that my job was the reason. You understand how
important hockey is to me, because you love it just as much as
I do. I dunno.. But when we're on the bus home from a long
road trip, I know I've got something to look forward to, and
that's seeing you light up when I walk through the door..."
"Sidney," I was blushing like mad as he poured his heart
"I got this in LA, but I can't wait till the twenty seventh to give
it to you." He pulled a box out from his pocket, and my eyes
grew wide.
"Now, I'm not proposing or anything.. But I saw this and thought
of you," he opened the small box and slid it across the table to
I gasped, pulling the beautiful ring out of its box, feeling the
cold metal against my fingers.
It was a simply set diamond, and it was just beautiful.
"Sid, this is gorgeous.." He slipped it onto my right ring finger
with a slight smile.
"Now, how am I gonna top this?"
"With six more months so I can dazzle you on our one year
mark?" he suggested. "Sounds good to me."

Once we got back to the apartment I checked the answering
"Hey Bubbles... and Sidney. I just wanted to let you know I'm
crashing with Mark Recchi and Marc-Andre until it's safe to come
home. I don't want to walk in and be scarred for life, so call
me when it's all clear. Bye."
I laughed, "Only Henry..."
I felt Sid wrap his arms around my waist, and I smiled as he
softly said, "Wanna put our alone time to good use?"
"Sidney!" I yelped, somehow managing to turn myself around to
face him.
"What?" he asked in the same tone. "You're a sex fiend!"
"Nuhh-uhh! I'm a love making fiend who's making up for
lost time."
"Can't we do something else?" I sighed a little, "I'm tired."
"I don't have a problem with playing Sonic on Sega. You
know I'm not about sex and that kind of thing." "I know.. I just
like to mess with you. And I've missed you too.. Henry said he'll
come home when he gets the all clear. He never said it had to
be soon," I grinned, giving him a hard kiss before breaking free
of his grasp and running over to the TV, turning on my ancient
Sega Genesis so we could do exactly what Sidney had

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