Monday, June 2, 2008



January third arrived quickly, and I was finishing up blow drying my hair before my doctors appointment.
Sidney was at game day morning skate; they were facing the Maple Leafs tonight and I had a ticket, like usual.
"Are you ready?" Henry asked, poking his head into my bathroom.
"Yep. Let's get this over with," I said as I set the blowdrier down and grabbed my bag, then we went downstairs to Henry's car.
I sat in the small exam room of my regular doctor's office, nervously kicking my feet as they hung off the cushy exam bed I was sitting on.
"Alright Miss Aubrie," my physician, Dr. Roy, said as he sat on his little rolling stool, "twenty years old now, still five foot nine and a hundred and seventeen pounds.. Allergic to ceclor, and it says that you're here for a pregnancy test?"
"Yeah," I nodded quickly, "those at home ones aren't quite accurate."
Dr. Roy laughed, easing the tension drastically, "Well I'll need to take some blood seeing as you're probably sick of peeing all together."
"Pretty much, yeah," I grinned, now totally at ease.
After having my blood drawn, which is not the most fun thing ever, Dr. Roy said that they'd call me with the results, so I was free to go.

As soon as Henry and I were in the car, my best friend asked, "So..? Is there a little hockey prodigy on the way?"
I swear I turned beet red at the thought.
"They said they'd call me with the results.."
"Oh," Henry replied, "but if it turns out thre is... you know it's gonna be born with a hockey stick in hand.. All those awesome genes coming together in one body.."
"It'll be the end of the world."
"The NHL will try to sign it straight out of the womb.."
I couldn't help but laugh at this, "I wouldn't be surprised. Let's not get our hopes up though. I've been feeling a lot better lately."
"So you're saying you don't want a kid with Sidney?"
"Are you serious, Hen? I would love to have kids with him.. An entire pee-wee team of them. But now's not the time. I'm not ready for that responsibility, and neither is he."
"Hey, you take care of me, don't you? I'm worse than a baby."
"True.." I nodded in agreement.
"You aren't supposed to agree! You're supposed to say, 'No Henry! You're so much better than a baby!'"
"I wouldn't be too sure about that.."

After a 6-2 win over the Leafs, I met Sidney outside the locker room.
"Great game. You guys are on a roll," I smiled. The Pens were on a five game winning streak.
"Ssh," Sidney held his index finger to my lips gently and I shot him a confused look.
"Don't want to jinx it. But you know what I do want?"
I shook my head.
"To go home and celebrate with my girlfriend."
"Oh really? You're not too tired or worried about practice tomorrow?"
"Not in the least.. And practice starts at two thirty tomorrow, so I'm all set."
"You really thought this through," I laughed when Sidney nodded eagerly.
"Alright. If you beat me home, I'll do that thing you like so much," I smirked, tracing my fingers up and down his stomach.
Sid hoisted his equipment bag over his shoulder and kissed my cheek, "See you at your place!"
With that said, I watched him take off down the hall towards the exit and out to the parking lot.
I laughed to myself and shook my head as I made my way to my car.

When I walked into the dark apartment, I smiled, "Guess I beat him.."
"Guess again," I heard from nearby, and I couldn't really see without the lights, but I had a pretty good idea as to who it was, so I flicked them on.
"Aubrie!" he mimicked as I put my keys and purse down, then he picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder.
"Sidney! What are you doing?" I yelped, wrapping my arms around his waist, even though I knew he wouldn't let me fall.
"Relax, I've got you," he reassured me before making his way into my bedroom.
Sidney let me go and I plopped onto the soft bed, laughing when Sidney's warm breath hit my neck as he hovered over me.
I set my hands on his neck, my eyes locking onto his and I grinned, "I love you way too much."
Sidney's sharp hazel eyes brightened at my words, a smile crossing his lips.
"What? Is there something keeping you from saying it back?" I asked quietly, suddenly becoming nervous.
"No, it's nothing like that.. I love you like crazy and you know it. But you're.."
"I'm what?" I ran my thumb back and forth across his jawline.
"You're just glowing," he answered simply, "I could look at you all day, you're so radiant." He quickly stifled a yawn, and I could tell he was worn out.

"Sidney, you're tired, huh?" He nodded reluctantly.
"How about you go take a quick shower and then we'll go to bed," I suggested, watching him nod again as he got off of me and wandered to my bathroom, undressing as he went.
When I heard the water running, I got into my pajamas and sat in bed.

Twenty minutes went by, and Sidney was still in the shower, which was very unlike him.
"Sid?" I asked, knocking on the door. I walked in and he poked his head out from behind the curtain, his cheeks bright red.
"What's going on?"
"Nothing," he answered quickly, pulling back behind the curtain.
"Sidney, come on." The water turned off and I handed Sid a towel to wrap around his waist.
"What happened to your face?" I mused at the tiny cuts on his cheeks.
All the heat rushed to his face when he answered, "I thought I'd save time by shaving in the shower, and once I started I realized there wasn't a mirror.. So I had a hard time."
"You poor thing," I shook my head, suppressing my laughs as I rummaged through my medicine cabinet, finding some disinfectant.
I spread some of the clear stuff over Sid's cuts, and he cringed under my touch, however delicate it was.
"You break your foot and act like it's no big deal. But a little peroxide on a cut from shaving?" I laughed, blowing softly on his cheek once I finished.
"Now dry off and come to bed," I smiled, then went and got into bed.

January eighth, Sidney was in Florida to play the Panthers while I had a practice scheduled for the boys of Langley.
"CB, it's our first practice back from break, go easy!" Jared pleaded along with everyone else, but I made them work.
They were all running passing drills when my phone rang.
"Hello?" I asked, not recognizing the number.
"Is this Aubrie Fleury?"
"This is she.."
"I'm calling from Dr. Roy's office. We got your pregnancy test results in today.."
"And?" I asked, my heart racing and my breath shortening as I leaned against the boards.
"Congratulations, Miss Fleury. You're four weeks pregnant."
"Thanks.. I-uh.. I have to go," I said quickly, hanging the phone up.


Molly[Talbot]5825 said...

i jsut read your NEW blog post, and i can't wait to see how starting @ chapter 59 (this one) changes stuff!
it will be TOTALLY different, if you're gonna do what i think you're gonna do!

can't wait!

Anonymous said...

i went to that game.. the 6-2 win over the leafs