Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Henry steered clear of the apartment for the next few days, but under the wrong assumptions.
All Sidney and I did was hang out like usual. Today, he'd brought stuff from his line for me to see.
"So, you're gonna model these for me, right?" I asked, plopping down on my bed.
"Only if you model the stuff I brought for you."
"We have a deal. Now strip!" I laughed, watching him take off his Reebok hat and set it on my head before pulling off his teeshirt.
"Oohh, baby," I grinned as he unzipped his pants.
"Shut up," he blushed, making my smile widen even more. "No! You're cute when you're embarrassed and practically naked."
As Sidney tried on and showed off his clothes, I was pretty impressed seeing how fashion-inept he can be. The womens line was pretty cute too. But I absolutely loved a specific jacket.
"Sid, can I keep this one?" I asked as I zipped it up on myself, even though I knew very well it was for him.
"Of course! I brought this stuff for us, babe." "Awh, thanks," I gave him a hug.
"I knew you'd like that one, anyways," he smiled softly.
"Then why'd you get it in your size?"
"I also know you like to steal my sweatshirts because you like being comfy," he told me as he got back into his original clothes.
"You know me all too well," I laughed, "it's kinda scary."
"Yeah, I could say the same for you." I nodded in agreement.
"Hey, do you want to come help out with a pee-wee hockey day on Saturday?" Sidney asked as he sat on the bed with me.
"Of course! I miss the team I used to coach."
I coached and taught kids last season and loved it.
"Ohh yeah, I forgot you did pee-wee." I nodded as I got up to grab a small photo album off my shelf.
"Here's some of me and Marc-Andre when we played," I handed him the book, and Sidney grinned, "I'll have to show you mine sometime."

We stood on the ice in warm practice pants and Pens jackets as nearly twenty nine-year-old kids skated out to greet us. They muttered and whispered amongst themselves as the coordinater spoke, but once Sidney opened his mouth, they became so quiet you could hear their skates shifting nervously over the ice.
We taught the group a few passing drills and teamwork exercises, and when they all broke into groups, I noticed the only girl there was being left out.
"Hey there, Leslie," I smiled as I skated over to the little brunette girl.
"Hi, Aubrie," she nodded with a sullen tone to her voice.
"What's wrong, sweetie?" I asked, leaning on my stick. "None of the boys want to play with me."
"I don't see why not. You're pretty good," I told her with a grin, knowing exactly how she felt and why these boys wouldn't include her. I'd been through the same thing.
"I don't think they like me very much.."
"You know what, Leslie? Those boys are just scared you'll beat them! When I was your age, my brother and his friends used me for target practice. Then they realized how good I was, and didn't want to play with me anymore either," by the time I'd told her this, Sidney had skated over to us.
"What's going on, ladies?"
"Oh, nothing. We're just talking about how guys are afraid to play with girls because we're super awesome, isn't that right Leslie?" She nodded as she stared up at Sidney, "Right.."
"Well us guys 'oughta be! When your opponents are afraid of you, use it to do amazing things, like Aubrie. She's done some awesome stuff that guys dream of doing."
"You can do it too, you know," I finished Sidney's thought, "just go out there and play your heart out." Leslie nodded, then gave me a big hug before skating over to a group of boys and joining in.
I lifted myself up onto the boards in front of the bench, as the cooridnator came over to us.
"You two handled that really well.." "Thanks," I smiled, looking over to Sid.
"I have a feeling you two would make great parents," he finished, then disappeared.
"Did he just say what I thought he said?" I asked, and Sidney nodded, his cheeks a dark pink. "That's.."
"Awkward?" "Yeah," I laughed, "maybe we're super great with kids cause we're just really big ones."
Sidney and I helped the kids practice for another hour and a half, then we went to lunch and hung around.

Not long after our six-month anniversary, Sidney's birthday came.
"Bon anniversaire!" I grinned as all his friends and team mates yelled 'Happy Birthday' when he walked in. Yeah, we threw him a huge party with lots of cake, pizza, and other foods the guys aren't supposed to eat mass amounts of during the season.
After the party, I took Sidney back to the apartment so he could open my presents.
He loved the Langley hockey shirt with his number and 'Loverboy' on the back. When he opened his second gift, his eyes lit up.
I'd gotten him a new, 160 gig, black iPod classic and loaded it with all his iTunes, adding his favourite movies, tv shows, and Friends episodes. I put on my segment from the NHL awards, and tons of photos of us so he wouldn't feel so lonely when he's on the road.
"How'd you know.."
"You trashed your old thirty gig video?" He nodded.
"Well, it's kinda obvious because I haven't seen it in a month, annnddd you keep swiping mine when you think I'm not looking."
"Thank you so much, Aubs," he grinned, his cheeks tinging red. "It's no big dea. But you know what is big?" "What?" he asked.
"You're TWENTY!" I smiled.
"Well, yeah. But you're almost twenty, too." He had a point. "But not for two months, exactly," I answered smartly.
"I already know what I'm getting you, too," Sidney teased. "Oh yeah?" I asked, intrigued by this.
"Mmhmm," he nodded. "Care to tell me what it is?"
"I'm not sure I do."
I wrapped my arms around his neck, getting up on my tip toes to give him a hard, passion-filled kiss. Sidney returned my gesture, and then I pulled away after a bit.
"How about now?" Sid tapped his chin as he thought, "Hmm.. Nope!"
"Oh, you jerk!" I screeched, hitting his arm harshly.
"Oww, geeze," he muttered, rubbing the spot I'd hit.
"Oh, deal with it, you pansy."

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