Sunday, May 11, 2008



After dressing out and all that, the entire team and I got pizza, then went to the hospital to surprise Jared with the news. Outside the ER, my phone vibrated, so I told the guys to go in without me, but to act like they lost to freak their friend out.
"Hello?" I asked into the receiver.
"Hey Aubs," Sidney greeted, using the nickname he'd given me, "how did you guys do?"
"We won.. You?" He couldn't come watch because he obviously had a game of his own.
"We won too. What're you up to?"
"Oh, I'm at the Emergency Room."
"Jared got banged up during the game. They brought him in for some stitches," I continued to explain.
"Well, do you want me to come hang out with you?"
"No, its okay. You've got to get packed and stuff. Big day tomorrow."
"No. It's cool, just go and pack, because I know you haven't. I'll see you in an hour or so at the airport."
We had a red eye flight to Dallas.
"Fine, see you soon."
"Bye," I hung up as I entered.

Up in Jared's room, the guys were moping around, but I came in with an enormous grin.
"What are you so happy about?" Jared sneered, obviously ticked.
"The fact that my boys just won the State Title!"
"You guys won!" All the guys except Jared yelled out, "Gotcha!"
We hung around for an hour, then I had to say my goodbyes.
"Oooh, yeah. Your flight to the All Stars with your lover boy," Casey teased.
"Uh no. Two people aren't lovers until they get a second date," I laughed anxiously.

Now, the plane ride was extremely fun.. Yeah, note the sarcasm there.
Sidney and I basically spent the first hour and a half splitting iPod headphones, talking, and playing cards.
Two hours in, I couldn't stop yawning, even though I'm usually a night person. I was just drained, so I told Sidney goodnight, and leaned against the window.
Obviously noticing that I couldn't get comfortable, he grinned, "Come here."
So I slid across the middle seat and over to him, snuggling into his open arms, lifting my feet onto the empty seat next to the evil window.
"I'm sorry.. I'm usually never tired when traveling."
"It's fine. Just sleep. You want anything when the drinks come around?"
"Just a can of Coke," I mumbled, soothed by his scent, quickly falling asleep
'Now this is something I could get used to.'

After Aubrie was asleep, I tried to focus on the inflight movie, but my mind kept wandering back to her, and how she's everything I or any guy could ever ask for, even more. But I couldn't ask her out again. I had a hard enough time with the first one. Hopefully she'll say yes to a second date, when I finally work up the courage to ask.
The flight went by slowly, and landed around three am. I shook Aubrie gently, only to be greeted by a pair of tired green eyes. I must've imagined it, but they seemed to brighten upon seeing me.

At the hotel, I wasn't surprised that we were put into one room, but it did have two queen sized beds, so I was fine.
"Get some more sleep. Busy day, lots to do," Sidney told me before shutting out the lights.

I was up, showered, and dressed by eight thirty, all ready for breakfast with the other players, and Sidney was finishing up tying his shoes.
"Come on," I groaned, eager to meet these players.
I'd made it my goal to have Joe Thornton remember my name, and for Daniel Briere to recognize me.
We took the elevator to the floor where they were serving breakfast, and I nearly keeled over at the sight of all these amazing guys.
"Don't be nervous," Sidney whispered, making me smile, "Oh, I'm not."

After hitting the buffet, we took our seats, only to be joined by Danny Briere, Joes' Sakic and Thornton, Alex Ovechkin, and Marty Turco, whom I admire.
"Ooh Sidney! Who's this pretty girl you've paid to join us?" Alex joked.
"Oh ha ha. I'm-"
"Brie? Aubrie Fleury!" Danny gaped.
"Uh, yeah."
"It's been a while. "
"I know, I've been busy with the boys."
"What boys?" Marty asked, eyebrows raised.
"My varsity high schoolers that I coach. We just won state and finished a perfect season last night," I grinned proudly.
"You must be one amazing coach then," he responded, making me blush.
"So, Aubrie," Joe Thornton started.
"Please, call me Brie."
"Ok. Brie, out of us," he motioned to the guys at the round table, "who's your favourite?"
"Well, me, of course," Alex blurted, causing a burst of laughter.
"Uh, sorry. No. I'd have to say Marty. He's one of my favourite goalies. I think my third or fourth favourite."
"Besides him. Goalies don't count," Sakic added.
"Hey!" Marty yelped, throwing some of his orange peel.
"Well, then Sidney for sure."
"That makes me feel much better," Sid faked a smile, and I could tell that I'd hurt him by not immediately saying he was my choice.

During breakfast, everyone at our table was telling stories of their epic fights. I even told them about how I held my ground against Jordan Staal, and his brother, Eric, overheard that one. I even lifted my shirt a bit to show off the bruises.
Sidney, however, didn't have a story, and looked a bit left out.
"Hey Sid, tell them about how you gave me a bloody nose," I smiled, letting him know it was alright.
"Wait. You hit a girl?!" Alex asked in shock.
"It's okay. I deserved it. Let him tell the story."
So, Sidney told the story brilliantly, as if it'd just happened. I could tell he wasn't proud of hitting me, but he was excited that he stood up for himself, and so was I.
"Well, now you're not so much of a wimp," Thornton grinned, "but you still hit a girl, so it doesn't totally count." "Yeah. Maybe Brie could teach you to fight," Marty teased.
"That'd be a sight," the rest agreed before going up for thirds.

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