Tuesday, May 13, 2008



We spent the rest of the day watching movies and talking. Now it was around
seven thirty, and I was getting hungry.
"Hey Sid, you want some dinner?" But before he even opened his mouth, I
heard a loud growl come from his stomach. "Guess so," I laughed.
"Let's go see if we've missed dinner," he suggested and hopped up.
"What?! You want to actually leave your room? I was starting to like that you
were becoming a recluse," I grinned, knowing he was ready to get out of the
"I'm no Howard Hughes," he told me, since we'd watched the Aviator earlier.
"True.. You've got a nicer butt," I smacked his butt as he got up, and he flashed
me a bright smile.
"Oh, you know you want a piece of this," Sid ran his hands down his chest and
abs, acting like he were the sexiest thing on Earth. "A piece? Psht, I want the
whole thing!" I jumped up off the bed and gave him a kiss before heading for
the kitchen.
After finding that we had missed the family meal, I sighed a little. "Hey, you
wanna get some take out and hang at my place tonight? It's pretty lonely
nowadays..." Sidney nodded, and we were on our way as soon as we alerted
Mario of our plans.

We picked up some Chinese, and finally ended up at my apartment.
"So what's going on with Henry?" Sid asked as we did the dishes after
"Oh.. um," I hesitated, and he obviously sensed how uncomfortable I was.
"If you don't want to talk about it, that's cool. I'm here for ya too, you know. It's
not just a one way street." I smiled and loaded the dishwasher, "Good to know.
I've heard from the doctors and staff that he hasn't been trying to get help and
get better.. But every single time I go to see him, he's the same old Henry. I
wish he'd let the people at the hospital help, or else they're going to send him to
some institution."
"Like you'll ever let that happen," Sid smiled down at me from where he
sat on the counter. "Damn straight! We'll bust him out if we have to."
"Wait. We?"
"Duh! We're a team, you know that!" "Alright then, if you insist." "I do, and
you'll be helping whether you like it or not, so ha."

We went into the living room, and sat facing one another on my couch, ready
for some talking.
"Hey, do you want to come up to my house in Halifax for a while.. to get away
and stuff?" He asked nervously, and it seriously reminded me of when he first
asked me out.
"When would we go? I can't do anything until Nationals is over."
Sidney's excited look was wiped away, "Oh yeah..."
"No, no. Don't you dare be upset. I've got an ideaaa," I said in a sing-song tone,
"you could come up to Minnesota for the duration of our games, then you and I
could go up to your house." He perked up and smiled, "You're brilliant."
"And you're just figuring that out?" I laughed, "But seriously, I'm not that
smart. It's just hockey intuition, and that's that."
"Aubrie!" Sidney gaped, "Why did you just call yourself stupid? You and
I both know how intelligent you are, otherwise you wouldn't have such rad
hockey smarts."
"Did you just say 'rad'?" "Why yes, yes I did." I leaned across the middle
cushion of the couch and gave Sidney a gentle kiss, which he returned

As we continued and furthered our actions a little more, we were interrupted by
three high school juniors running through the door to my apartment.
"EW, MY EYES!" Brett yelled, covering his face while Sid and I were beet
"What do you boys want?" I asked after everything was a little less
"Well, we were hoping to get you alone so we could, ya know, gang rape
you, but since Loverboy is here, we'll have to wait," Casey said in
his nonchalant manner, and Sid's jaw dropped.
"Case! What did I tell you guys the other day?" I gritted out.
I told them to never call Sidney 'Loverboy' to his face, but they did
"Wait, this has happened before?!" Sidney was confused and it definitely
"Well, yeah. The team refers to you as 'Loverboy' all the time. I just ask
them not to in front of you."
A relieved look spread over his face, "Oohhh. I thought you were talking about
the whole gang rape thing.."
"Technically, it's not rape if she wants it," Jared played, pulling me over to him,
Casey and Brett, "isn't that right, CB?" He and Casey slid their arms around me,
and I couldn't help but laugh at Sid's horrified face.
"Guys, come on, enough now. I swear you guys are the most dirty minded kids
at Langley. I'm surprised you haven't influenced Mike."
'That poor, impressionable freshman.'
"Oh don't worry, CB. We didn't have to do anything with him. He's good enough
as is," Brett 'assured' me.
"Now really. Why are you three here?" I asked.

"We wanted to see how you've been doing since our.. uh.. talk yesterday.
But I guess you've got everything sorted out.. yeah?" Jared got the hint that I
wanted them to leave.

Brett and Casey were already in the elevator and on their way down, but Jared
kept me in the hall, closing the door to the apartment.
"I'm glad you guys are ok," he smiled, and I pulled him into a tight hug. "I am
too," I nodded.
"If you ever need to talk or just want to hang and get away from
everything, you know who to call." "Of course."
"Just don't ask me for love advice, cause you guys are perfect for eachother."
"Thanks Jared," I gave him another hug, then went inside to Sidney.

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