Wednesday, May 14, 2008



I spent the day running errands, enjoying my time behind the
wheel of the Range Rover.
After my little outing, I went home and cleaned a bit to keep
myself occupied, but I ended up falling asleep on the couch.
When I woke up, I saw the clock and panicked.
"Fuhh," I groaned, jumping off the couch, grabbing the keys and
running down to the Rover.
I got to the rink around seven, and saw Sidney sitting on the
curb, his hat pulled down, the brim covering his eyes.
I pulled up to where he was and got out.
"I'm so sorry, babe.. I.. I was cleaning the apartment and I
sat down to take a break, and the next thing I know I wake up
and it's six forty five," I apologized profusely.
Without a word, Sidney got up, threw his stuff in the back and
got into the drivers seat.
Sid pulled up outside my building, and I turned to look at
"Sidney, I really am sorry. And I know it's not the first time I've
been late to pick someone up from practice.. Just ask my
brother. But I used to 'forget' him intentionally," I finished, smiling
as Sidney cracked a small grin.
"It's not you. I just had a rough day at practice."
"Aw.. Does someone need me to make them some breakfast
crepes for dinner? I went to the grocery store today.."
"Yeah. That'd be good," he nodded, turning the car off.

November was a tough month for the Pens.
Of the twelve games they played, they only won four.
I had good hopes for December.. I had to. These losses were
really taking a toll on Sid.
The first week of December would be in new territory.
They were making a trek across Western Canada, and I was
coming too.
Marc-Andre wasn't able to goal tend.. He's still shaken up from
getting hurt, but he was coming along as well.

Our first night in Edmonton, Sidney and I were confined to our
hotel room with two security guards outside the door to
keep the fans at bay.
I was sitting on one of the two beds colouring and watching
TinTin on the French channel, while Sidney was on the other
bed looking over plays and listening to his iPod.
I looked over to him and let out a soft sigh, then went back to
my Finding Nemo colouring page.
Things had been tense between us since early November, and I
had no clue as to what to do.
I got off the bed, and pulled on my jacket and scarf, slipping on
my Ugg moccasins before grabbing my phone and going out onto
the balcony.
Then I did what any confused girl would do; I called my
"Aubrie?" she answered.
"Bonjour mamon," I sighed.
"Ahh. Salut, ma fille.." she greeted, and I leaned against the
glass door, looking out at the city as I told her about
It felt good to get out all my frustrations, and my mum listened
because I spoke in my fast French. She always got what I
meant when I spoke it, and if I told her anything in English she
wouldn't take it as seriously as she did now.
My mother gave me some much needed advice. She old me that
if it really bothered me, I needed to speak up.
But since I didn't want to stress Sid any more than he already
was, I should wait until we get back to Pittsburgh for a day
I felt bad for making her stay up, so I let her go and I just
stood outside watching the streets below.
I groaned, running my hands over my face and wiping the
threatening tears away.

"Aubrie?" I heard Sidney behind me, and I jumped at the sound
of his voice.
"Hi Sid," I answered without turning to face him. I felt him come
lean against the railing next to me, and my stomach tied itself in
"I uh.. I heard you talking to your mum."
"What?" I asked, a little surprised.
"You left the door open a little, and I was trying to figure out
where you went."
"So you decided to listen in?" I glanced up and saw him nod.
"And you got it all?" He nodded again.
I smiled a little, then leaned my head against his arm and
shoulder. Sid wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling me into
his warm body.
"I'm trying my hardest to do everything I can for the team. But
we're not winning, and I'm just mad at myself," he admitted.
"It's not up to you to win every game. Every team has their
slumps.. I played on a team that didn't win a single game
all season, but I scored or assisted every game.. Some
teams just get more opportunities to score, and it's not your
fault. You're neither the defensemen nor the goalie. You're a
forward, so you just need to keep doing what you're
Sidney and I talked for a few more minutes before heading back
into the room for bed.
Even though the tension had lightened a little, it was still there.
So, I slept in the second bed rather than with Sidney.

Immediately following a 4-2 victory over the Oilers, we were on
our bus to Calgary. I hadn't gotten a chance to even
congratulate Sidney. I was four or five rows in front of him,
sitting with Kris Letang, Ryan Malone across the aisle from me.
The three of us had fun playing cards and that hand held
twenty questions sports edition game. We tried to stump it with
guys on the team, but this thing was good.
The visit to Calgary went well. The guys won the game in a
shootout, and then we were off to Vancouver.

We checked into the Waterfront hotel, and got to our room, only
to find one king size bed. I sighed quietly before setting my stuff
By the time we got into bed, I was exhausted.
"Hmm?" I asked, my eyes shifting from the Simpsons to
"You do know.. I don't have anything contagious, and I don't
bite. Ok, sometimes, but that's not the point."
"Ohh.. Yeah," I nodded. I guess he noticed that I was scootched
towards the edge of the bed, away from him.
I moved myself over more, so he could pull me closer.
"That's better," he smiled, planting a kiss on my

I'm not sure why, but I did not sleep easily. I woke up
just as tired as I was when I went to bed, and Sidney wasn't
But he did leave a note.
'Aubs- We're all checking out the GM Place. Be back in a
few hours. Love ya! -Sid'

I smiled a little then took a shower and got ready to go out
and explore Vancouver.
I wrote a little note for Sidney, just in case he beat me back,

then I grabbed my mustard coloured Lacoste backpack equipped
with my wallet, gum and random things,
finishing it off with my
iPod and camera, shoving my phone in my pocket, and I left the

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