Tuesday, May 13, 2008



"Yes sir, I do play in the NHL," Sidney answered with a small smile.
We were seated next to eachother, so I grabbed his hand and gently squoze
"Yes.. For the Penguins. You play with our son, Marc-Andre," my dad continued,
and Sid nodded. "He's told us so much about you, unlike our daughter," dad
looked over to me.
"I know, Dad. Don't make me feel worse about it," I told him.
"Let's not make a scene, Aubrie," my mother told me in her stern French, and
my jaw almost dropped, but I kept quiet.
"So Sidney. You're hockey's next big thing, no?" mum asked him, shooting a
glare at me before smiling at him.
"Uhm.. people tell me that all the time, but I don't really think so. It's only my
second season.."
"You're too modest," mum smiled, liking it. Sid smiled back, and my dad asked
Sidney all the normal fatherly things. But all my mother would talk about
was his career, and all the attention he was getting.
"Mum, take it easy. You're freaking him out," I told her quickly in French so
Sidney couldn't catch it. She muttered something about me being too pushy,
and I simply rolled my eyes.

We got through dinner without a fatality, which was amazing. I could tell my
dad liked Sid, but mum was another story. She'll find reasons to hate
him because he's not Nathan. Dad insisted on paying the bill, and they invited
us back to the hotel for drinks and some dessert.
"Dad, you know we can't drink," I air quoted.
"Oh, that's right! I always get you and your brother's ages mixed up. Be glad its
not your names or birthdays," he laughed.
"Wait, how old are you, Sidney?" my mother asked in a surprised voice.
"Nineteen. I turn twenty in August.."
"Hmm.. I thought you were older than that.." "Mum, don't finish that with,
'because of your skill.' Look at Marc and I. We're young, and pretty good at
what we do." She nodded with a smile, "Well then, join us for dessert. No
drinking for you kids."

In the Range Rover on the way back to the hotel, I laughed, "My mum thought you
were like, thirty!"
"Nuh uh!" "Yeah, that's why she was so surprised you're only in your second
season. That's why she asked about if you played in college."
"Do I really look thirty?"
"Its the beard," I told him before smiling, "Sid, you don't look old. If you
were thirty, you'd be a pretty hot old guy." "Thanks," he grinned, pulling
up to the hotel.

Dessert was uneventful, until my parents informed us they were coming to the
next playoff game, and Marc had gotten them tickets so they could sit next to me, but I knew
that Sidney's family was on my other side.

The next morning, I decided to go see Henry after a quick three hour practice.
Trust me, that's not very long for us.
I was at the hospital by eleven, and they let me see him around eleven thirty.
The nurse led me to his room, and I sat on the end of the bed with him.
"Hi Hen," I tried to sound happy and mask the hurt.
"It's not your fault I'm here, Bubbles, so don't feel so guilty. And don't say
you're not, because I can tell."
"Yeah, but-"
"Nope. Now, we've only got ninety minutes. Tell me all about what's going on.
Something about you seems giddy and different."
I shrugged, "My parents came to town.. They made me bring Sidney to dinner
with them, and they've got seats next to me for the game, but Sid's family
is on my other side.."
"Ooh, the drama!" Henry grinned, "but that's not the reason why you're
basically glowing." He tapped his chin in thought, "OH! EW! I hope it didn't
happen in my room or on the couch. Please say it was confined to yours or
somewhere far, far, far away."
"My room.. my bathroom.." I blushed a little as Henry shuddered, "Gross. I
hope you used protection. You did, right?" I heard a little hint in his voice. "Of
course, thanks to you," I laughed.
"Well at least they're being put to use.. Though it may not necessarily be
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"Were you ready, or did he pressure you into it?"
"I was ready! We were ready, and Sidney made sure that I was."

We sat in silence until I said quietly, "You know.. I was never ready wih Nate.
We never.. you know?"
"Oh Bubbles, don't."
"No, I don't think you get just how much Sid means to me."
"More than Nate did?"
I paused for a second, making sure I was really ready to say it.
"Yeah. I'm positive"
Hen and I talked for a little while longer, before yet another nurse came in to
check up on him, and I was dismissed to the waiting room, where I saw a rather
familiar head of lovely dark brown hair.
"Sidney, what're you doing here?" I asked, then gave him a quick, loving
"Taking you to lunch then to help me with practice?" he put on a slight pout,
testing me.
"Sounds good. I was about to go home anyways."
"Want me to meet you at Mellon then we can to walk to a place for lunch?" I

Sid and I met up and walked into a bakery for lunch. We got our food and sat,
talking about whatever.
"Hey, I heard you and Henry talking earlier at the hospital. I was gonna come
in to say hi, but I didn't want to interrupt."
"Well, I meant it, you know." He
nodded with a smile, "I hope you know exactly how much you mean to me,
"I think I've got an idea.."
"Good, because I don't think there's a word to describe it."
I smiled, pressing my lips to his, feeling his grin too.

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