Wednesday, May 14, 2008



"How's the line coming along?" I asked downstairs in the dining area while we
ate breakfast.
"It's going really well.. There were some troubles choosing colours. I didn't
want any orange, but the Reebok people twisted my arm, so I picked one
specific shade that was the least orangey."
"Yeah.. You never struck me as an 'orange' kinda guy," I laughed.
"How did I last so long without seeing you?" he asked with a small sigh.
"I know Sid.. And I'm sorry I got so upset with you and left Halifax. I really
wanted to be there." "You don't have anything to be sorry for when it was my
fault for not talking to you... again."
"So we're good?" I asked. "We're better than good," he leaned in, pecking my
"Well if it isn't Miss Aubrie Fleury." I heard a familiar voice, and my smile grew
even larger than just before.
"MIIKKA!" I jumped out of my seat, tackling the goalie with a hug.
"Woah, easy now. I'm getting too old for that," he laughed, and Sidney just
watched us, remaining silent the whole time.
"Were you at the awards last night?"
"Well, duh," Miikka laughed, "you think I just hang around in Toronto for the hell
of it?"
"You're sadly mistaken, little girl," he shook his head. "Yeah, cause I'm totally
little," I rolled my eyes with a grin.
"Hey, congrats on everything last night, Sidney," Miikka said, and Sid kindly
thanked him. "Oh, and that video thing was really cool too. You got a great girl,
Sid. You'd better make sure you hold on to her, or else someone will swoop in.
I'll see you two kids later. Turco's waiting for me." Miikka and I did the stupid
handshake, then he left.
I sat back down next to Sidney. "So what was that all about?" he asked,
shooting me a skeptical look.
"What?" I asked with total innocence, "those goalies are like my family.. Sorry if
I treat them like it."
"You and Kiprusoff seemed a little friendly..."
"Ew. Sidney.. Don't you dare. Miikka is practically my brother. Plus I've got you,
so why would I ever need anyone else?"
"I don't know. You tell me."
I threw my hands up, stepping away from the table. "I don't even know what to
say right now.. I just can't even.. I can't believe you. I've got nothing to say to
you Sidney."

I stormed off, going up the elevator and down the hall.
"Stupid.. jumps to conclusions.." I muttered, not paying attention to anything
but the strange patterned carpet.
Next thing I knew, I bumped into someone's chest.
"Brie?" I heard, then saw Paul Stastny. "Hey Paul!" I gave him a quick little hug,
Sidney's words still fresh on my mind.
"So how're things? You and Sidney still going strong?"
"I don't know.." I told him quietly. "What do you mean, you don't know? You
guys seemed great last night at the awards." I nodded in agreement, leading
him to my room, where I proceeded to tell him all about it.
"Oohhh.. Damn," was all he said.

I rubbed my eyes tiredly, and Paul told me to go take a nap. I complied, only to
be woken up an hour later by two voices I immediately recognized.
"Where's Aubrie?" Sidney asked.
"Sleeping," Paul told him, "and she's not going to want to see you when she
wakes up."
"Oh please. I think I know my girlfriend a lot more than you do. We just
need to talk. "
"Dude, I know what you said to her about Miikka and all that. Trust me, she
wants to be alone."
"Then why are you here?" Sid shot, and I could only imagine his face, bright red
with anger and dark, furious eyes.
"To make sure you didn't come bother her, like you're doing now."
I finally got up and went into the living room.
"Paul, thanks. But Sidney and I need some time alone." He nodded and left,
while I waited for Sidney to chastise me.
I waited and waited for his short, snappy comments about Paul, but when I saw
his calm features...
"Look Aubs.. I'm really sorry for.. for well.. For jumping to conclusions. I got a
little jealous and my brain stopped working..."
"No. This time it's my fault, and I truly am sorry." "Apology accepted." I
watched him grin, then I tugged on the collar of his shirt, pulling him in so I
could press my lips to his.

"So you've got a month and a halfish before you have to go back to hardcore
training.. What'cha gonna do 'till then?" I asked later that night as we played
War on the bed.
"I dunno.. Hanging around with my girlfriend sounds nice," he shrugged.
"Cool. I'm down with that," I smiled as I picked up two of the aces he'd laid
down in the war over a pair of sixes.

The next morning we got up bright and early, then went to the Hockey Hall of
We saw photos and memorabilia from Bobby Orr, Steve Yzerman, Gretzky,
Mario, Gary Cheevers, Phil and Tony Espostio, Dale Hawerchuk, Gordie Howe,
Art Ross, and countless other players.
As we stood in front of one of the many glass cases, Sidney had an arm around
my shoulders, and I had mine around his waist.
I gave him a peck on the cheek, and leaned my head on his shoulder.
"Just you wait.. One day, you'll be in here too babe."
"Yeah? That'll be the day," he sighed contently, smiling down at me, as he
rested his head on top of mine.
We were currently looking at a photo of Bobby Orr hugging the Stanley Cup,
and I could just feel Sidney's desire and longing for it..
"Don't worry, Sid. You'll get it soon enough. You gotta be patient, and do the
very best you can."
"What if it's not good enough?"
"Then you try again, and again, and again until you get it right," I told him in a
quiet, yet reassuring voice, then I nudged him to the next display.
The two of us could have spent the whole day there, but we eventually left to go
get some quick lunch.

We went back to Pittsburgh a few days later, and basically bummed around;
something we normally don't get to do much during the season.

Henry had started going to work again, so Sidney and I had the apartment to
ourselves, but all we really did was fool around. We hadn't actually done
anything for a while..
Sidney had me pinned on the bed, grinning as he planted soft, half-kisses along
my jaw and neckline, trying to get me to moan, and he was succeeding, when
the front door buzzed.

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