Wednesday, May 14, 2008



September twelfth I was at the apartment getting my stuff ready
to go meet the boys for practice. Yeah. School started up again,
and their season would start in nearly a month.
The same goes for Sidney.
The season starts October fifth. But today, Sid, my brother, and
a couple other guys were out delivering full season ticket boxes
to lucky fans.
I had just gotten into a pair of jeans and a black fitted tee,
when I heard someone knocking at the door.
"Just a minute!" I yelled, quickly fixing my wild hair and slipping
on my bright blue Vans.
I opened the door and grinned, "Hey there."
I saw another man holding a camera, "What's going on?"
"Aubrie, I'm here to deliver your season tickets!" Sidney laughed,
"This is Kyle. He's been photographing the adventure, and you're
our last stop."
"Well then, come on in," I opened the door and they came
"Ooh, is that them?" I asked, taking notice of the sleek black
box in Sidney's hand.
"Maybe," he smirked, "for a price." I saw Kyle watching us
intently, his camera poised and ready for anything.
"Yeah? Well if you knew what was good for you, you'd hand
that box over," hen I shrugged, "but y'know. I can live without
you-know-what for a lot longer than you."
Sidney groaned, then gave me the box, and Kyle burst out
Sidney sent him a glare, "Just because I'm addicted to her
cooking doesn't mean it's funny!"
"Well, I'd love to stay and chat. But I've got to get to the
"Oh yeah, you scheduled practice today, eh?" I nodded, setting
the neat ticket box on the kitchen table and picking up my
practice bag.
"Let me take that," Sidney pulled the strap over his shoulder,
"Come on, Kyle. Let's get back to the car."
Sidney, Kyle, and I stood outside my car before I had to
I pulled Sidney over towards the drivers side before
"So we're doing dinner tonight, yeah?"
"Uh.. about that.."
"Sidney," I sighed.
"I promised I'd stay at Mario's tonight. It's Austin's birthday.."
"Oh! Then yeah. I gotcha.. Have fun tonight. I'll see you
tomorrow," I gave him a quick kiss before getting in my car
and driving to practice.

The boys noticed I was a little miffed, but they didn't say
anything because they knew I'd make hem work harder than they
already were.
I stayed out on the ice after the team went home so I could
clear my head.
I knew I shouldn't make a big deal out of Sidney not being
able to come to my place for dinner. He was gonna be at the
Lemieux's, celebrating Austin's birthday. Plus that Kyle guy was
pretty creepy..
"Come on babe, it's time to get off the ice," I heard Sidney
from he bench.
"What if I don't want to?"
"Then I'll have to come out there and get you, and we'll be late
for Austin's party."
I was off the ice and changed out, ready to leave in less than
ten minutes.
"Where's the Rover?" I asked, noticing that Sidney was following
me to my Rabbit.
"Henry dropped me off," he answered, getting into the
passenger side of my car.
"Happy birthday, Austin!" I grinned once he saw us walk in the
"Aubrie!" he laughed, running over to me in a blond blur,
jumping into my arms for a huge hug.

As the days leading up to my birthday drew closer, I grew more
and more excited. The Pen's season was starting today, and my
birthday was this coming Sunday.
Unfortunately, their game tonight was visiting the Carolina
Hurricanes, and I had to resort to watching the game at
Henry and I sat on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a
couple of bottles of water.
After a disappointing loss, I went to bed early, only to wake up
not long after.
"Henry?" I asked groggily, angry he'd woken me up, the bright
green letters of my clock reading 3:30 am.
"No Aubs, it's me. Now go back to bed." I nodded, rubbing my
eyes as Sidney set his stuff on the floor and climbed into
"Already in pajamas, eh?"
"Yup. Wore them on the plane too," he grinned before kissing my
cheek and turning off the light by his side.

That morning I sat in the locker room at Mellon, waiting for the
morning skate to end.
Sidney had asked me to watch his phone, and I suppose it was
because he's expecting a call.
But everyone who ever calls him is out on the ice right
Sure enough, it began to ring.
"Hello?" I asked after flipping the Razr open.
"Hi, is Sidney there?"
"No, he isn't. Can I take a message?"
"Could you just tell him Mike called, and that everything is good
to go."
"Yeah, I'll let him know." "Thanks, have a good day." "You too.
Bye," I pressed end, then saw the photo Sidney had as his
I waited for him to come in before asking, "Why is a picture of
me in nothing but your jersey your wallpaper?" I held up
his phone, and he snatched it from me now blushing like
"What?!" my brother asked, now rather alert.
It's not like the picture was revealing or anything like that; the
jersey was enormous on me, falling down to my mid-thigh.
"Oh, and Mike just called. He said everything is good to
Sidney lit up, "Sweet!" "Uh, sure. But that doesn't answer my
"Well.. What's your phone's background?" I pulled my phone
out and let him see the picture of when he gave me a piggy-back ride to our gate at the airport. "See, nothing strange," I
laughed, "we're rather cute. I must admit."
"Yeah, and you're pretty cute here, too," he motioned to his
"Alright.. If you say so," I smiled.

During the game against the Ducks that night, the Pens stayed
ahead most of the time. The end of the second period came,
and they played the birthday-grams.

"Tonight we have a special video birthday-gram, so please turn
your attentions above center ice," the announcer boomed, and I
tilted my head up, smiling at the cute gesture.
Then I realized it was for me, and my smile brightened.
An image of Sidney from what looked like earlier today came
"Hey Aubrie! Tomorrow you're turning twenty and all.. So I
thought I'd wish you a happy early birthday, and so did
everyone else," he backed up so the entire team could be
"Happy birthday, Aubrie!" they all cheered, and then
Sidney came back into view, "Happy birthday, babe. Je
Fans began to clap and applaud as soon as Sidney stepped
back onto the ice, and I mouthed 'je t'aime aussi' when
he skated by, making him flush bright red.

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