Wednesday, May 14, 2008



Every night for the next week I had the same dream
nightmare starring Nate, and every night it seemed to continue
The first night, I woke up and Sidney was there. But the
second, he was at my brother's apartment with Mark Recchi, so
I called him and he came right over.
This particular night, my dream ended with myself leaving the
apartment for one of Sidney's games, and as I got into the
elevator, Nate stepped in just before the doors could close, a
creepy grin on his face.
I sighed as I ran a hand through my hair, realizing just how
much I missed Sidney. He'd left that morning on a 'boys
with my brother, Jordan, Erik Christensen, both Ryans
Whitney and Malone, Jarkko Ruutu, and several others to Los
I checked the clock and subtracted three hours; it was only ten
thirty out there.

"Hello?" I heard Sidney's comforting voice answer after a few
"Hey Sidney, it's me." "Hey there Aubs. What're you doing up so
"I'm not bothering you or interrupting anything, am I?"
"No, we're just hanging out in our room. What's up?"
"I had another one of those nightmares.." I felt myself choke up.
"Are you ok? Do you need me to come back? You know I can
be on the next flight..."
"No, no.." I shook my head although he couldn't see it.
"Well is Henry there?" "Nope. He's still at work. But I bet one
of the boys from the team will come hang out with me." "Are
you sure?"
"Yeah. Positive. I really only called so I could hear your voice,"
I admitted.
"Well, I'm gonna be back in a couple of days.." "I know. I miss
you a lot, though."
"I miss you too, babe." "Hey, let me go call Jared or someone,
"Yeah. If you need to talk, don't hesitate to call. Love you."
"Love you too. Bye," I hung up, only to pick up the phone
again and dial Jared's number.
"CB, what the hell?" I heard once Jared picked up. "Could you
come over?" "Now?" "If you don't want to, that's fine. I just
really don't want to be by myself right now."

Once Jared came over, I sat on the couch with him and told
him about my reoccurring nightmares.
"Maybe that's your worst fear," Jared observed, and I knew he
was trying to be helpful. I nodded, "It could be.. But I don't
want it consuming me, you know?"
"Then don't let it." "How?" I asked him, staring at my knees,
which were pulled up to my chest.
"You need to realize it's a dream. Nate died, and he can't
come back to life, no matter what soap operas are broadcasting.
Even if there were a chance, and the odds are slim to none,
that he's alive, you shouldn't worry. Sidney is here for you
whenever you need it. From what I understand, you feel more
for Sid than you ever did with Nate, so it's not like you can't
let the past go, and get on with life."
"I know.. I really do. But I don't get why I keep having these
stupid nightmares."
"Maybe tomorrow you should go to the rink and shoot some
pucks. It'll help clear your mind." I nodded with a yawn, "Sounds
"Alright. Now back to bed," he ordered with a laugh.

I was up and ready by nine the next morning, and I saw that
Jared had camped out on the couch, so I left him a note telling
him I'd followed his advice and he could make himself at home
if he'd like.
I threw my skates and gear into the back seat of my Rabbit,
and drove down to the rink.
There wasn't much going on down there, so I got in with ease
and found a team of college guys practicing.
I was all geared up, stick ready, but no ice.
A few of the college kids pointed towards me with a laugh.
Typical. That is, until they ask my name.
"So little girlie, wanna play with the big boys?" one of them
asked as I skated out onto the ice.
Another passed me the puck, and I smirked a little, looking out
of my periph to see that their goalie was paying more attention
to his friends than the net.
I turned, sniping the puck into the top right corner of his net, "I
think the question is, do you want to play with
Their eyes were practically bulging out of their sockets.
"What'd you say your name was?" a red headed guy asked.
"That's for me to know," I started, swiping another puck and
shooting it past the goalie and into the bottom left corner, "and
for you to find out."
I was put on a team, and soon found out that these guys liked
to play rough, so I was throwing full body checks left and right,
all the while weaving in and out of these twenty-two year old
defensemen and scoring easily off their goalie.
We played for a little over an hour and a half, then they all
had to take a break, but I could have kept playing. I had so
much energy to burn.

"So what school do you play for?" a guy named Dennis asked
in the locker room.
"Oh.. I'm not in college right now. I'm the coach of Langley's
Varsity team, and I play in a bunch of different leagues, both
rec and competitive."
"Are you kidding? You should apply in the spring and come play
with us next fall," another suggested. "Yeah.. Maybe."
"So, are we ever going to find out your name, oh-amazing
-mystery-girl?" Dennis asked.
"I'm Aubrie," I stated simply.
"And you coach at Langley High School?" I nodded.
"Dude! I read an article about you in the newspaper!" one of
them realized, "you seriously kicked ass at Nationals!"
I blushed a little, "Thanks."
For once, these people recognized me for something I
had done. Not because my brother is an NHL goalie, or
because I'm dating Sidney. It felt amazing..
"Are you seeing anyone?" one of the more attractive of
the bunch, Todd, asked.

"Yeah, I am. Sorry, man," I smiled at the thought of Sidney.
"Todd, you're such a dumbass," Dennis laughed, rolling his
"What, can't a guy try?"
"Not when you're hitting on Sid Crosby's girlfriend, retard."
Everybody in the room laughed, including myself, "Thanks Dennis,
for clearing that up."
"No problem. Gotta keep my team in line." "I hear ya."

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