Thursday, May 8, 2008



After that whole thing, Sidney and I went and got a cup of coffee, while playing more get to know you' games.
"What's your hidden talent?" he asked me half an hour into it.
"Okay. This might sound weird, but I can analyze the, euh, how do you say.. Level of skill or threat any player on any team has, within three minutes of them being on the ice. I can figure out their habits and patterns like that," I snapped for effect.
"No way," he wore a huge childish grin.
"Really. But there was one guy I just couldn't
figure out for the life of me today. The first I haven't been able to judge successfully."
"Oh?" "
Yeah. Number 87 for the Pens."
"Wait.. That's me," he said after thinking for a second.
"Mmhmm. You're great at mixing it up, and keeping your opponents guessing. You saw that poster with the numbers against the glass by Marc, right?"
"Yeah, how could you not."
"Those were he numbers of the guys' jerseys. The ones he'd have to look out for as threats."
"But isn't that cheating?"
"Not if you, Marc and I are the only three people who know what those numbers mean. Hell, I could've written those because I support them or something."
"Very sneaky."
I nodded.
"What's your hidden talent?"
"Uh.. I don't really have one. I can play hockey. That's
my 'hidden' talent," he laughed nervously.
"None?!? You've got to have something else!"
"Uh.. I play a lot of Tony Hawk playstation games on the road.."
"Play me. Ilove those games."
"I've only got one controller.."
"Ahh. I have two at my place. I bought one for Henry, but he hates the game."
"Henry?" Sidney glanced up from his coffee to me, then back down.
"Your boyfriendor something?"
"Oh, no!! No. Though, I do love the boy to death. He's my best friend, and I've known him since seventh grade! It'd be like going out with Marc."
"Aah," he smiled, "when do you wanna play?"
"Now would be a good time. I don't want Coach to yell at me for keeping one of his star
players out 'till the crack of whenever."
Sid laughed, and I couldn't help but notice how cute both he and his laugh were.
On the way to my apartment, I gave directions while Sidney drove. Marc had given
me a lift to the game, so I didn't have my car.

My two bedroom apartment was on the fifth floor, and I'm very grateful to whoever
invented the elevator. I unlocked the door, praying the place looked decent.
I led Sidney in, and gave him the 'grand' tour. We were in my room now, which was
sort of tropical themed, with Caribbean blue walls and very light tan carpet to mimic
sand.. It just reminded me of summer.
I was busy looking around for the second controller, since I usually played alone, and
Sid was at my wall, inspecting the many framed pictures of my adventures across
the country with the Pens.
"You and Stastny seem.. close," he pointed out, and my face grew hot.
"Um.." I tried to speak, but I couldn't think of anything.
"Yeah, figures," he sighed and kept on reading, because I had little stories about the
pictures written on note cards taped underneath.
"What figures?" I finally asked,
sitting on my bed in defeat.
"I asked what figures," I repeated.
"Oh, that you're dating a hockey player. An Avalanche
player, too. They're good."
"Sidney.. I'm not dating Paul Stastny," I laughed, and he sent me a skeptical look.
"Okay. We tried it, but didn't work out. The distance and traveling was awful. Now we're just friends who hang out when he's in town."
"By the way, he's the only NHL player I've ever gone out with. So, I'm not in it for the whole fame and fortune thing. Though, Brind'Amour asked for my number.. I kind of gave him the rejection hotline, because he creeped me out."
Sidney laughed, "Yeah, he's like that sometimes. Now. When am I going to be added to the wall of fame?" he
asked in a more serious tone.
"Whenever we do something fun, and a camera is coincidentally there too." I looked past Sidney, and saw the other controller hanging off one of my higher shelves.
"Finally!" I hopped up and grabbed it. I hooked the controller into the Playstation, and started the game up.

"Here Sidney," I handed him one, and sat on the couch.
"Y'know, you can call me Sid."
"I thought so, but Sidney is much more fun to say."
We played Tony Hawk's American Wasteland for a few solid hours before both ofour phones went off simultaneously. I'd paused the game for a quick break, and
picked mine up.
"Where the hell are you? Did you kidnap and kill Darryl? He'd better be at his place
sleeping. We do have early practice tomorrow," Marc practically yelled at me.
"Who's Darryl?" I asked, and Sidney looked up asking, "What?"
"That's Sid's nickname," my brother explained, and I nodded, "Never mind then," to Sidney.
"So, what time's practice?"
"Uh.. Coach wants us there at six, but he's working the different lines one at a time."
"Oh. That means I have to come and entertain whoever isn't playing, eh?"
"Whatever. I'll see you bright and early."
I hung up and waited for Sid to do the same.
"Marc said I need to send you home," I sighed.
"Yeah, Colby said early practice."
"Well, I'll see you there. I'm obviously your guys' entertainment." Sidney laughed,and I walked him out to the elevator.
"I had a lot of fun. I hope we can hang out soon."
"Yeah, definitely," he smiled, which put a slight grin on my face as well. Before I could do anything else, Sidney had pulled me into a quick hug, then released.
"Bye Aubrie," he said before getting into the elevator, and leaving.
I heaved a sigh, and went back inside.

Henry walked in shortly after, a wide smile on his face.
"Who was that I saw you hugging out in the hall?"
"Uhh.. Nobody?" My cheeks grew hot from the embarrassment.
"Bubbles," his nickname for me, "you can't lie to your Henry. Now, who's the guy?"
"His name is Sidney.. He plays for the Pens.."
"Yeah, he's a hockey player."
"No. You mean you were out there with Sidney Crosby, meaning he was in here!"
"Yeah, that's usually how things work," I said from the kitchen.
I made popcorn, grabbed two bottles of Jones berry lemonade Soda, and hopped
on the couch, ready for a talk with Henry.

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