Saturday, May 10, 2008



I was leaving the rink, when my phone went off.
"Hello?" I asked, not bothering to check the caller ID.
"Hey, who are you going to lunch with?" Sidney responded on the other line.
"Uhm, lemme see. Oh, just myself."
"Well, where are you going to eat?"
"I really want some Mexican food, so I'm hitting up Qdoba."
"Do you mind if I meet you there?"
"Not at all. I'll see you soon."
"Bye." I said my good bye and hung up.
We met inside the restaurant, getting a table near the back.
"So, the rest of the guys weren't getting anything interesting enough?"
"Yeah. Why do you ask?" he cocked his head to the side, taking a sip of water.
"Well, they are your friends, and your team mates."
"Oh, and like we aren't?"
"I'm not sure what we are," I mumbled.

Our waitress returned with our drinks, and took our orders.
"Look, I'm really sorry that I've been... I guess- ignoring you lately. But I thought we got too close too fast," he said once she'd left.
"I understand. I've been avoiding you for the past month and a half too."
He nodded, "I guess we just get along better when its just us or something."
"It seems like it."
There was a silence, and I watched as Sidney nervously played with his fingers, keeping his eyes on them before finally looking up at me.
"There's something I want to ask you. You don't have to say yes right away.. but yeah."
"Alright, as away," I tried to hide any trace of a smile, so I picked up my Dr. Pepper.
"Well, I've been voted to the All Star game, and I was wondering.. if you'd want to go to Dallas with me for the two days its going on," he finally asked, a fearful tone to his voice.
"You want me to come with you?" He nodded.
"Not your teammates? Not your mother? No one?"
He shook his head, "No. Just you."
"Are you serious?"
"Dead serious."
"I don't know about this.."
His gorgeous brown eyes begged me to agree, as he stuck out his big bottom lip. How could I tell him no? Pfft. Like I was going to anyways.
"Of course I'll go!" I smiled, and those amazing eyes lit up again.
"Oh, and just so you know. I voted like twenty times for you and the others I picked."
"Well, thanks for the support," he beamed.
"No problem. It's the least I could do. I bet millions of teenage girls voted for you too."
He laughed, "I only got like 830 thousand votes."
"Okay. So, 820 thousand of them were from teenage girls, twenty were from me, and the other nine thousand nine hundred and eighty were split between you and creepy old men living in their mothers' basements." "Thanks.."
"Just giving you the demographic."

Throughout our lunch we joked around and talked about the trip to Dallas. Sidney offered to pay the check, but I insisted that I pay for something, so he let me tip. While we waited for our waitress, I heard a very high-pitched voice that I had never wanted to hear again.
"Oh Aubrie! Is that you?"
I froze; much like a deer in headlights, then sneered, "Savannah."
Had she followed me to Pittsburgh? I thought I left her and everything else behind in Sorel...
I watched her adjust her tiny denim skirt, pulling it down a bit to show off her hot pink thong.
'Who the hell wears skirts in January?!'
Her sweater was very low-cut, showing off what little cleavage she had, and her hair.. Oh ew. Disgustingly died blond, then brunette, then blond again, fried from its constant straightening. It looked like she paid a blind man to do it.
"Who's your friend?" she asked in a flirty manner. Yep. Still a slut.
"This is Sidney. Sid, meet Savannah Brooks. The reason Nate's not here." I caught her glare at me momentarily, then the aloof flirt regained control.
"Uh, hi," he sort of waved.
"You look really familiar," she used one of her many tricks.
"Only if you watch ESPN."
"Mm, nope. Sorry then."
"Well, in that case, we really don't have much to discuss," I glared at her, wishing she'd spontaneously combust.
"Yeah, you're kinda interrupting our date, if you don't mind," Sidney lied.
A look of surprise hit Savannah's face, "Well, we'll have to catch up later then. See you, Aubrie."
"Yeah.. At your funeral," I scoffed as she sauntered off across the restaurant.
"Thanks for getting rid of her. I don't know how long I could've lasted without hitting her," I groaned.
"You're welcome. I know what she did, and that you probably hate her guts. But I didn't like the way she was eying me like a piece of meat."
"Yeah, that's what guys are to her. She's always going to be a slut, and she knows it."
"How could anyone not know?!"
"The guys she prays on. But anyways," I tried to think of something to change the subject to, but nothing came to mind.
"What are you up to after this?" he asked.
"Not much. I have some footage of the team we're playing in the finals, so I was going to watch, analyze, and decide what plays to use," I shrugged.
"Want some help? I know it can be really boring sometimes."
"Sure," I smiled, "it never hurts to have an NHL player for a friend, eh?"
"Yeah, and that secret weapon of a talent that you have is such a burden."
"That may be true, but it's lonely when no one's there to keep me company," I sighed a bit.
"Where's Henry?"
"Either at work or with his girlfriend, Taya. Sure, we're best friends, and spend lots of time together, but we never have lunch or dinner like this... It's just so... ugh. I'm sorry. You don't need to hear about my petty problems.. I'm sure," I glanced down at the table, suddenly feeling vulnerable.
"It's fine. You know, you can talk to me. I'm a good listener, and have been known to give decent advice," Sidney smiled, drawing my eyes up to meet his.
"Okay. But not here.. Let's talk back at my apartment during the footage we're going to evaluate."
"I'll pay and meet you there."
"Okay," I handed him a ten dollar bill for the tip, then drove home.

Sidney arrived about thirty minutes later, apparently very flustered by something.
"You're all red and shaking a bit, what happened?" I asked, letting the concern show in my voice.
"That girl.. Savannah? Cornered me when I was coming out of the bathroom. She was just saying all this stuff about you... then she grabbed me.. you know?"
"Oh, pauvre vieux.. Almost getting raped.. Come here," I engulfed him in my arms, trying to calm him down. I let my fingers glide up and down his back, attempting to soothe him like a child that just had a nightmare.
A while later, he murmured into my shoulder, "I should be excited that girls are throwing themselves at me.." "Oh, not really. She'll do anything that moves," I laughed.

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