Wednesday, May 14, 2008



I hung around the rink and continued to play with these guys
until I was exhausted.
"Guys, I'm beat. I've been here since nine, and it's nearly
seven," I yawned. A couple of us exchanged phone numbers so
they could invite me to practice, then I changed out and went
Jared wasn't there, but he'd left me a note.
'CB- Good for you! Call if you need anything. --

I took a quick shower then made myself some pasta and
checked my phone.
'One New Voicemail'
I held the reciever to my ear with my shoulder as I strained the
'"Hey Aubs, it's Sidney. Uh- I just wanted to see how
you're doing today. You were pretty shaken up last night.. I hate
not being there with you. Call me when you can.. Je t'aime,
mon chere."

I set my phone on the counter, wiping the threatening tears out
of my eyes; he sounded so worried and upset.
I ate quickly, then called him up.

"Aubrie?" he asked, picking up during the second ring.
"Hey babe," I smiled into the phone, "I got your message..
How's LA?"
"It's alright. How're you doing? I was up pretty much all night
thinking about you."
"Sidney, don't.. You're going to make me cry again.."
"Your message earlier just kinda hit me, and I dunno.. Next
thing I know I was tearing up a little. I didn't want to worry
"Don't be sad, ok? Now tell me how you're doing."
"I'm feeling a lot better today. Jared came over last night
and we talked.. Then this morning I went to the rink, and a
college team was there practicing.. Of course they underestimated
me, and invited me to a little game. I had a ton of fun, and
playing just took my mind off everything. It felt great."
"How long did you practice for and stuff?"
"Six and a half hours," I admitted.
"What? You know that's not healthy, Aubrie."
"I took breaks, it wasn't one continuous thing.. Plus I had
so much energy to burn. I'm exhausted and it's not even
eight," I explained.
"Still. I don't like the idea of overworking yourself. Don't practice
for more than three and a half, maybe even four hours every
other dayish. Two if you want to go every day."
"Siiidnneyyyy," I whined.
"No. You're not gonna get hurt over something like that."
"Fine. Does just skating around count?" "Not unless you're geared
up or have a stick in your hands.. And please don't try to find
a loophole, I'm trying to do what's best and help.. Unless you
want to end up like Gretzky.. A great player forced into full-time
"Ohhh, hell no," I yelped, "I promise I'll keep track of

Sidney and I continued to talk; I asked about his trip, and he
had lots to tell, which was totally fine with me.
"Yeah, I guess a couple of the guys went to a wild party
last night.. I think your brother got laid."
"Oh, ew! I didn't need to hear that.." I cringed at the thought of
Marc-Andre.. just ew.
"Just thought I'd let you know."
"Well next time, please spare me." He laughed, "Will do, Aubs.
But hey, I gotta go. The guys are waiting for me to get ready
so we can grab dinner."
"Alrighty, have fun and don't worry so much! I don't want you to
have a bad time."
"Ok. Bye babe, love you."
"You too, bye." I hung up and plugged my phone into the
charger then flopped onto my bed to watch some Arrested

Sidney was in LA for the next four days, and he made certain
to call and check up on me. At first, he was trying to be
inconspicuous about it, but I quickly caught on. I didn't really
mind; I liked having him call, but I didn't want to be a bother,
or needy. Each time he asked if I'd practiced that day, and how
long, I didn't want to make him mad, so I lied and told him an
'appropriate' amount. I'd played at the practices with the
college kids for hours on end. It was like I was
trying to test my limits and see how far I could push
Around ten thirty on a Thursday night I was all nice and clean,
fresh out of the shower in a pair of Sidney's boxers and a tank
top, my hair nearly dry.
I was just sitting around folding laundry.
"Aubrieeee, I'm hoomeeeee!" I heard that familiar voice calling
from the other room.
I dropped the shirt onto the desk and ran out, jumping into
Sidney's arms and wrapping my legs around his waist.
I felt my feet hit the door behind him, and I winced a little
before grinning, "Hi Sidney."
"Hey Aubs," he smiled as I reached up and turned his Reebok
hat around so the brim wasn't in my face, then pulled him into
a kiss. I felt his lips curl into a smile as he began to move
towards my room.

"Awhh.. I just took a shower too," I sighed a few hours
"Well now you can take another with me," he winked, and I
smacked his now slightly tanned chest.
"Hey! I thought you liked bathing with me," he huffed, making
me smile.
"I quite enjoy it, Mister Crosby. But it's three in the morning,
and you've worn me out."
We laid there in a comfortable silence, then I giggled a little
before thinking out loud, "Now you can tell my brother I got
laid, and see how he reacts. It's creepy knowing stuff like that
about your sibling."
Sidney laughed a bit, "Uh.. No. He'll kill me if I tell him."
"Yeah.. That's a distinct possibility," I yawned as I settled into
bed, curling up to Sidney and the warmth he was

The next morning I was up at ten thirty, and well... Sidney
I took a shower even though I knew Sidney would be
disappointed, but I had to get clean.
I got dressed in another tank and the same pair of Sid's boxers
I'd worn last night, seeing as I wasn't in them for very long.
I didn't exactly feel like cooking, but I made crepes anyways.
"Do I smell Aubrie's would famous crepes?" I smiled as I heard
Sidney emerge from my room.
"That you do," I nodded as he got the fruit and other
necessities out.
"Hey, what're you doing?" he asked once he noticed that I was
dancing a little as I cooked.
"Having a party in your pants," I grinned, making him nearly
choke on his breakfast.
"Hey, you asked," I shrugged, finishing mine up.
As I cleared the plates, I felt Sidney's eyes following me the
whole time. "Again?" I asked with a laugh, and he jumped up
from his seat.
"I literally just took a showe--" he caught my lips with
his, then pulled away quickly, "mm. Raspberries." I grabbed his
hand and pulled him back into my room.

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