Wednesday, May 14, 2008



I groaned, rolling Sidney off of me as I got up, attempting to fix my hair and pull
my tank top down so it's not riding up at the same time. Quite the challenge, I
must admit.
I opened the door and nearly fainted.
Standing in the doorway was a boy. He was my age, about six foot three, with
sandy brown hair and blue eyes to die for. He smiled down at me, that
all-too-familiar twinkle in his eyes.
"Hi Brie," he said in a gentle tone, like music to my ears.
"What..? How did you...? I don't understand this."
"I woke up after they stopped everything, but you had already left and there
was no way I could reach you."
"Aubs, come back in here!" I heard Sidney calling me.
"Who was that, Brie?" the man at the door asked suddenly.
"Nate..." I began, not knowing what to say or do.
"You sure did move on fast," he spat, glaring at the door to my bedroom. "It
wasn't like that," I defended, and I felt Sidney come up behind me.
"Is that who I think it is?" he asked, and I nodded. "But I thought..."
"I was dead?" Nate finished, and Sid shook his head a little.
"Well now, if you'll excuse us, Crosby, I'd like to talk to Brie.. alone." I
shot him a glare, "I don't think so, Nathan."
"What do you mean, no?" he went to grab my arm, but Sidney stopped

I woke up with a start. I was tangled in the sheets, covered in a chilling sweat,
not realizing where I was. I noticed the clock; four am. I'd only gone to bed at
one thirty...
I turned over to face Sidney, but he wasn't there.
"Sid?" I called quietly, my voice coming out in a rhaspy tone. I got out of bed,
rubbing my eyes, trying to get rid of the images from my nightmare.
"Sidney..." I called again, wandering through the apartment. I walked into
Henry's room, to find them both sitting on the bed, talking about
"Oh, hey Bubbles," Henry greeted, making Sidney immediately shut up.
"Aubs, what's wrong?" he asked, getting up and taking me back to my
"I just had the worst dream.." I admitted as I sat down on the bed. "Wanna tell
me about it?" he asked, sitting next to me before handing me my moose.
"Mmhmm," I nodded a bit, hugging onto Marty.
"You and I were right here, kissing and y'know? Then someone buzzed at the
door.. I got up to get it, and Nate was standing there.. He told me he'd woken up after they took him off life support, but I'd already left Sorel, so he couldn't
contact me... Then you yelled something from the bedroom, and Nate got
upset. He told me that I 'sure had moved on fast' then you came out, and were
just as surprised as I was.. Nate tried to take me somewhere so we could talk 'in
privacy' but you wouldn't let him, and I was pretty thankful. I don't really
remember what else.. I must've woken up. But what made it so scary was
Nate.. He seemed so.. so different, like he wanted to hurt me," I told him, and
Sid pulled me into his arms.
"He's not going to hurt you, ever. Not while I'm around," he told me, kissing my
forehead. "It all seemed so real," I mumbled, "not like when you have dreams
about old memories..."
"I get what you mean. Do you want to go back to bed?" "Yeah," I nodded, and
he got into bed and held onto me. "Thanks Sid," I smiled, kissing his cheek
before snuggling up and dozing off.

The next day I was wandering around the mall, trying to come up with the
perfect birthday present for Sidney. He had a conference meeting thing with
some Reebok reps in town, and so I took the opportunity. So far I had no
Sidney had everything he could ever ask for.. and seeing as he's turning
twenty.. It's got to be special. But at least I'm not waiting till the last
minute like I usually do. I've got a month and a half to shop around.
My phone vibrated, so I pulled it out and answered, "Hello?"
"Turn around."
I turned around carefully, then grinned.
"Hey Jared!!" I gave him a hug, then asked how his summer was going.
"Pretty fantastic, now that I'm Kate-free."
I'd won the bet. They broke it off right before we left for Nationals.
"That's good to hear," I smiled. "What're you up to?" he asked. "Doing some
early birthday shopping for Sidney. Nothing's really jumping out at me though,"
I groaned.
"Get him one of our team shirts and put 'Loverboy' on the back." I
laughed, taking it into consideration.
"Oh, and then give him the 'real' present.. That one would just be a part of
I nodded, "That's the hard part. It's got to be really special."

Jared and I perused the mall, but nothing, and I mean nothing jumped
out at me.
"This sucks," I groaned, running a hand through my hair.
"You'll find something spectacular. You always get us great stuff," Jared
assured me.
My phone vibrated again, and I picked it up once I saw the caller ID.
"Hi Sidney."
"Hey there, Aubs. I finished my meeting early."
Jared and I walked past Victoria's Secret.
"Ooh, how about some sexy lingerie?" Jared suggested rather loudly. "Shut up!"
I warned, watching the kid wander off into the store and start holding things up
for me.
"What was that?" Sidney asked, "who's talking about lingerie?'
"It was Jared, dear. We're hanging out at the mall and he wants me to try on
sexy panties," I burst out laughing as Jared held a bra up to himself, and the
looks the women nearby were giving him.
"Well I hope you told him you only do that for me," I could just hear his big
smile on the other line.

"Oh totally. So you're done with your meeting?" "Yep. And seeing as it's still
lunch time, I figured I'd take you out."
"Yeah, if you want to," I started.
"Oh, are you still hanging with Jared and stuff.. cause we could skip it and just
get dinner in a while.."
"Nahh, he's trying to pick up women twice his age. You want to meet me
somewhere or at my place?"
"I'm near yours, so I'll see you there."
"Kay, love you." "Love you too, bye."
I hung up and told Jared bye, then threw all the stuff I bought in back of my
Rabbit, then drove home to meet up with Sidney.

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