Monday, May 12, 2008



Dr. Lewis came out shortly after the nurse left, a grim expression on his face.
"I'm so sorry to interrupt your fun night," he gestured to my outfit.
"But your friend, Mr. Ryan, was brought in a few hours ago, unconscious."
"Do you know why?"
"Yes. He consumed about half a bottle of the sleep aid, ambien, along with a considerable amount of alcohol." "So, you're saying that my best friend tried to kill himself?"
Dr. Lewis had dealt with me before when I'd had my one on one fight with Sidney and he'd stitched up Jared not too long ago.
"We're not assuming anything yet, but we'll find out when he wakes up."
"Can I go in and see him?"
"Of course. I wouldn't want to wake up in a weird place alone," he led me to the room, closing the door behind me.
I shook my head, trying to wake up, hoping this was all a dream. I sat in the chair closest to the bed, and broke down.
"Henry James Ryan, I can't believe you. I cannot fucking believe you," I told him, even though he was drugged up and passed out.

A little while later, a nurse named Melanie came in to check Henry's vital stats.
"Hi, Aubrie."
"Hey Mel," I answered dully.
"Y'know. He could be worse. He's lucky to just be sleeping, and not in a coma."
"I know. Do you know who called him in or what happened?"
"I overheard the EMTs saying that the neighbor knocked on the door because the TV was too loud, and they knew he was home. So they called the landlord, then he opened the door and he was unconscious on the couch," she told me, a sad look on her face.
"No one should have to go through this, but twice.. It's just not fair."
"Well at least he's got a chance of being alright.. Right?" I asked.
"A chance. Yeah. We called his parents, and their coming down first thing in the morning, and we called one more girl on the list, but she didn't pick up."
"Who was it?"
"A woman named Taya Feldman."
"Oh.. yeah. Do you know if the Pens game is on still?" I changed the subject quickly.
"I'm not sure. You can check on the TV at the nurses station if you don't want to wake Henry up."
I nodded, following her to the desks.
We checked, and the game had ended about half an hour ago. They lost 2-1.
"I need to make a few calls, if anything changes, I'll be outside. Please come tell me."
Melanie nodded, and I walked out of the hospital and into the cool night air.

With no missed calls, first things were first.
I called Jared to tell him tomorrow's practice was canceled, and I told him why. Then he promised to remind everyone else.
Next I caled Sid, but it went to voicemail.
"Hey its Aubrie. I'm really sorry I couldn't stay for the third period and all that. There was, and still is an emergency. Please, call me back when you get this. Love you, bye," I hung up and called my brother.
He actually picked up for once.. What a surprise.
"Brie, where are you?" he asked once he picked up, but there was a lot of noise in the background.
"Marc, I had to leave before the third period."
"Why? What was so important?"
"Henry tried to kill himself."
"He did what?"
"I know. So I'm at the hospital. You can come if you want.."
"Of course. I'll be right there. Urgent care, right?"
"Yeah. I'll be sitting outside."
"Ok. Let me finish getting dressed out, and I'll be there soon."
"Kay. Bye." I hung up and sat on the curb.
Shortly after, my phone began to vibrate.
"Aubs, I got your message. What's going on?" Sidney's panicked voice filled my ear.
"Nothing happened to me. It's Henry," I choked back a sob.
"Brie, what's going on?"
"Just please.. Come to the hospital. I hate talking about it over the phone."
"Ok. I'll say bye to my parents and Taylor, then be right over."
"I love you."
"You too," I hung up again, leaning my head on my knees.

I sat outside for another twenty minutes before Marc was sitting on the curb next to me. We stayed like that in silence until Sidney came, then Marc went inside, saying he wanted to see how Hen was doing.
"You ok, Brie?" Sid asked, helping me up.
I shook my head no, and he pulled me into his warm arms for a comforting hug.
"Tell me what's up," he said in a soft voice, brushing some loose hair out of my face.
"They called me before the third period, and when I came in, they said Henry tried to.." I couldn't say it. I just don't want to believe it.
"He what, Brie?"
"He tried to kill himself by mixing half a bottle of ambien and martinis."
"Are you kidding?"
I shot the death glare, something I rarely use, "Would I ever kid about something like this?"
"No.. I'm sorry."
"Its cool. Let's just go inside and see if anything has changed."

I led Sidney to the nurses' station.
"Any changes?" I asked Melanie.
"He's been up for the past ten minutes, but I didn't want to interrupt."
"Can I go see him?"
She nodded, and I brought Sidney back to his room, where Marc sat outside.
"Please don't go anywhere," I whispered before I opened the door.
"I'm here, don't worry," Sid nodded, sitting against the wall opposite the door with my brother.

I went in, gently closing the door behind me, immediately drawing Henry's attention.
"Bubbles," he started, but I didn't want to hear it.
"Don't even start, Henry. Do you even know how worried about you I've been? How I left during the middle of Sidney and Marc's first playoff game at home to be here for you?"
"No one was supposed to find me. I wasn't supposed to wake up."
"So you really did try to kill yourself?"
When he didn't answer, I felt like my heart was breaking.
"Did you, or did you not try to commit suicide?" I asked again, a very dark, serious tone in my voice, and he nodded.

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