Monday, May 12, 2008



It took Sidney a bit to figure out that I was the one that had pushed him, and as soon as he did, I was being lifted out of the hot tub and carried to the pool
"Sidney whatever-your-middle-name-is Crosby! Put me down!!" I shouted, immediately wanting to retract my demand.
"Ok," he simply tossed me into the deep end. I flailed about, then went still, holding my breath as I floated face down on the surface so I could hear what was going on.
"Good job! You killed her!" Thornton groaned.
"I didn't know she couldn't swim!" Sidney defended himself.
"Marc's gonna kill you," Marty reminded him. Then I felt myself being lifted up by someone, but I didn't know who.
"Look who can hold her breath!" Alex grinned, letting me go so I could get out and get back in the hot tub.
"Yeah, its what Sidney gets for being an asshole," I said loud enough so Sid and the two other people in the jacuzzi, Daniel and Marty, could hear me.
The two guys laughed, but Sidney set me a glare, and I could see the hurt look beneath it clearly. Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, I told Marty and Dan I was going upstairs, then got out of the warm water, grabbing my towel and making my way to the elevators.

After getting into my pj's again, I towel tried my hair and decided I'd call Henry. We didn't get to talk for too long, seeing as he was with Taya, I hung up and dialed my brother, hoping he wasn't asleep.
"Hello?" he asked in a groggy voice.
"Oh, I'm sorry! Did I wake you up?"
"No, no. I'm trying to sleep though. I'm still jealous that you're in Dallas."
"Yeah, don't be. It's great to meet all these awesome Western Division guys, but things have been awkward with Sidney. Plus, I think Ovechkin is trying to get in my pants or something."
"What?" Marc yelped, now fully awake.
"I don't know. I guess I should just think about stuff now. I'm really tired from everything.."
We continued to talk for another twenty minutes, until my yawns got the best of me.
"Go to bed, Brie."
"Okay Marc. Love you."
"You too." I hung up and let myself collapse onto Sidney's bed without realizing it until I got under the sheets.
'Whatever,' I thought, turning out the lights, and the TV on. I watched Ten Things I hate About You on TBS, because I love the movie, and Heath Ledger is really, really good looking.

I continued to chase sleep, falling in and out of consciousness, waking up every twenty or so minutes to toss or turn.
After a bit, I heard the channel change to what sounded like ESPN, which woke me up yet again.
I looked around, thinking Sidney must've come in, but I guess I just accidentally hit the remote.
'Going to bed angry sucks,' I thought, closing my eyes and listening to the scores being read off by Stuart Scott.
Suddenly the bed shifted, signifying the added weight. Groaning, I rolled over only to smile. Sidney was next to me in a white shirt and boxers, intently watching the TV. I still felt awful about what I'd said, so I began my apology.
"Hey Sid?" I quietly got his attention, "I'm sorry for calling you an asshole. I know you were kidding around and trying to have a good time." I stopped myself from rambling, not knowing what to say next.
"It's Patrick," was all he said, causing me even more confusion.
"My middle name.. It's Patrick."
I still didn't get it and I was trying to wake myself up.
"Go to sleep, I'll tell you in the morning," he sent me a cute smile and I nodded.
"Mmkayy," I smiled back sleepily, shuffling over towards him, snaking my arms around him like he was a teddy bear.
"Night," I told him before resting my head on him and falling in to a much needed, uninterrupted sleep.

When I woke up next to Sidney, I felt well rested and energetic. I was happy, and everything seemed just fine. About ten minutes later, I heard my phone vibrate once, signaling a text.
Then I began my great escape from Sidney's grasp. At first, his grip tightened, but I carefully wiggled my way out. I hopped up, grabbing my phone off its charger, flipping it open. The text read:
"Breakfast w/ me and the goalieboys?"
I grinned, texting back a quick yes.
Miikka Kiprusoff and I haven't been able to bond during the season since he plays for Calgary, but we became fast friends yesterday. These goalies were a very tight pack, all hanging out together when they get the chance. I changed into jeans and one of my 'Langley Varsity Hockey 05-06' with a Captains' initial in the top left corner. My number, 18, was on the back too. Everyone on the team got one, since sports was a big focus at school.
I left Sidney a note saying:
'Sid, went downstairs for breakfast. See you there. --Brie.'
I set it on the dresser, grabbed my card key, and headed downstairs.

In the huge room, I found Miikka along with the other netminders, Ryan Miller, Roberto Luongo, Cristobal Huet, Martin Brodeur, and Marty.
"Hey guys," I grinned, grabbing some food off the buffet and sitting between Marty and Miikka.
"Sorry about ditching you all last night, I was really tired."
"No you weren't," Marty answered, "don't lie."
"It was because of Sidney, wasn't it?" Ryan asked.
"Come on, you know the goalies code. We can keep a secret, even if you aren't one now. You used to, so it still counts," Miikka reassured me.
"I guess you could say he was one of the reasons.. I dunno.." I trailed off.
"Oh well. Let's talk about something else," Marty began talking about what was going on today and I shot him a very grateful look.
Miikka and I talked until the other guys dispersed from the table to greet the others that'd just arrived. I didn't even notice Sidney until I saw him in my peripheral, sitting at a table, eating alone. I told Miikka I'd be right back so I could go say hey.
I went over to Sidney, wrapping my arms around him from behind.
"Bon matin," I smiled, sitting down next to him.
"Morning," he answered dully.
"What's wrong?" I asked, trying to get him to lighten up.
"You weren't there when I woke up."
"I got a text from Mickey saying that he and the other goalies wanted me to come down for breakfast."
"You sure it wasn't just Miikka?"
I laughed a little, nodding, "I think he's a bit.. old for me. I'm into guys my age."
'Why do I say dumb things like that?' I wanted to throw myself off the balcony of the seventh story dining room.
"Well there's not many people your age around here."
"Yep, so it's just you and me," I felt myself smirk a tad, which is very, very new.

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