Friday, June 20, 2008



Ever since I got back from the road trip to Florida, Aubrie had been acting weird.. Like she was keeping a huge secret from me.
I almost got it out of her twice; once being before the game against the Lightning on the eighteenth.. But after she saw me take that fall and mess up my ankle, she's been quiet and I can tell that whatever it is, it's killing her.
She took me to get my x-rays done that Wednesday, and when I finished and got my 'boot' I heard her on the phone talking to someone, and it sounded pretty fishy.
Aubrie knew I had caught her off guard, but she quickly recovered and I let it slide, just like I always did.
In the parking lot, she asked me a question in that quiet, concerned, serious tone of hers.
"Did they give you a timetable?"
"Six to eight weeks," I nodded as I told her.
"Oh Sid," I heard her soft voice as she pulled me into a hug I really needed.
Once I wrapped my arms around her, something about Aubrie changed, but I couldn't tell exactly what.
Then I heard her mutter, "I need to tell you something.. It's important."
I let her go so she could take a step back, and the look on her face sent my mind into a frantic race.

The whole ride to her apartment, I tried to think of any and every reason Aubrie could want to tell me something.
I hadn't done anything horribly wrong over the past few weeks...
We weren't fighting, which was awesome.
The two of us had been so much better than we were before because of our November feud.
Maybe I had done something to make her mad without knowing it...
Or she could just want to talk about my injury.
But who am I kidding? I have no clue what she's on about.

Once we were at her place, I was waiting on her bed while Aubs and Henry were talking out side.
He had to be in on this too. She tells him pretty much everything..
Aubrie came back in and sat so she could face me, a nervous, cautious look on her normally bright and smiling face, which made me anxious.
Then she began to talk, and all I could do was sit there and listen.

After I finally got everything off my chest, Sidney just sat there staring at his hands as they rested in his lap.
"Sid?" I asked quietly, "Do you think you could maybe say something.. Anything? I don't expect you to be all excited or thrilled, but something is better than nothing."
He shook his head slightly, his eyes still focused on his hands.
"Well.. uh.. I'll just give you some time to yourself, yeah? I have to go schedule some practices at the rink and stuff.." I said nervously as I carefully got off of my bed and slipped on my shoes. I pulled on my January coat and scarf, pulling up my hood.
"I'll understand if you're not here when I get back," I hesitated for a second, "I love you no matter what."

I went out and sat in my car, resting my head in my hands for a second before slipping my key into the ignition and turning it.
The engine rolled for a few seconds, then halted, and I groaned.
"Just great," I sighed, leaning back in the seat.
I wasn't just going to walk back up into my apartment and ask Henry for a jump. No way.
So I sat there for a few more minutes, debating on what to do.
Then I heard a tap on the passenger window.
I jumped and looked to my right, seeing a familiar black trench coat and shirt standing outside.
Shaking my head, I locked the doors, not wanting to talk to him.
"Let me in, Aubs.. Please? Come on," Sidney pleaded.
"No," I answered, trying to start my car again.
"Aubrie Fleury, unlock the damn door!" he growled, pulling harshly on the handle a few times.
"You didn't want to talk about it a few minutes ago.. What makes you think I want to now?" I snapped, and Sidney took a step back from the door, peering in the window at me.
I turned the key one more time, hoping for the engine to roar and come to life, only to be disappointed by a rolling sound.
Sighing, I retracted my key and unlocked the doors, getting out of my safe hideout and facing Sidney on the sidewalk.
I looked up at him, and he stared intently back at me until I looked away, glancing down at the ground and shuffling my feet around on the snow covered ground.

"So, uh.. Since December?" Sidney started, and I quickly moved my eyes up to his, then back down.
"Yeah, the eighth," I said quietly, shoving my hands in my coat's pockets.
"It's uh.. Mine, right?" he asked, slightly rocking back and forth on the ball of his foot and the heel of his protective boot.
I kept my smart-alec reply to myself, knowing now was not the time to get into an argument about being faithful, and I nodded.
"Yeah, definitely" I told him simply.
Another awfully silent minute passed before Sidney spoke again.
"Do you know if it's a girl or a boy or what?"
I held back a laugh; what else could it be besides that?
"No," I shook my head, remaining my quiet composure and waiting for another question as silence fell over us yet again.
Sidney rubbed the back of his neck nervously, unable to keep still for more than a few seconds.
"When is.. When is it coming?"
"Are you ready?" he asked softly, and I shook my head.
"Not in the least. But I'm trying my best.."
Another pause; more tension filling the cold air around us.
"What do we do now? Where do we go from here?" I finally asked a question on my own.
"Um.." he managed to stutter out along with a slight, hesitant shrug.
This was not how I envisioned our talk to go... These questions and one-word answers were getting us nowhere. But neither of us could get out of the awkward atmosphere.
"Maybe we should take some time to figure that out," he suggested in a quiet voice, and I nodded.
"Yeah, you should go home and get some rest.. I think we both need to sort everything out. This is going to change our lives."
Sidney gave me a hesitant look, almost like he didn't want to leave, but he agreed.
"Are you okay with that?" I asked, watching him carefully.
"Yeah. I'll call you later or something.. Ok?"
I nodded, and he inched closer to me, planting a soft kiss on my cheek.
"I love you," he smiled as he spoke before getting into his car and driving off.

I went upstairs and got into bed, then Henry came into my room.
"I'm proud of you for telling Sid what's going on. I'm sure he'll get things sorted out soon."
"Let's hope so.." I nodded, "night Henry."

The next several days had gone by almost in slow motion; and it was now Sunday, January twenty seventh.
I hadn't seen Sidney since we talked in that parking lot, and today is our one year anniversary.
But who could blame the guy?
He sprains his ankle pretty badly, can't play hockey for two months, and then finds out he got his girlfriend pregnant.

I came home around two after a little practice with the Langley boys and saw a note waiting for me on the kitchen counter.
Be at the Lemieux's at six thirty. Please wear that dress I like so much..'

Even though there was no name signed- I could tell Sidney's handwriting anywhere.
"Oh great," I sighed to myself, "let me get all dressed up so Sid can tell me he doesn't want anything to do with me.."
I took a shower and got dressed, blow drying my hair and doing some light makeup before slipping on a pair of silver, metallic flats and my warm, black trench coat.

I got to the Lemieux house at six thirty sharp, and rang the doorbell, taking a deep breath and preparing for the biggest let down of my life.

Saturday, June 7, 2008



I stayed with Sidney until Wednesday, making sure he didn't do anything to make his injury worse.
"Aubrie, you don't need to baby me!" Sidney sighed once I got into the driver's side of my Rabbit.
My hand immediately brushed my stomach, but I quickly removed it, buckling my seatbelt and turning the car on.
Thankfully it was a cold winter, so I was constantly bundled up under layers of clothes to hide my growing stomach.
"It's my job, Sid. Just accept the fact that I'll be watching you like a hawk for the duration of your healing," I told him once we were on our way to the x-ray place.

I sat in the waiting room and texted Henry while the people were checking Sidney out.
I hadn't seen him since Friday; I'd spent just about all my time at the Lemieux. I only left to go to practices with the Langley boys.
My phone began to ring, so I answered it quickly.
"Hey Hen. It's good to hear from you.."
"How're you doing? How's Sidney?"
"He's frustrated and I'm doing my best to help.. But you know how that is."
"Have you told him yet?"
"Henry! Now's definitely not the time.. Sid's stressed enough already.. He doesn't need this on his shoulders right now."
I heard Henry sigh and I could just imagine the disappointed look on his face.
"I'll tell him once things settle down, I swear.."
"That's what you said a week ago."
"I know. But Sid got hurt. There was no way I was going to drop that bomb on him."
"Am I going to have to do this for you? He'll figure out that something's going on sooner or later, and you know he'll assume the worst."
"But, I.. I just wouldn't know what to say or when or how. It's stressing me out."
"You can't get too stressed, it's not good for the you-know-what."
"Thanks for not saying it.. I don't think I'm totally ready yet."
"Give it some time.. and tell Sidney. Then you'll be ready to take this on."
I rolled my eyes at my ever-persistent best friend.
"You need to stop trying to make me tell him! I'll do it when I feel like the time is right."
"Tell who what now?" I immediately stiffened, my back went rigid and I hung up my phone after muttering a quick goodbye.
I placed a smile on my face and answered without missing a beat, "Never you mind, Mister." I added a wink, "You free to go?"

A skeptical look crossed Sidney's face, but it was washed away when I got up and squoze his hand.
"Yeah.." he looked down at his foot, and I followed his gaze to see his white, fabric covered toes peeking out from a dark, plastic boot.
When I looked back up to Sid's face, I could see the anguish and discomfort in his eyes.
"Did they give you a timetable?"
"Six to eight weeks," he answered quietly as we walked out to my car.
"Oh, Sid.." I pulled him to a stop and wrapped my arms around him.
He returned the hug, and something clicked.
"Sidney," I muttered into his neck as he held me tightly against him, still in that warm hug.
"Hmm?" he asked, running a hand along my side.
"I need to tell you something."
"Go ahead."
"It's important.."
Sidney let go of me and took a step back, "Yeah?"
I looked around the parking lot and unlocked my car
"Uh.. Not here, okay? It'd be kinda.. weird in a parking lot."
"Then where would you like to go?" Sid asked, and by the look on his face, I could just see his mind racing.
He had every right to assume the worst, and I knew he was.
"How about we go to my place.." I suggested, getting into the driver's seat, and Sidney nodded somewhat reluctantly as he got into the passenger seat.

We got into the apartment after a silent, awkward car ride, and I saw Henry sitting on the couch.
"I need to talk to Hen alone for a minute.. Would you mind?" I said to Sidney, and he shook his head before hobbling into my room and sitting on the bed.
Henry got up and led me out into the hall.
"Did you tell him?"
"No. I'm just about to though.."
"Really? You're gonna do it?" Henry seemed surprised and relieved.
"Yeah, after we left the doctor's it just hit me, y'know? I have to do the right thing before it's too late."
Henry nodded, "I'm glad you realized that before it really was too late."
"I just.. I know what I need to do. I just don't know how to say it."
"It's pretty simple. Just tell him you're pregnant."
"Yeah, but that sounds so.."
"Unrealistic and lame?"
I nodded at Henry's explanation.
"Then just go in there and start from the beginning. Tell him about the tests and just go from there."
"Okay.. Here goes nothing," I gave my best friend a hug and opened the door.
"I'm gonna go run some errands and stuff. I'll see you later," Henry told me, and I went inside.
I joined Sidney in my room and sat on the bed so I could face him.
"Sorry I took so long out there.."
"It's fine," he answered quietly, "you wanted to talk about something?"
"Yeah.. Okay," I took a deep breath, "So you know how we thought I had the flu around Christmas and New years.. and we thought it was because I was out in the cold all day in Vancouver?"
Sidney nodded.
"Well.. Henry didn't think it was the flu; he had his own theory. So he got me all these at-home pregnancy tests.." I kept my eyes on my green and blue striped bedsheets as I spoke, making sure to avoid Sidney's gaze.
"But half of them were positive and the other half were negative. It was the weirdest thing.. So after we came back from Buffalo, I went to the doctors when you had practice.. to have a blood test done."
I glanced up at Sidney to see him staring back at me intently, his expression unreadable, and I began to fear the worst.
"Uh.. they called me back with the results.. and it turned out positive. I'm pregnant," I finally blurted, then waited for Sidney to react.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008



Monday came, and I didn't tell Sidney.
Tuesday went by, and I didn't mention it.
Wednesday passed, and I kept my mouth shut.
Thursday, I almost told Sid, but I chickened out.
By Friday, he definitely knew something was up.
"Aubs, after the game you and I need to talk about whatever's been bothering you, alright?" Sidney asked me when we got to the locker room
"Yeah, sounds good," I nodded, sending him a half smile.
I noticed the concern in his eyes, and I knew he wouldn't be able to focus.
"Don't worry, Sid. It's a good thing.. Well, I think it's good. Now go get pumped for the game," I gave him a tight hug, following it with a hard kiss, then went to my normal seat at the glass.

Sidney came out playing pretty strong, but halfway through the first period, Paul Ranger pushed him as he fell to the ice, sliding into the boards feet first.
I watched his left leg go up like it normally would, but his right foot hit the boards at a weird angle, and I instinctively cringed.
As soon as I saw the pained look on his face when he got up, I knew something was wrong.
I jumped up, banging on the plexiglass.
"Sidney! Sid," I called out, even though I knew he couldn't hear me as he was helped off the ice.
I didn't know what to do as I looked at the people around me. They were concerned too.
"Hey, are you ok?" A woman next to me asked, her hand on my shoulder. I shook my head, "He's hurt.."
"He'll be alright. The kid's young, he'll bounce back," the man beside her told me.
"No, you don't understand. This is serious. Sid didn't hit the boards like he usually does when he falls. He hit his ankle funny.. It's got to be bad."
"And you know this how?" A second man asked me.
"He's my boyfriend.. Now I need to get out of here," I muttered, pushing my way up the stairs and through the crowd of the main concourse, down to the locker room.

"Where is he?" I asked frantically, out of breath and slightly shaken.
"Aubrie," Marc-Andre wore a familiarly concerned look, "the team doctors are checking him out. You need to wait until they're done."
My brother handed me his water bottle, "You're looking really pale. Like you're gonna pass out."
"I just know something's wrong, and I'm worried is all." I took a sip of the water and let out a sigh.
I knew I wasn't going to be telling him anything tonight, so I texted Henry making sure he wouldn't freak out at me. I wouldn't be able to handle both this and another angry lecture from my best friend.
'I understand. I saw on tv' was his reply.
Half an hour passed, and the team doctor came out of the room Sidney was in.
He informed one of the assistant coaches that he thought it was a sort of sprain up in his ankle, but he'd need x-rays once the swelling went down to be sure.
"Can I go see him?" I asked the doctor shyly, and he nodded.
"Go right ahead, Miss Fleury."
"Thanks Josh," I smiled, walking into the little room to find Sidney reclining on a long exam bed.

I was immediately at his side, gently pulling him into a hug before stepping back slightly.
"I saw what happened.. Probably hurts like hell, eh?"
Sidney nodded, "You have no idea."
"Oh yeah?" I asked, setting a hand on my hip as Sidney had a hold on the other one, "freshman year. I had a pretty minuscule ankle sprain, so I thought I could still play. Yea-no. I ended up making that one much worse, plus I sprained my left one three weeks later trying to get up in my Algebra class."
"How do you sprain your ankle in math class? Was the problem too intense for you?" he laughed, and I laughed along for a few seconds.
"So I hear you have to get x-rays, yeah?"
"Wednesday," Sid nodded.
"This seriously blows.." I muttered.
"Tell me about it. No more hockey, no more nights of kinky, rough sex," Sidney joked, making me turn bright red.
"So says you!" I retorted in a similar tone, earning a fake glare from my adorable boyfriend.
"Uh, you guys do know I'm right outside," Marc-Andre called, "and I don't like what I'm hearing."
Sid and I burst out laughing, and I heard my brother heave a sigh.
"He's such a drama queen," I smiled, trying to distract Sidney from the pain of his swollen ankle.. But I could tell it wasn't working by the way he clenched his jaw and kept his lips sealed when he smiled.
I ran my hand through his hair, and he eased up for a second, then quickly went back to the tension when I removed my hand.
I noticed the bag of ice sitting on Sid's ankle had started to fall, so I readjusted it as carefully as I could, trying so hard to be gentle, but Sidney still winced.
"I'm sorry," I quickly apologized, and was right back by his side.
"It's not your fault," he told me and I nodded slightly.
"I know, but I hate seeing you like this."
"Take it easy. I won't be down for too long. Remember when I fractured my foot?"
"But a foot and an ankle are totally different. If you're hurt like I think you are, it's gonna take some time to heal," I sighed.
''I don't want to think about it right now.. I just want to go home and sleep off this pain."
"I'll go ask Josh when you can go.."

When I returned to the locker room, everyone was there dressing out.
"Hey guys," I nodded with a half smile, and they greeted me back.
They were all so somber, so I asked, "Tough loss?"
"You can say that again," Kris Letang groaned as he pulled off his pads.
"How come you guys weren't breaking down the door to see Sid?"
"Marc-Andre said you came in here as fast as you could.. all worried and like you were gonna pass out unless you were with him. So we wanted to let you do what you needed to do," Ryan Malone told me with a sincere tone.
"Thanks.. I really appreciate it," I smiled, giving him a warm hug.
"You should all go say hey, because he wants to go home and sleep."
Instantly, half the guys were up and rushing to Sidney as if to see if his leg had been amputated.
Once all the guys had seen Sid, and Josh wrapped up his ankle, I took him to Mario's and helped him inside.
"Aubrie, I'm a big boy..." he pulled away from my reach then took a step, wincing as he put the slightest amount of pressure on his swollen tendons.
I shot him a 'told you so' look, and he apologized, so I continued to help him to his room.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008



"Okay, uh. I need a minute, so just keep working on those drills," I told everyone as I shoved my phone in my pocket as I began to slowly skate the perimeter of the rink.
Jared joined me as I passed him for the third time.
"CB, what's up?" he asked, clearly concerned.
I shook my head quickly, "Nothing you need to be worried about."
"You're my coach and one of my closest friends. Is it Sid?"
"No, Sid hasn't done anything wrong. I'm just tired and stressed.. Nothing new, eh?" I asked Jared as we reached the turn.
"Do you want to go home and chill? I can take over here.."
"Thanks, but I need to work with you guys on some new stuff I came up with while you were all on break," I grinned as we met up with the team at center ice.

Two hours later I let the boys go home early since I'd worked them pretty hard. I stayed behind after everyone left, skating up and down the ice working on my stick handling.
"Bubbles, it's time to go home," Henry's voice came from the bench.
"No," I gritted out as I shot the puck as hard as I could before dropping my stick and sliding on my knees into the crease, sitting under the net.
"Come on," Henry pleaded, "I heard the message from the doctor's office.. They called the apartment earlier. You need to go home."
I shook my head, "No. I need to be here where I can control everything."
Henry stepped out onto the ice, his shiny black work shoes slipping around as he made his way over to me.
"Bubbles," he said in a gentle tone, "you can't control everything. You have to go with whatever happens."
"I'm scared though, Hen. I'm not ready for things to change so drastically."
"You've got eight months to get ready. But that'll start tomorrow. Let's go home, watch the Pens game and pig out."
I smiled at the thought, getting up and helping Henry back to solid ground.

"Okay. Boxers and enormous shirt from Sidney? Check. Various assortment of yummy, fattening snacks, check. Best friend? Check. Stuffed moose, blanket and pillow. Yep. Let's do this," I grinned as I settled into the couch, turning on the game just as the puck was dropped.
"Hey Henry?" I asked in between the first and second period.
"Yeah Bubbles?" he asked from his spot at the other end of the couch.
"Thanks for this.. I really needed it."
"It's what I do. How could I not be here for my best friend?"
After a 3-1 win, the Pens beat the Lightning 2 to 1, and then lost 2 to 3 against the Thrashers.
Then Sidney came home early Sunday morning.

I woke up and rolled over, my head hitting Sidney's chest.
He let out a slight groan, throwing his arm over my waist.
I felt his fingers graze over my stomach, and I suddenly felt uncomfortable.
I lifted up his arm, slipping out of bed and walking into the kitchen.
I got a bottle of water from the fridge and downed half of it within seconds.
After I put the bottle back in the refrigerator, I turned around and saw Sidney in the doorway rubbing his eyes, his curly locks all over the place.
"Bon matin. Why didn't you wake me up when you got home?"
"I heard you had a long day at practice and you looked too cute to wake up," Sidney grinned, walking over to me and setting his hands on my hips.
I leaned up, quickly pecking his lips before asking, "Do you have practice today?"
"Just for a few hours.. We're playing the Rangers tomorrow and it's gonna be pretty physical. Gotta be ready."
"Alrighty then," I nodded, resting my forehead on his shoulder and mimicking his hand placement.
"After two, I'm free for the rest of the day.. and the night for that matter," he winked when I looked up at him again, and I blushed a dark red.
"But right now, I gotta get out of here or I'll be late and they'll make me stay longer." I hadn't even noticed that he was dressed..
Sidney kissed me one more time before picking up his things and heading out the door.

The phone rang not long after the door closed, and I quickly picked it up.
"Miss Fleury, this is Melissa from Dr. Roy's office.. We spoke yesterday?"
"Oh.. Yes.."
"You had to go before we had the chance to set up another appointment."
"I'm sorry about that.. I was at my hockey team's practice, and I really couldn't talk."
"It's quite alright. Are you available in an hour? It's the only slot I have for two weeks, and we want to get you in as soon as possible."
"Sounds good. I'll see you then." Melissa said goodbye and I hung up the phone then took a quick shower.
After my check up with Dr. Roy, it was one o'clock and I was starved.
"Hey, Hen. Wanna come to lunch with me?" I asked when he answered his phone.
"Depends on what you want to eat.."
"Just some Denny's. Want me to pick you up?"
"Nah, I'm out and about. I'll meet you there."
"See ya in a few then." I hung up and drove to the closest Denny's to the apartment and saw Henry waiting outside for me.
"How do you do that?" I asked as we sat in a booth and ordered our drinks.
"I'm just cool like that," he shrugged, "So how'd you appointment go?"
"Pretty well. Did some tests and stuff.. I'm supposed to go back in a few weeks."
"Did they give you a due date?"
I nodded, a slight smile on my face, "The second week of August "
"It's good you're not freaking out about this. Have you thought about how you're gonna tell Sidney?"
"I'm freaking out, trust me. But it's out of my control.. I'm embracing this instead of hating it. And uh.. I've thought about it a little," I let out a small laugh.
"Aubrie," Henry sighed, giving me his famous parental look.
"I know, I know! Don't make me feel worse than I already do."
"When are you going to tell him?"
"I don't know.." I shrugged, dipping my french fry into the side of ranch dressing, "when the time is right, I'll know."
Henry rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to nag me, but I beat him to it.
"Hen, I have to do this my way. Let me get used to the fact that I have something growing inside me, then I'll tell Sidney."
"You have until he leaves for his next away game," Henry told me in a stern voice, "or else I'll tell him myself."
"They're going to Montreal on the nineteenth.. That's Saturday."
"So you have until Friday night."
"Fine. Way to be a jerk.. I guess I should call my mum and dad.. and let her know that they're gonna be grandparents."
Henry shook his head, "Not until after you tell Sidney. You don't want him to find out through the grapevine, do you?"
"Not particularity.."
"Then keep quiet until then."

Monday, June 2, 2008



January third arrived quickly, and I was finishing up blow drying my hair before my doctors appointment.
Sidney was at game day morning skate; they were facing the Maple Leafs tonight and I had a ticket, like usual.
"Are you ready?" Henry asked, poking his head into my bathroom.
"Yep. Let's get this over with," I said as I set the blowdrier down and grabbed my bag, then we went downstairs to Henry's car.
I sat in the small exam room of my regular doctor's office, nervously kicking my feet as they hung off the cushy exam bed I was sitting on.
"Alright Miss Aubrie," my physician, Dr. Roy, said as he sat on his little rolling stool, "twenty years old now, still five foot nine and a hundred and seventeen pounds.. Allergic to ceclor, and it says that you're here for a pregnancy test?"
"Yeah," I nodded quickly, "those at home ones aren't quite accurate."
Dr. Roy laughed, easing the tension drastically, "Well I'll need to take some blood seeing as you're probably sick of peeing all together."
"Pretty much, yeah," I grinned, now totally at ease.
After having my blood drawn, which is not the most fun thing ever, Dr. Roy said that they'd call me with the results, so I was free to go.

As soon as Henry and I were in the car, my best friend asked, "So..? Is there a little hockey prodigy on the way?"
I swear I turned beet red at the thought.
"They said they'd call me with the results.."
"Oh," Henry replied, "but if it turns out thre is... you know it's gonna be born with a hockey stick in hand.. All those awesome genes coming together in one body.."
"It'll be the end of the world."
"The NHL will try to sign it straight out of the womb.."
I couldn't help but laugh at this, "I wouldn't be surprised. Let's not get our hopes up though. I've been feeling a lot better lately."
"So you're saying you don't want a kid with Sidney?"
"Are you serious, Hen? I would love to have kids with him.. An entire pee-wee team of them. But now's not the time. I'm not ready for that responsibility, and neither is he."
"Hey, you take care of me, don't you? I'm worse than a baby."
"True.." I nodded in agreement.
"You aren't supposed to agree! You're supposed to say, 'No Henry! You're so much better than a baby!'"
"I wouldn't be too sure about that.."

After a 6-2 win over the Leafs, I met Sidney outside the locker room.
"Great game. You guys are on a roll," I smiled. The Pens were on a five game winning streak.
"Ssh," Sidney held his index finger to my lips gently and I shot him a confused look.
"Don't want to jinx it. But you know what I do want?"
I shook my head.
"To go home and celebrate with my girlfriend."
"Oh really? You're not too tired or worried about practice tomorrow?"
"Not in the least.. And practice starts at two thirty tomorrow, so I'm all set."
"You really thought this through," I laughed when Sidney nodded eagerly.
"Alright. If you beat me home, I'll do that thing you like so much," I smirked, tracing my fingers up and down his stomach.
Sid hoisted his equipment bag over his shoulder and kissed my cheek, "See you at your place!"
With that said, I watched him take off down the hall towards the exit and out to the parking lot.
I laughed to myself and shook my head as I made my way to my car.

When I walked into the dark apartment, I smiled, "Guess I beat him.."
"Guess again," I heard from nearby, and I couldn't really see without the lights, but I had a pretty good idea as to who it was, so I flicked them on.
"Aubrie!" he mimicked as I put my keys and purse down, then he picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder.
"Sidney! What are you doing?" I yelped, wrapping my arms around his waist, even though I knew he wouldn't let me fall.
"Relax, I've got you," he reassured me before making his way into my bedroom.
Sidney let me go and I plopped onto the soft bed, laughing when Sidney's warm breath hit my neck as he hovered over me.
I set my hands on his neck, my eyes locking onto his and I grinned, "I love you way too much."
Sidney's sharp hazel eyes brightened at my words, a smile crossing his lips.
"What? Is there something keeping you from saying it back?" I asked quietly, suddenly becoming nervous.
"No, it's nothing like that.. I love you like crazy and you know it. But you're.."
"I'm what?" I ran my thumb back and forth across his jawline.
"You're just glowing," he answered simply, "I could look at you all day, you're so radiant." He quickly stifled a yawn, and I could tell he was worn out.

"Sidney, you're tired, huh?" He nodded reluctantly.
"How about you go take a quick shower and then we'll go to bed," I suggested, watching him nod again as he got off of me and wandered to my bathroom, undressing as he went.
When I heard the water running, I got into my pajamas and sat in bed.

Twenty minutes went by, and Sidney was still in the shower, which was very unlike him.
"Sid?" I asked, knocking on the door. I walked in and he poked his head out from behind the curtain, his cheeks bright red.
"What's going on?"
"Nothing," he answered quickly, pulling back behind the curtain.
"Sidney, come on." The water turned off and I handed Sid a towel to wrap around his waist.
"What happened to your face?" I mused at the tiny cuts on his cheeks.
All the heat rushed to his face when he answered, "I thought I'd save time by shaving in the shower, and once I started I realized there wasn't a mirror.. So I had a hard time."
"You poor thing," I shook my head, suppressing my laughs as I rummaged through my medicine cabinet, finding some disinfectant.
I spread some of the clear stuff over Sid's cuts, and he cringed under my touch, however delicate it was.
"You break your foot and act like it's no big deal. But a little peroxide on a cut from shaving?" I laughed, blowing softly on his cheek once I finished.
"Now dry off and come to bed," I smiled, then went and got into bed.

January eighth, Sidney was in Florida to play the Panthers while I had a practice scheduled for the boys of Langley.
"CB, it's our first practice back from break, go easy!" Jared pleaded along with everyone else, but I made them work.
They were all running passing drills when my phone rang.
"Hello?" I asked, not recognizing the number.
"Is this Aubrie Fleury?"
"This is she.."
"I'm calling from Dr. Roy's office. We got your pregnancy test results in today.."
"And?" I asked, my heart racing and my breath shortening as I leaned against the boards.
"Congratulations, Miss Fleury. You're four weeks pregnant."
"Thanks.. I-uh.. I have to go," I said quickly, hanging the phone up.