Tuesday, May 13, 2008



The next morning I woke up to the sounds of Sidney walking around, and found
that he made me breakfast in bed.
"Sid," I grinned once he sat on the bed with our food, "this is amazing. You
didn't have to.."
"Oh but I did." "Nuhh-uh," I retaliated in a kid voice, and then he explained.
"I wanted to congratulate you on becoming the best coach in the country, for
winning nationals, and.. just cause.. I love you."
I smiled and leaned over the tray to give him a kiss, then we started eating.
"Mmm. This is fantastic," I sighed contently, cutting another slice of pancake,
"how did you manage not to burn down the house?"
"Well you see, on the road, Food Network is a standard hotel room channel, so
I watched that.. a lot."
"Sure, cause whenever I see you watching, Ace of Cakes is on."
"Hey! I bet I could decorate a pretty badass cake!" "I'm sure you can,
handsome," I rolled my eyes and he made a face at me.

After lounging around the house for a bit, Sidney took me out so he could
show me around Halifax, and then to lunch.
"I love it here!" I told him while we waited for our sandwiches.
"Everyone is so laid back and they all respect you and your space."
'Not to mention, they all congratulated him on the Art Ross award, making it
to the playoffs, and wished him a great captaincy.'

Sidney, being the modest and humble boy he is, just smiled and thanked the
people for their encouraging words.
"That's why I love it here too," he nodded, playing with the napkin he was

"Sid.. What's up?" I asked, noticing his fidgeting.

"Well, uh.." he searched for the perfect words, "I want you to come to the NHL
Awards ceremony with me on June fourteenth."
"Yeah, but if you don't, it's totally cool."

"No, shut your mouth! Of course I'll be your date. Why wouldn't I?"

"I dunno.. I just thought you'd be tired of traveling with me and stuff."
"Well you thought wrong, lover. Traveling with you is always fun, and I really
love our time. It makes up for all your away games and road trips," I
"I know, I know," Sid sighed, "and a lot of girls have problems with that."
"Yeah.. Marc-Andre always whines about it. But I know what it's like, so I've got
no reason to complain.."
"Which is why we get along and work so well together," he grinned. "Mmhmm,"
I nodded.

The next week flew by faster than ever; we'd gone out and cruised Halifax, seen
movies, and just stayed at home.. or well, Sid's house.
It was just another day where we sat around and watched a Monk marathon,
when Sidney got a call he had to take.
I continued to watch TV until he came back with keys in hand.
"Brie, I'm so sorry. I gotta go out for a bit.. I won't be gone for too long,"
he leaned down and gave me a tender, sweet kiss before telling me bye and
walking out the door.
I watched him drive off and disappear down the street, then decided to take a

Before I could really get anywhere, Sidney's neighbor, an older woman in her
mid sixties was sitting outside enjoying the day, and stopped me.
"Why, hello there, dear," she waved me over, and I complied.
"Hello," I smiled at her warmly.
"You know the boy who lives in that house?" she motioned to Sidney's place.
"You could say that," I blushed.
"Aah," she grinned knowingly, "you're his girlfriend.Well. My name's Margaret,
Maggie for short."
"Nice to meet you Margaret, I'm Aubrie." "Don't be polite, call me Maggie!
Margaret makes me sound old" I laughed a little, "At least your name
isn't Agnes, like my aunt!" Her eyes twinkled, the corners of her lips curled up in
a smile, "Very, very true my dear. Now then, how long are you and Sidney
going to be staying?"
"Uhh.. I think until the first week of June. We have to be in Toronto on the
"That boy and his hockey awards," she smiled, shaking her head, "he deserves
"I know.. He works so hard." "Hey wait a second. Do I know you from
somewhere?!" Maggie asked abruptly.
"I don't think so.. This is my first time in Halifax, and I've only been here for a
"No, I mean do you have a brother or sister?" "I've got an older brother who
plays for the Penguins with Sidney.."
"What's his name?"
"Marc-Andre Fleury," I told her.
""That's it! You two just give off this good presence.. and you both speak with
the same soft, kind accent." "Really? My brother and I are really nothing alike,"
I started to think if we truly sounded the same.
Maggie and I talked for a bit longer, then her grandkids came for a visit, and I
went back to Sid's, promising I'd come visit her again.

I made a quick frozen dinner for myself, then called Henry and my brother
while I waited for Sidney to come back.
I got into his bed around twelve thirty, and watched TV until I dozed off.
I heard the bedroom door open, and I checked the time; two forty-five in the
I pretended to still be asleep, as Sidney quickly changed into pajamas and snuck
into bed.

He kissed my shoulder blade lightly, then turned off his bedside lamp
and went to bed.
This continued for four or five more days; Sidney going out, me going to
Maggie's house, and Sid coming home at three am.
I finally got so fed up that I packed one of Sid's duffel bags with some overnight
stuff, then went next door.
"Maggie, can I stay the night?"
"Of course, come right in," she brought me inside and showed me to a room.
Maggie was cooking at the time, so I helped her out, explaining my presence
while we ate, and she gave me some much needed grand-motherly advice.

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