Tuesday, May 13, 2008



May came much sooner than I expected, and so did Nationals.
Sidney and I spent most of the previous month together, helping my team
prepare for what was to come.
Henry was released from the hospital; he had been deemed mentally stable,
and has to see a psychiatrist twice a week. My brother's watching him, as well
as the apartment while Sidney and I are in Minnesota.
Also, Sid announced his decision to take on the position of the Pen's captain,
thus becoming the youngest captain ever.
That boy ceases to amaze me.

The team won their first series, best three out of five, against some team from
Montana, and were beating another from Oregon two games to none.
After shutting them out, we lost the first game of our quarter-final series to an
Ohio school, due to the stupid refs.

"Guys! It's not your faults!" I told them as we all ate dinner in the hotel dining
"Who's fault is it then?" Brett asked cheekily.
"Those blind refs, you dumbass," Casey thwacked him upside the head, and I
sat down sighing.
"Chillax, Aubs. It's just one loss," Sidney reminded me, and I realized I
was overreacting way too much.
"Our perfect record.. ruined by something we couldn't control. It's just not fair,"
I told him. "I know, it blows big time. Just suck it up and kick their asses!" he
grinned, making me smile too.

At the next game, I was dressed in my nice black pants and black pinstripe suit
jacket; my favourite coach attire, but all I really wanted to do was get on the ice
and play alongside the guys.
I watched as they ran the plays we'd perfected and improved over the last few
months, making me the proudest coach alive, and to have Sidney there was
just the icing on the cake.
Brett was on a mission- he didn't let one single puck pass the crease, while the
forwards did their jobs and set up amazing shots, ultimately scoring six goals
by the end of the game.

Game five of the Finals- the series tied 2-2, the game tied 1-1 in the third.
I called time-out to set up a play Sidney had mentioned to me over dinner once,
then they said they'd execute.
It was meant to be quick, but I didn't realize how fast the play went until Casey
passed the puck to Jared from behind the net and he shot it in.
The game ended; our team was jumping and skating around. Several kids
hoisted Jared and myself up on their shoulders, then we recieved our rather
ginormous nice trophy and took photos.
I saw Sidney in the stands; a huge grin on his face, and he mouthed, 'I love
So I blew him a kiss and another huge smile came to my face for the

"I can't believe it, guys! We did it!" I screeched as they were dressing out.
"Every college in the country will be trying to kidnap you kids.. Maybe even the
NHL," I told them with a dreamy look. I'd always wanted to play professionally..
But it didn't look like that's gonna happen.
"Why didn't a college pick you up, CB?" Mike asked.
Being the only frosh freshman on the team, I let it slide. Everyone else
knew about Nate, and why I couldn't.. or wouldn't play.
"I haven't gotten around to it, though I've received tons of offers, Mike.
I've gotta coach you kids!"

The next morning Sidney and I were on our flight up to Halifax, and he asked
me the question I'd been expecting all night.
"Why'd all the guys give you weird looks when you told Mike why you weren't
playing pro?" I shuffled in my seat uncomfortably.
"Well.. It's cause I lied to Mike. I almost went pro.. I was this close," I held my
thumb and index finger an inch apart.
"How come you didn't do it?" he asked, clearly intrigued.
"I was going to drop public high school and take classes online, since my
parents refused to let me drop out." "Understandable," he nodded, then I
continued. "Then Nate died, and I don't know.. I didn't want to leave school, but
I didn't want to be there either. When Marc-Andre was drafted with the
Wilkes-Barre, I moved out there with him and Henry, and figured I'd play when I
went to college."
"Aubs, you can still do that. You can go to college and play, then go to the
Olympics! You're an amazing player, as well as a coach."
"Unlike Gretzky," I muttered, as Sidney smiled. "Then you can coach a college
team, or even an big time team! Who knows, there's a first time for everything.
You just gotta get the ball rolling."
"That may be true, but now if I go play somewhere, I won't get time to be with
you, and that's what I really love," I held onto his hand, watching him pull it up
and kiss mine softly.
"I know, but it's something you've always wanted to do. So why not give it
a try?" I shrugged, "Applications and distances." "Aha! See! You've already got
a school in mind."
"A couple," I reddened, "Michigan State, Dartmouth or anywhere with a great
hockey program." "If you want to stay closer, then just go to an in state school,"
he suggested, and I nodded, knowing college just wasn't for me.

Once we got to Sid's house, I nearly dropped dead.
The house was beautiful, and that's that. It was amazing.
A gorgeous two story house in a great location in Halifax, designed and
decorated to perfectly match Sid's laid back yet intense style. The house was so
warm and inviting, just like he is, and I wanted to stay forever.

Once I was given the grand tour, Sid ended in his room, and I grinned.
"This is the most amazing place.. ever," I sighed, falling back onto his
big, comfy bed.
"Well I'm glad you like it, cause this is where we're spending most of the
"Really?" I sat up to face him.
"If you want to." "Most definitely," I tugged at his shirt, pulling him in for a hard
kiss, which led to us 'breaking in' the house.

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I don't want to sound like a Sid stalker or anything, but Sid is from Cole Harbour. Maybe I read it wrong, but that is always where he goes over the summer.