Friday, May 9, 2008



The next morning, I was up at six thirty, but wasn't aware of anything until I got out of the comfy bed around seven. I went into the kitchen, hoping I could make Sidney and the Lemieux breakfast, but Mrs. Lemieux was already cooking.
"Can I help?" I asked, noticing she was making pancakes.
"I've got this covered, but I still need to put together lunches for the kids."
"Oh, I can do that!"
Nathalie pulled out four paper bags, and spelt out her childrens' names, then pointed me in the direction of the pantry containing snacks. I wrote their names on the bags, each in a different style with a cartoon or comic on it, then packed the bags, setting them on the counter in a row.
"Thank you so much Aubrie! I don't know how I'd have done this all alone. Usually someone's up, and willing to help."
"Yeah? Sidney was up a bit later than we'd planned on, so no help from him. And please, call me Brie. You've known me for how long now? A year or so?"
"Alright. So, Brie. You and Sidney? Not to pry, but he does live in my house."
She smiled at my rosy cheeks, and I answered, "No. We're just friends I guess. I don't know. We were up watching tv and talking last night."
"Ah, well. Will you go wake him up?"
"Sure.. But it's seven thirty. Why so early?"
"He'll probably be tired all day if he sleeps in too late. I know Mario is if he sleeps past nine thirty."
"Alrighty," I went back to Sidney's room, opening the door and tiptoeing in.

I sat on the bed next to his sleeping figure, and just watched for a minute or two. I just couldn't help but notice how his mouth hung slightly open, though he was breathing through his nose. Or how all I wanted was to see thos big brown eyes, but they were masked by sleep.
I finally rubbed his arm a bit, trying to wake him up. He didn't, but a slight smile crossed his full, pink lips. "Sidney.." I called in a soft voice, and he began to shift a bit, his smile widening.
Knowing he was awake, I greeted him, "Good morning starshine, the earth says hello."
"What time is it?" he mumbled in a groggy voice, clearly not coherent at all.
"Seven forty-five," I answered after checking the alarm clock next to him.
He made a groaning noise, then readjusted the sheets, pulling them closer to him.
"Come on. Get up!"
"Why so early?"
"Because Nathalie said so."
"Just five more minutes.." he yawned.
"Fine. You don't get your suprise then," I lied quickly, a smirk on my face.
"Suprise??" his eyes shot open, and I was once again gazing into those warm brown eyes that I longed to see. "Yeah. An extra special suprise, just for you. But you can't have it now. Anyways, breakfast is almost ready."

Eating breakfast with 'the family' went well. Though I'm usually a Snapple for the road kind of girl, I managed to stuff my face with a few pancakes.
Sidney and I volunteered to clean up so Mario could run some errands and Nathalie could go drop off the kids and get to work.
Almost immediately after we finished, he asked, "Can I have my suprise now?"
I fought the pleading look he gave me, and shook my head.
"No. If you don't stop asking, you'll never get it."
A pout was now set on his lips, and he flopped face first into his pillows on his bed.
"Oh, stop being such a hormonal teenager," I told him in a stern voice, sitting on the bed.
"I'm nineteen, I can be as hormonal as I want!"
"Keep telling yourself that," I smiled, laying back into the pillows next to him.
He glanced out from under his arms, only to send me a bright smile.
"Hey! Y'know what we should do?"
"Should I even ask?" I stared at him, asking with a hint of curiosity.
"We should play a game!" Suddenly he jumped up and grabbed my hand, dragging me with him.

Sidney had led me to the large game room, equipped with a home entertainment center, foosball, pool, air hockey, and all the works.
"Sidney.. what kind of game do you have in mind?"
"Table hockey," he smiled, pulling me to an all too familiar object.
"Oh boy," I shook my head with a slight smile.
"What?" he asked, fumbling with the rods on his side.
"You have no clue what you're getting yourself into. I grew up on this thing."
We set the rules, and began shortly after. We were tied, four to four, and neither of us could seem to score again.
"Want to make this more interesting?" Sidney asked while we took a break.
"How so?" I arched an eyebrow, interested in this idea.
"If I win, you have to.." he faded off in thought, "forgive me for beating you up, because I really am sorry" "Alright, and if I win, you have to make me lunch."
"Fine. Whoever scores the next goal wins."
We shook, and let's just say I didn't want to accept his apology. Yeah. I totally owned him.
"Oh come on! That was an awful goal! It shouldn't have gone in!" he protested.
"Oh well. It did. Face it, you just suck at life."
"Yeah, I guess I really do," he laughed.
We played fooseball, air hockey, pinball, and a few Playstation 2 games, then we just sat an watched tv shows in the basement until one.
"Ooh!" I grabbed the remote, switching it to CBS.
"My soap!" I screeched as my show, As the World Turns, started up.
"Uh. yeah, I'm gonna go make lunch."
"But Marc-Andre says you love this show!"
"Which is why I have it taping in my room."
"Oh thank heavens for DVR"
"Yup. Now, what do you want to eat?"
"Surprise me," I smiled, "I just request a soda. Preferably Dr. Pepper."
"I can do that." Sid hopped off the couch and went upstairs to make lunch.
Fifteen minutes passed by, and I heard Sidney coming down the stairs. I looked back at him, seeing that he was carrying tow bowls in one hand and two Dr. Peppers in the otehr. I quickly got up, taking the sodas from him.
"Thanks," he smiled in relief. We sat on the couch and he handed me a bowl. "Bon appetit!" I smiled at his utter cuteness, if that's even a word, then glanced down at the orange goop in the bowl.
"Uh.. Sidney?"
"What the hell is this stuff?!"
"Spongebob mac and cheese!"
"Oh.." I gasped, spearing a few with the fork, "now I see it."

Our soap came back from commercial, so we ate and watched in silence, only to ridicule the characters in between breaks. After it ended, which was around two, I sighed, "You know.. Everyone on that show is related in some way."
"Seriously!" Sid agreed.
"We should make a family tree or something, then complain to the writers."
With that, we had out paper and markers, then started making that family tree.

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