Sunday, May 11, 2008



The next day's practice was very hectic and full of conflict. Well, the scrimmage was at least.
Jordan had accused me of being biast, only calling penalties on him and his team.
"Nobody on the other team is doing anything wrong," I reasoned, only to have him push shove me backwards into the boards. Naturally, I pushed back.
Jordan went to hit, but I punched him in the stomach, pushing him down. He got up quickly, then grabbed my arm, only to trip and fall once more. I'd gotten to my knees, and was now trying to get in as many punches as I could, getting hit a few times in the process.
Finally six guys, including Jared and Sidney, intervened, pulling us apart.
"Get him out! I don't want to see him here when I get back," I told Jared, who in turn told Casey, and Sidney just so happened to hear. He skated over to Jared and said something, then came over to me.

"Let's get you cleaned up," he had a slight smile set on his lips and a proud look on his face, and despite my aching body, I smiled too.
In the locker room, I told him to get the first aid kit out of my bag, and he obliged.
I sat on one of the long benches, letting out a quiet groan. Sid came over and sat with me, opening the kit up.
"You sure put up one hell of a fight," he told me before gently applying the cotton ball of peroxide to my cheek where I'd been cut.
"Merde," I whispered, a bit surprised by the sting.
"I couldn't let him push me around. Even if I am a girl, and the coach of half the guys that were playing or whatever, I was the referee. He had no right acting the way he did. If it were a real game, he would've been ejected, even suspended."
"I know, he just gets really worked up. Don't forget, he's a rookie this year, and just getting used to it. Man, I'm still getting used to it!"
I moved my arms up to stretch, yawning, and pulled up my jersey too. Sidney's eyes widened, and he asked, "Can I?" placing his hands near the hem of my shirt.
"What? Okay..?" He pulled it up to my abdomen, and I tied it up in a knot.
"You're so going to be black and blue tomorrow." My entire torso was red, spots were already turning black and blue.
"I can't believe I didn't wear pads," I shook my head, scolding myself, to which Sidney shook his head.
"Refs shouldn't have to. You didn't know he'd get physical. It's not your fault, you were just protecting yourself and showing Jordan that he can't mess with you."
"Thanks, Sidney," I grinned, giving him a hug.

"Oh, uh, sorry CB. We'll come back in a few," Casey stuttered. I turned to see my entire team standing in the door way, peeking in at their idol and nearly-topless coach mid hug.
"Its okay boys, I'm just checking out the damage," I laughed.
"That's not what Sidney's up to!" Brett let out, winking at him.
"Yeah, yeah, you're all pervs. Not like you haven't seen me in a sports bra before."
"Yeah, when we dared you to run around on the ice in nothing but your bra, shorties, and game socks," Casey held back his laughter.
"It was so worth Jared getting his tongue stuck to the ice."
"When was all this going on?" Sidney interrupted.
"Last season? Yeah," I answered in a casual tone.
"Care to reenact it now?"
"If you're the one in the underwear," I grinned, watching him blush.
"So are you guys tired or do you want to practice more?" I asked, changing the subject.
"The pros want to go home because they have something going on later, but we want you two to give us some extra pointers, if that's alright," Casey spoke on behalf of his friends- minus Jared. Most of them were too shy to say a word in front of Sidney. I looked over to Sid with a smile, and he nodded.
"Alright, let's get back out there!" I got up, pulling my jersey down.

For the next two hours, we played various games like Marco Polo, Red Rover, and Car lot, only we made them hockey related.
The boys were stress free, and they were enjoying their time on the ice, since they don't have any time to mess around during the season.
I watched Sidney skating around, acting like a total goober, just the way kids our age should act. Within this short time, I've seen a totally different side of Sidney.. The sweet, protective, fun loving boy, trying to withstand the pressures and expectations of the big league. Then again, the NHL is where he belongs..
"Brie, c'mon! You're on our team!" Sidney called, announcing that we were going to play sharks and minnows.
After practice ended, I was out on the ice picking up the pucks and cones, waiting for the guys to dress out. In the distance, I could hear them all saying things like,
"Go on, ask her," or,
"There's no way she'll say no."
I turned to see several of the boys surrounding Sidney, who looked like he'd barf at any second. I smiled a little, then went back to cleaning up.

In the locker room, I was getting out of my stuff with the rest of the guys, when Casey said, "Guys, Sidney has a crush on CB," to which they all went, "aww." I shook my head, turning red with embarrassment.
"Face it, you're like a puppy. Always sticking up for her, making sure she's ok," Jared grinned.
"Dude! You should ask her out!" Brett suggested excitedly.
"Nuh-uh. She'd just laugh and say no," I shook my head frantically.
"Are you on crack?! She likes you just as much as you like her.. which is a LOT!" Jared half joked.
I don't know how they convinced me, but I was now standing less than fifty meters away, ready to ask her out, but I couldn't.
"Guys.. I can't do this," I mumbled, watching Aubrie glide across the ice, shooting pucks into the net.
They tried to console me, and I finally gathered up the courage to walk onto the ice and over to this gorgeous girl. She stopped when she noticed me coming, and I turned to the guys for support, but they were nowhere to be seen.
"Uh.. Hey Aubrie," I rubbed my hand over the back of my neck.
"Hi Sidney," she smiled.
"I was wondering.. if you'd, uh.. want to go out with me tonight.." I finally stammered out, watching her eyes light up.

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