Tuesday, May 13, 2008



After practice I went straight to the hospital to see Henry's parents and to
check in on Henry, of course.
Barbara and Craig were sitting in the waiting room on the floor of the psych
"Aubrie!" Barbara hugged me, followed by her husband.
"How're you guys holding up?" I asked, sitting down with them.
"They just brought him up here after his 24 hour suicide watch," Craig told me
"I don't suppose he told you about-" "Taya. Yeah. He did," Mrs. Ryan finished
for me.
"He seemed to be getting over her.. He seemed to be getting back on track..
Guess things are never like they seem, eh?" The two shook their heads, Craig
"I feel so bad that I wasn't there.. But he would've waited until I was gone to do
it anyways.." "Where were you when you got the call?" Barbara asked,
suddenly attentive.
"I was watching Marc-Andre and my boyfriend play their first playoff home
game against the Senators."
"Don't feel bad, hun. Like you said, he would have done it another time
I quickly changed the subject, "Is he allowed visitors yet?"
"Not until tomorrow morning, ten am," Craig groaned.
I stayed with them for a bit, then went home.

I checked the answering machine, 1 new message.
"Aubrie, my dear. Your father and I are in town for Marc-Andre's game the
night after tomorrow. We're at that hotel we stayed at last time, and expect you
to meet us in the lobby to go to dinner at seven thirty. Feel free to bring this
boyfriend you haven't told us about. Love you."
My mother's voice rang out across the apartment in a speedy French, but I
caught every word.
'I'm in for it'
Now, my dad, Mikhail, is the best. He's laid back, and I've become a total
daddy's girl. It's my mum, Tatiana, that worries me. She's prissy, uptight, and
anal. But she never used to be.. After Marc started playing professionally, she
became a stone cold bitch, who hates that hockey is our lives.
She'll blow a fuse when she finds out Sidney's great hockey achievements.. if
she hasn't already.

I checked the time- 5:30, so I called Sidney.
"Hey Aubs, what's up?" "My mum called. She and my dad are in town... and
expect us to get dressed up and meet them at their hotel to go to dinner at
seven thirty."
"When did this happen?"
"I literally just got the message. I'm so sorry it's such short notice.. I can
tell them that you can't come because of practice if you want."
"Nah, I'm almost done. So, I run home, change and come get you around six
forty-five?" "Sounds good. Thank you so, so much. Oh, and don't tell your
parents mine are here. One step at a time." "Alright," he laughed, "see you."
"Bye," I hung up and ran to the shower.

I was all ready in my favourite black dress and ballet flats, with my hair down and make up
done. It was 6:40, and Sidney knocked on the door.
I grabbed my purse, and greeted him with a kiss before taking a look at his
Navy suit, soft blue shirt, tie. "How'd you know it was dressy?" I smiled once we
were in his Range Rover.
"I know when you say 'dressed up' it's not a jeans and t-shirt kinda deal."
I told him that my parents were staying at some swanky hotel, and we arrived
at 7:25.
My parents were already in the lobby, and I grabbed Sidney's hand before we
went in, pulling him to a stop.
"Okay. They may seem a little snobby at first, but they're the nicest people.
Dad'll know exactly who you are, and he's probably got your stats memorized.
He's a whiz like that. I know you won't have a problem with him. It's my
mum that worries me." "Why?" "She hates that Marc went pro so early. Mum
claims to hate how we've 'devoted' our lives to hockey, but she used to play
hardcore Olympic basketball, and totally supported us until we left home."
"She's just lonely then."
"I guess.. Maybe you can met her heart of ice, you hot stud, you," I grinned and
gave him a soft kiss before leading him in.

They stood up as soon as we came in.
"Bonjour mamon, papa. Comment allez-vous?" I asked, hugging them both.
Each replied, and I switched to English.
"Mum, Dad, this is my boyfriend, Sidney. Sid, this is my mum, Tatiana, and my
dad, Mikhail."
They greeted eachother, and my mother muttered to my father about how
chubby Sidney looked, trying to be quick with her French. I watched an
offended look hit Sid's face for a moment, then he smiled politely before telling
her, in French, how wonderful she looked. I nearly burst out in laughter at
Mum's flabbergasted face, and I could tell Dad was trying to keep a laugh in too.
We decided to take separate cars to my mother's favourite restaurant in town,
and thankfully Sidney beat them there.

We waited outside, and I stared up at Sidney and his pathetic excuse of a beard, running my fingers along his chin
and jawline.
"I see your playoff beard is coming in.. kinda," I said the last bit more to
"Hey, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do," he smiled, wrapping an arm
around my waist as he pulled me closer.
"I like it. You look rugged," I kept myself from cracking up, "maybe it'll fill in in a
few months."
"Now, that's not nice," he fake glared before leaning in and pressing his lips to
mine, making me grin.

My parents, Sidney and I were seated at a table and our drinks were ordered
before the real questioning began.
But I didn't expect too much.. I knew my parents.
Before, when we were in the car, I told Sid about how my 'rents and I weren't
on the best of terms. I just up and left with Marc against their demands, and I
hadn't called them since Nate died.
"So Sidney, I hear you play hockey, correct?" my father asked with his thick
French accent, thus beginning their questioning.

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Anonymous said...

umm this is a great story.. the only thing is idk if u know that you used alexander ovechkin's parents as marc-andres...alex parents:
Mikhail: pro soccer
Titiana (sp?): olympic athlete, basketball
maybe you did it on purpose but i live in DC and worship the caps, so i kinda, positively know that that is his...i would read Caps fan fic on ovie but they dont have any, which i do laugh at your out-take on him being a flirt, b/c im not gonna lie how that is somewhat true :) haha silly ovie..
OH! ps this story is awesome so far.