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Well here it is, dearies.
The re-issue of Skate Your Lane.
I'm fed up with Quizilla right now.
Feel free to read and leave some comments.
It makes me feel fuzzy inside. =]

The Basics;;

Name: Aubrie Nichole Fleury.

Age: Nineteen.
DOB: 7th October, 1987.
Current Date: 28th November, 2006.
Height/Weight: 5'9 3/4 inches, weighing 115lbs.
Eye/Hair Colour: Sharp green eyes, with long [down to mid back] auburn, naturally straight hair.
Other Features: A true athlete's body. Very lean and slender.
Personality: hockey fanatic. Can be either very shy, or overly energetic. Is known to have mood swings without caffeine, and sticks up for friends, and what is right.
Life in General: The younger sister of the Pittsburgh Penguin's goalie, Marc-Andre Fleury. Born in Sorel, Quebec, now living just outside of Pittsburgh with best friend, Henry. Speaks fluent French, and coaches both a peewee and a high school varsity team. Played left wing in high school, was voted MVP, and was inducted into the school hall of fame.

Henry James Ryan:
Age: 20
Height: 6'2
Occupation: Bartender.
His Story: Henry's been Aubrie's best friend since they met in school. They moved out to Pittsburgh together, though nothing is going on between them. He's always there when she needs him, and tries his best to understand.
Henry is very resourceful, but can be a total idiot sometimes.
He's been going out with a girl named Taya for the past six months, but always makes room for Brie whenever she needs it.

Sidney Patrick Crosby:
Age: 19
Birthday: 7th August, 1987.
Height/Weight: 5'11, 193 lbs.
Occupation: Center for the Pittsburgh Penguins.
About him: Sidney's one of the main reasons people have been drawn back to the NHL. His talent is something no one else can recreate, and he's got the most kind personality. Sidney's not a stuck up boy, no. He's very humble, and isn't the biggest fan of the limelight.
That doesn't mean he can't make thet best of it though.


At the rink, in just a pair of jeans, a Pen's tee-shirt, and converse, I was waiting for the game to start.
Seated on the defense's side, right behind the glass, and just before the curve, I have always had a perfect view.
Marc purposely got me season tickets there, just so he can use my wicked skill.
If I was to be remembered for one thing, it'd be that I can analyze any player in under three minutes. Their habits, movements, and possible threats are easily detected, so I take a poster, and write the positive threats' numbers on it. When there isn't any traffic, I hold the poster to the glass, and Marc then knows who to watch out for.

The game quickly started; Calgary at Pittsburgh, and within the first two minutes, the Penguins had scored.
"Penguins' goal, at 18:36, by Sidney Crosby, assist by Colby Armstrong," the announcer boomed.
"Crosby?" I asked myself, knowing I'd never met him.. Though I'd heard he's pretty good. I learned he was number 87, but I couldn't figure out his pattern. He never kept a constant one, and had several that he switched between.

Halfway through the third period, it was four to one, we were ahead, and a fight broke out right in front of me, so naturally, I was up at the glass watching intently.
Out of practically nowhere, a white jersey had pushed a Penguin I didn't recognize into the boards at me. I may have jumped, even let out a small yelp, but all I could really focus on was this player's eyes.
He pushed away from the Calgary player, and turned back to me as the Ref was breaking up another pair. He quickly smiled, and winked, before skating off to the box.
"Eighty seven.." I kept repeating, as I wandered to the locker room after the game.

"Salut, Aubrie!" Marc greeted me happily.
"Et toi." I didn't give
him a congratulatory hug, because he's in dire need of a shower. I wasn't really paying attention to my brother.. I was too busy searching for this Sidney Crosby guy.
"I saw you watching our kid fresh off his rookie season all second period," he said in a low tone, though he was still speaking French.
couldn't figure him out," I mumbled, and he gasped.
don't know. I just couldn't."
"Want to meet him?" I frantically
shook my head, no.
"Yo, Sid!" A tall boy, who looked my age, with dark brown hair, turned around, and walked over, a slight smile on his face.
is my sister, Aubrie. Brie, this is Sidney Crosby."
"Hi," I nodded,
shaking his hand, "nice to meet you."
"Enchente," he smiled, looking from my brother to me.
Once I let go, I asked, "Did Marc tell you to say that?"
nodded. Jordan Staal came up to us, and laughed.
"Crosb, so this is the chick you saw in the stands? Brie Fleury?" Sidney turned a light red, as Mark Recchi came over too.
"Dude, he'd have been all over her if there weren't a slab of plexiglass there to keep his head in the game." "Come on, let's leave them alone," my brother stopped his teammates from causing further damage.
"Sorry about them," Sidney and I said together, and I laughed.
"Wanna skate around the rink a few times? I haven't been on
the ice in forever," I asked, then quickly added, "you're probably tired as hell, so never mind."
"No, its fine. I could use the calm atmosphere."

Once we'd gotten down on the ice, we began to ask each other
"How old are you?"
"Nineteen," I answered, "you?"
"Same. Where
are you from?"
"Sorel, Quebec."
"So you speak French like Marc?"
"Well.. It's French-Canadian.
Very different from how they speak it in Europe."
"Cool. Nova
Scotia, born and raised."
My phone went off, and I pulled it out of my back pocket.
so sorry, I've got to take this," I apologized, and Sidney nodded.
"Hey, its Cole. All the coaches are getting together to figure out the match ups for the season."
"Oh. Where?"
"Wendy's place in
half an hour."
"Yeah, I'll be there. Bye." I hung up quickly, and
skated over to Sidney.
"Who was that, if you don't mind my asking."
"This creepy guy
named Cole. He's a coach at one of the high schools, and he's always trying to.. uh, hit on me and it's scary."
"Well, do you
want me to come with you?"
"You don't mind? Because I'm sure
you're about ready to pass out."
"You seem to be forgetting I'm
a hockey player."
"Alright." I told Marc-Andre about our plans,
and drove Sidney and myself over to my friend Wendy's place.

He rang the bell, and my friend answered the door.
"Hey Brie! Who's thi-. Ohmygod. Sidney Crosby." I laughed, as his cheeks tinged red.
"Come on in you two, we're ready to
In the somewhat formal dining room, was a long table, where the eleven other coaches sat. Sidney pulled out my chair, and I thanked him before sitting, catching Cole glare at him.
"Guys, this is Sidney Crosby. Sid, these are Pittsburgh's finest varsity high school hockey coaches."
"Hey," he waved.

Once the schedule was finalized, we all sat around in the
living room. Well, Sidney, myself, and a few others stood in the game room playing fooseball.
"So, you're the one and only. The 'great' Sidney Crosby. Play for the Penguins, right?" Cole came up from nowhere, now standing alarmingly close to me, and invading my space.
"Yeah, what's it to you?" I moved closer to Sidney, and he wrapped an arm a round me.
"You two are an item?" Cole
blurted, sounding angry.
"Uh," I started, and Sidney finished,
"Yeah, and I've noticed that Aubrie isn't comfortable around you, so back off."
"Is that true?"
I nodded, "Yep."
"Fine. Your loss,"
Cole walked off, checking out the other female coaches on the way.
"Merci Sid," I gave him a hug, and smiled.
"That guy was a
total jackass."
"Yeah, and he's a mediocre coach."
"Then why is
he here?"
"It's high school. You can't pick other schools' coaches.
The kids on the team can get rid of him, but those boys love Cole."
"Eh. Well, he thinks we're going out, so not a big problem
"Very true. Thank you so much for that, by the way."
worries. I loved his reaction," he flashed a wide grin at me, and I melted.

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