Monday, May 12, 2008



Thursday came and so did Sidney's two days off. He came over around noon, and we did the usual; video games, tv, lunch.
Henry, of course, was nowhere to be seen, and Sidney decided to bring up the tender subject.
"So how's Henry been? I haven't seen him lately."
"Who the hell knows," I glared down at my feet, "I haven't seen or heard from him in weeks. He's basically living with Taya now. I don't get why he doesn't just move in with her."
"Hey," he grabbed my hand, rubbing his thumb against it, "he just wants to spend time with her. Like we do." "But he's my best friend," I whined.
"I know. Have you told him about this though?" he asked, and I felt a little offended. But he's just trying to help.
"No. If you haven't been listening, Henry hasn't been around for me to talk to," I snapped.
"Don't get all worked up, I just asked a question, and here's my advice. Call him up. Tell him that you guys need to talk, and ask him what's going on."
"Oh Sidney," I sighed, "where's the phone?"
He handed me my cell from the side table and I dialed Henry's number before walking into my room.
The phone rang once, twice, three times, then Henry.
I called again then left a message, calling Taya after that.
"Hey Taya, it's Aubrie."
"Oh, hey Brie!"
"Is Henry around there with you?"
"Brie.. He hasn't told you?"
"Told me what?"
"We broke up earlier this week."
I pressed end then slipped on my Vans and grabbed my keys, rushing into the living room.
"Where are you off to?"
"To find Henry," I muttered, slamming the door as I left.

I drove to every bar and club in town that came to mind. I hit up all the liquor stores, and just drove around town in hopes of finding him.
"Aha!" I found his car parked in the lot of a Denny's nearly five and a half hours into my search.
I walked in and described him to the waitress. She pointed him out, and my heart sank.

There he sat in his favourite suit, tie loose, collar unbuttoned. There was a plate of pancakes, untouched and smothered in cold maple syrup in front of him, but he was staring elsewhere. Unshaven and messy, unkempt hair, he looked as if here were a zombie.
"Henry," I cooed, placing my hand on his shoulder. He cringed a bit, shivering under my touch.
"Go away."
"No," I told him, sitting across from him.
"Tell me what's wrong."
He stared at me for a minute before finally registering who I was.
"Bubbles." Though he didn't physically smile, his eyes brightened in realization.
"I asked her to marry me.."
"Oh, Henry," I sighed, "why?"
"I found a pregnancy test in her room two weeks ago, and it was positive."
I shook my head, not wanting to believe it.
"She found out that I knew, and told me that it's not mine."
My jaw literally dropped, and anger washed over me.
"That whore!" I growled, then saw Hen's saddened expression.
"Aw, you still love her, huh?"
"No! I can't love someone who lies like that," his gaze hardened.

"Do you want me to go put the hurt on her? You know I will," I tried to lighten the mood.
"No. I just need a dozen crullers and a big martini. I'll get over it."
"No, you won't. If you really love her, you'd get past it and help her with this baby."
"You don't get it!" he yelled suddenly.
"She left me to be with that other guy!" I tried not to show that his anger upset me. I was only trying to help, and he never told me that.
"Henry, don't get pissed off at me! I'm not the one that dumped you for some other guy!" I retorted, ready to pounce all over him.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Why don't you go fuck Sidney while you still can."
Enraged, I lifted my hand and sent a hard slap to his cheek.
"Don't you dare bring him into this! He's been nothing but nice to you, and has nothing to do with your current situation. It's not my fault or Sid's that Taya messed up."

"I'm sorry," he muttered.
"What?" I asked, "I didn't quite hear that."
"I'm sorry, ok? I didn't mean it.. I'm just really upset with myself."
"And you think I don't see that?"
"No- I just want to deal with it alone."
"But you shouldn't have to. It's not good for anyone. You need your best friend to help you get through the tough times.. Not push me away."
"Ok," he hung his head in defeat.
"Where have you been for the past week?"
"At mom and dad's."
Good. He wasn't too far away. His parents had moved to Harrisburg from Sorel, and I guess they didn't help much.
"Want to come home? I can get donuts on the way if you want."
"I don't want to impose," he answered.
"It's your apartment too, ya know."
"Yeah, but you and Sidney will probably want to be alone and stuff."
"I'm sure he's not gonna mind. And if you don't want him there, he'll understand." Henry smiled, "Why are you so nice to me?"
"It's what best friends do," I shrugged, "plus, you've always been there for me, so it's only fair."
"Fine. Let's go home, and I don't think I'll be needing those crullers."

As always, Henry beat me home, shushing me upon my arrival.
"Why are we being quiet?" He pointed to my open door, and I peeked in.
Sidney was sleeping soundly, covered by my soft blue Nap blanket from Brookstone, holding on to my beanie buddy moose named Marty. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen in my life.
I don't know how long I had been standing in my doorway watching, when Henry told me, "You'd better not lose him," with a knowing grin.
"I'll sure try," I nodded, knowing what he meant.

Henry then asked me to help him pack up everything that reminded him of Taya the whore.
"Hen, are you sure you want to get rid of these?" I held up a huge stack of pictures.
He nodded quickly.
"But you could put them in an album- to remember the good times you two had- Like I have of Nate."
"Yeah, well Taya's not dead," he shot, hitting an extremely sore spot, and he knew liked it.
"Fine then," I let go of the stack, watching them fall to the floor.
"Wallow in your self pity," I left his room and headed into mine.

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