Friday, May 9, 2008



Sidney came just as Henry was leaving to catch a cab, saying he had a date, leaving us in a horribly awkward silence. I shifted nervously, wincing a bit.
"I'm sorry," Sidney finally said.
"Sorry for?"
"Beating you up. Also for how I acted earlier."
"You mean you're apologizing for the kiss or how you were after it?"
"The second one. I'm definitely not sorry for the former," he smiled momentarily, then finished, "you don't have to accept or anything.. I just wanted to tell you that."
"Good, because I'm still mad. Hell. I'm beyond mad."
"Oh don't even ask why! You practically sacked me for no apparent reason. Or, just because I pushed you into the boards, which is totally legal. Then, you fucking punch me in the face, giving me a bloody nose." I took a breath, then continued.
"I always heard you were the non violent, goody-goody that Mario loved so much. You're nothing but an arrogent suck up."
Sidney just stared at me, a look of complete shock and hurt all over. But it really hit me when I looked into his big glassy eyes. He got up and left.

While I was waiting for the doctor, I began to regret everything I'd said. Sid wasn't some egotistical asshole.. Truthfully, he was the sweetest guy I've ever met. Guess I just screwed that friendship up.
The doctor said I didn't break anything, but my ribs were pretty bruised, and I'd be sore for a while. He told me what I can't do, which is basically everything, and said I need to take it easy. Oh, not to forget that I'm lucky nothing's broken.
Yeah. I've never broken a bone in my life. I'm very, very lucky considering the sport I'm addicted to.

When I was free to go, I walked through the waiting room and found Sidney there, flipping through a kid's Highlights magazine. He looked up as soon as he heard the door open, and I swear I saw a smile cross his lips. He got up, and walked over to me.
"Why're you still here?" I asked softly.
"I wanted to take you home.."
"But then how are you going to get to your place? I mean, the Lemieux." I totally forgot he lived with Mario. "Uh.. Well, you could stay with me tonight," he offered. I certainly don't want to be home when Henry gets back from his date, because I probably wouldn't get any sleep, knowing him.
"I don't know.." I saw Sidney's face, and couldn't say no.
"Okay. But none of that 'oh, I only have one bed,' crap."
"Damn!" he laughed, getting into the driver's side of my car.

At the Lemieux, Sidney escorted me in, and we passed the living room, where Mario was watching Spongebob with his kids.
"Sidney," Mario boomed in a fatherly manner.
"Yes?" he answered, peeking in and keeping me out of sight.
"Did I just see a girl walk by?"
"No, sir. I don't believe you did." I heard him get up.
"Aubrie!" he grinned once he saw me next to Sidney.
"Monsieur Lemieux," I placed a huge, excited smile on my face.
"What brings you here?"
"Oh, Sidney was going to bring me home from the ER, but my roommate, erm.. Has 'company' so I couldn't go there. He offered that I stay the night here."
"Ah. Well, there's an extra room in his wing, so you know if he says otherwise," Mario winked.
"You two missed dinner, but there's plenty to eat so help yourselves."
"Thanks," we smiled.
"Oh, and no funny business, please."
"Of course. We wouldn't dream of it," I laughed a bit, and Sidney pulled me into the kitchen.
"Tu as faim?" he asked me.
"Euh, oui. J'ai meur de faim. Toi?" I responded without even thinking.
"Um.. Yeah. Ok then."
"Oh! I'm so sorry!" my face turned red with embarrassment.
"It's fine," he laughed, "I've been reading through the 'French for Dummies' book your brother got me a while ago. Thought I'd try it out, since I'm a little rusty since I played in juniors."
"When did you start learning?"
"When I played in Rimouski. All the guys there spoke it, so I had no choice but to learn."
"Fast learner, huh?"
"When I had to in order to communicate, yeah."
"Don't worry, it'll come back to you."
"I wish," he smiled, then opened the fridge.
"Man! They had mini shepard's pies!" Sidney let out in an excited tone, pulling out a plate of what looked like cupcakes.
"Uh.. What are those?"
"Shepards pies?" He heated the plate up in the microwave, and I just stared at him.
"What exactly.. are they?"
"Oh! The outside is biscuit, the top is mashed potatoes, with peas and meat inside."
"Sounds.. good?"
He nodded, "I'd eat them every day if I could."
"Which is why you weigh two hundred pounds."
"But it's all muscle, baby," he laughed, and flexed a bit.
I squoze his bicep, fake-gasping, "I bet you could bench press me."
"Wanna find out?"
"Oh you know it," I continued to play along.
"Not in my house!" I heard Mario from the living room.
"Just kidding! Sorry!" Sidney yelled back, trying not to laugh.
We sat at the counter eating our mini pies, talking about the most bizarre things. I didn't really want to get into what happened today. I'm still upset with Sidney about it, but I can't be rude.. He is letting me stay the night.

After eating, we cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes, then Sidney gave me a tour of his wing of the house.
"And here," he opened a door, "is my room." I stepped inside and took a look around.
The room was just like any other guys.. Messy. But not super messy like Marc's is. It had a queen bed, a desk, good sized tv, and the other accouterments a room needs.
"Very nice," I smiled a bit, "where am I going to be?"
"Right over here," he led me to another door, and opened it.
Now this room was very pretty. Mrs. Lemieux had obviously decorated it.
"C'mon," Sid pulled me back to his room, turning on the tv. I noticed the calendar pinned to his wall as he went over to inspect it.

"Ok. I have to be out of here by.. Four. We have a game tomorrow at seven," he smiled to himself, "are you gonna go?"
"I have tickets, like always, so I guess that means I have to. That means we should go to bed at a reasonable hour, eh?"
"How's eleven sound?"
"Fine by me, I'm not the one playing tomorrow. Now tell me how practice went after I left."
"Oh! It was awesome! Really fun, actually. Those guys are really good. I'm suprised a few of them haven't been pegged by NHL scouts."
"Seriously? Jared, Casey, and Jason have been spotted by college scouts.. But no NHL guys yet," I sighed a bit.
We continued to talk well past eleven, and before I went to the guest room, Sidney handed me a pair of boxers and a tee shirt, then gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

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