Tuesday, May 13, 2008



I woke up the next morning and checked my phone for the time.
My jaw dropped when I saw how many missed calls, texts and voicemails I had,
and they were all from my boyfriend.
I went downstairs and hung out with Maggie, then decided to get dressed and
go back next door.
"Thank you so much for everything Maggie," I smiled as I hugged
"It was my pleasure, young lady. You come over anytime you'd like, I don't
mind whatsoever." I said my goodbyes then walked over one house, to Sid's
front door.

I let myself in using the spare key he had given me, and tip toed in quietly. I
didn't know why I was being silent; I didn't see a car in the driveway.
I walked into Sidney's room to put my stuff away, only to find Sid fast asleep,
holding onto my stuffed moose, Marty, for dear life. I set my stuff down by the
dresser and let him sleep.
I grabbed my white iPod video, then went out back to mess around with plays
I'd been working on.
I pulled a hockey stick from the shed along with a few pucks, then turned the
music onto 'shuffle'.
I smiled to myself as I heard 'Someone to Love' by Fountains of Wayne come
on, and thus I began my little session.

An hour and a half later, Cobra Starship came rushing through my
"Just let me ask you, hey. Have you heard of my religion?," I sang, dancing
around while bouncing the puck on the blade of my stick.
"It's called the church of hot addiction."
I spun around, then stopped dead in my tracks, pulling out my earphones.
"Hey Sidney.."
"Aubrie, where'd you go last night? I freaked when I came back and you
were gone.."
"Well maybe I got tired of sitting around your house all day, by
myself. Maybe I got sick of you coming home at three in the morning,
and you not telling me where you disappeared to!" I kept my voice just below a
shout, then hit the puck with the hardest slap shot I had in me, watching it
rocket into the net and ricochet off into the abyss that is the yard.
"Then why didn't you just ask me?"
"I didn't know how.. And it's not like you brought it up either! I've been hanging
out with your neighbor, Maggie these past few days. That's where I was last
night.. All she talks about is how sweet and thoughtful you are.. Maggie says
you're a 'wonderful young man.' I thought so too."
"What do you mean, thought?" he asked in a quiet voice now.
"Not telling me why you're out so late, what you've been doing these
past few days.. It's just really sketchy to me. I just hope it's not like it

"What does it seem like to you?"
"Like you've been out, cheating on me with some other girl," I finally admitted,
"and I know you Sidney. I know that you would never do that, but it sure
is a possibility."
"Fine. You wanna know what I've been doing?"
"Well that's kinda my point."
"I've been with the people at Reebok, working on a clothing line," he told me flat
"Seriously... that's all? How easy was that!? 'Oh yeah.. Brie, I gotta go meet with
some Reebok Reps. I might be back late, don't wait up. Love ya, bye.' Why
didn't you just tell me?"
"I... I don't know," he mumbled to himself.
"Do you not trust me?"
"Of course I do! I trust you with my life!"
"It sure doesn't seem like you do.."
"I wouldn't have brought you here if I didn't.. You would never have met my
family if I didn't.. I love you so much, Aubs.."
"Sidney.. please. Don't. You sound like we're breaking up.. Oh my god.. Are
we?" I started panicking.
"Not unless you want to."
"No.. Not on my life. But I'm still trying to figure out why you didn't think it was
necessary to tell me this."
He shrugged, "I don't know."
There was something more.. Something he wasn't telling me.
"Sidney, I think I should go home.."
"What? Why?!" "I just need to be in Pittsburgh right now," I told him, sending
him the 'I've made up my mind, just let me go' look.
I gathered my things and Sidney drove me to the airport.
"You and I both know why you're really leaving. The gloves are off, you can't
run from a fight.. You should listen to your own advice."
I gave him a soft kiss on the cheek before getting out and entering the airport
to buy my ticket.

The day of the NHL Awards, I had called Trina to find out times, and where
Sidney was staying. He and I had only spoken over the phone a couple of
times, and I missed him like crazy. I'd been in Toronto for the past two days,
and apparently staying in the same hotel Sid was at.
Around five, I got ready and all made up for the big event;
my dress was beautiful, makeup was just right with matching
inch high heels, and I was wearing the gorgeous, long chained Tiffany and Co.
necklace that Sid surprised me with not too long ago. I smiled as I tied the chain
in a loose knot towards in front, not too far from the heart shaped tag, reading
the engraving on the front.
'If lost, please return to Tiffany & Co.'
I flipped it over, '1-27-07' it read, and my smile grew wider.

Once I was ready, I went down a floor and found the right room.
After I knocked a few times, the door opened, a handsome boy man
appearing at the door.
"Hi Sidney," I smiled, glancing at his sleek black suit, tie and dress shoes.
"Aubs!' he grinned, pulling me into his warm arms and comforting scent.
"I missed you.. I'm so sorry I left," I muttered before giving him a swift
"Mm.. I missed that. I mean.. you too. It's ok. I know you needed your space. By
the way, you look absolutely stunning." I blushed a little, "You're looking quite
handsome yourself."
"Shall we?" he asked, holding out his arm for me.

"We shall. Let's go get your
awards," I smiled, wrapping my arm through his. "Plural? I'm just recieving the Art Ross.." he told me in the elevator.

"Shut up. You're gonna sweep it. Three for three tonight.. I can feel it."
We stepped onto the red carpet, signing autographs and taking pictures.
A rather obnoxious blond woman interviewing Sidney called him 'Captain
and I grimaced at her flirtatious voice.
"And who's this you've got with you?" she asked.

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