Monday, May 12, 2008



Watching everyone practice was taking what seemed to be forever, and I was still pretty tired, but my fever had gone down a little, thanks to the cold air.
I was wearing a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt, but Sidney made me wear his practice jacket, wanting me to stay warm and to get better.
Finally practice had ended, but Sid stayed out on the ice, sitting with his back against the boards, so I went out and sat with him.
"How are you feeling?" he asked.
"Better than before," I smiled at his rosy cheeks and seemingly purplish blue lips. It looked like he was freezing, though I knew he was the exact opposite.

February flew by and it was now early March, the seventh to be exact.
The Pens were having a spectacular after-break season, but they were on the road a lot.
On top of that, Henry was spending more and more time with Taya, meaning little to no time with me.
So I did what I always do.
I dove head first into the one thing that truly entertained me. Hockey.
I found a few little league type things around the city, so I joined a team in four different programs, but it wasn't enough.
I had the high schoolers practicing for Nationals, and the scout named Sam Dalmer kept showing up.
Every time after we'd finish up practice, he would ask me out or try and make a move.

That night after a rough practice, he came up to me while the boys were dressing out.
"So I was wondering if you'd get a coffee with me later, strictly business," he winked, trying to wrap an arm around me.
"How many times do I have to say no for you to get it?" I shoved his hand away.
I was not in the mood today.
"Until you say yes."
"I can't. I've told you a million times, I'm seeing someone."
"Sure, you say that, but is he real?"
This really got me going.
"Only if he's the NHL's leading point scorer. Then yeah. Sid's pretty damn real," I spat.
"Wait," he stuttered, "you're going out with Sidney Crosby?"
"Unless there's some other guy named Sid who's suddenly scored more points than he has. Then yes. Do you live under a rock or something, cause everyone already knows."
"How are you two handling the distance?" he asked, suddenly cool and calm, trying to get me to crack.
"Fine, since I'm used to it. My brother is their goalie, if you haven't noticed Marc-Andre Fleury between the pipes before."
When he didn't answer, I told him, "You'd better send one of your scout buddies to check out this team, and not me, or else you'll have an entire NHL team waiting for you in the parking lot."
Sam nodded and quickly left, shocked that I'd actually called him out.

Once I got home I checked my cell and home phone for messages, since Sidney was supposed to be coming back tomorrow afternoon. He said that he had the next few days off before a home game and hitting the road again. Sid promised that he'd call tonight to confirm his flight, but I guess not. No big deal I guess.
So I changed into my pajamas, and while I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I heard the apartment door open and close.
"Henry?" I called out, but no answer. I went into the living room, then opened up the door, taking a peek outside.
Again, nothing.
I closed the door and turned around, muttering, "Must've been my imaginatio-omph!" I walked straight into something, or rather, someone's arms. I panicked before hearing,
"Aubs, relax, it's just me."
I quickly realized that it was Sid, since he was the only person to ever call me that. It was cute and original, so I let it fly.
"Sidney!" I beamed, wrapping my arms around him in a hug.
"I missed you," he said into my neck, and I nodded a little.
"I missed you too."
After I let go, I asked, "But aren't you supposed to be coming home tomorrow?"
"I figured I'd come back early and surprise you. Why?"
"Oh, just wondering," I walked towards my bedroom, ready to open up the door and get a hair tie, while he followed.
"No, really. Is there something in there that you don't want me to see? Or someone?"
I glanced up at Sid, watching his stony expression, as if expecting the worst.
"Oh.. Yeah, about that. You see Sid, the thing is.. You weren't putting out, so I found a pretty hot guy at a bar and brought him home for some fun. I didn't expect you home tonight, so I hope that.. Rob.. hides," I rolled my eyes.
"What? How could you-" I opened the door and pushed him in, only so he could see the perfectly made bed and the lack of clothes strewn about the floor.
"Sidney, you need to learn some more about sarcasm."
"Yeah.. but.."
"Trust me, I wouldn't do that to you."

Something about his presence changed.. He seemed more confident and just something I couldn't place.
"I know," he pushed me up against the door, his lips colliding with mine.
"I really missed you... way too much," he mumbled as he planted tender kisses down my neck, brushing over my scar.
"You have no idea," I tangled my fingers in his dark waves of hair, my other hand on the back of his neck pulling him closer.
A small moan escaped my lips, only encouraging Sidney's fiery actions.
After that, things kicked up a few notches. We moved over to the bed while I was helping Sid take off his shirt, and I quickly tugged mine off too.
I let my hands drift down to his belt, and mumbled, "I hate belts.."

"Hey, are you sure you want to do this?" Sidney asked after breaking away from my neck.
"Mmhmm," I nodded, concentrating on the damn belt.
He grabbed both my hands with one of his, using the other to lift my chin up to look at him.
"Aubs, are you sure you're ready for this?"
As soon as my eyes met his, I knew exactly what we were doing, and I realized how fast it was going.
"No," I shook my head, "I'm sorry Sid."
"It's perfectly fine. I just don't want us doing anything we'll regret later," he smiled, lacing his fingers with mine.
"You're such a great guy," I grinned, giving him a light kiss on those huge, bee stung lips that just asked begged for it.
"I'm just cool like that, eh?"
"Yeah, you are."

I put my favourite season of Friends, which was season eight, on, and we spent the rest of the night, and most of the early morning hours just talking.
It amazed me at how insightful Sidney was. He's great at listening, but I don't feel like I'm talking to a wall.
Sometimes there wasn't even a need for words, just each other's company and watched the best episode of Friends when it came on.
"I just bamboozled Chandler!... That's not a sexual thing," Ross shouted after running into Monica's apartment after winning the game Joey was practicing to host.
He even made card games like Go Fish and War fun. I helped him practice his French counting during blackjack, which was extremely cute.

I'm definitely head over heels in love with Sidney.
I just know it.

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