Tuesday, June 3, 2008



"Okay, uh. I need a minute, so just keep working on those drills," I told everyone as I shoved my phone in my pocket as I began to slowly skate the perimeter of the rink.
Jared joined me as I passed him for the third time.
"CB, what's up?" he asked, clearly concerned.
I shook my head quickly, "Nothing you need to be worried about."
"You're my coach and one of my closest friends. Is it Sid?"
"No, Sid hasn't done anything wrong. I'm just tired and stressed.. Nothing new, eh?" I asked Jared as we reached the turn.
"Do you want to go home and chill? I can take over here.."
"Thanks, but I need to work with you guys on some new stuff I came up with while you were all on break," I grinned as we met up with the team at center ice.

Two hours later I let the boys go home early since I'd worked them pretty hard. I stayed behind after everyone left, skating up and down the ice working on my stick handling.
"Bubbles, it's time to go home," Henry's voice came from the bench.
"No," I gritted out as I shot the puck as hard as I could before dropping my stick and sliding on my knees into the crease, sitting under the net.
"Come on," Henry pleaded, "I heard the message from the doctor's office.. They called the apartment earlier. You need to go home."
I shook my head, "No. I need to be here where I can control everything."
Henry stepped out onto the ice, his shiny black work shoes slipping around as he made his way over to me.
"Bubbles," he said in a gentle tone, "you can't control everything. You have to go with whatever happens."
"I'm scared though, Hen. I'm not ready for things to change so drastically."
"You've got eight months to get ready. But that'll start tomorrow. Let's go home, watch the Pens game and pig out."
I smiled at the thought, getting up and helping Henry back to solid ground.

"Okay. Boxers and enormous shirt from Sidney? Check. Various assortment of yummy, fattening snacks, check. Best friend? Check. Stuffed moose, blanket and pillow. Yep. Let's do this," I grinned as I settled into the couch, turning on the game just as the puck was dropped.
"Hey Henry?" I asked in between the first and second period.
"Yeah Bubbles?" he asked from his spot at the other end of the couch.
"Thanks for this.. I really needed it."
"It's what I do. How could I not be here for my best friend?"
After a 3-1 win, the Pens beat the Lightning 2 to 1, and then lost 2 to 3 against the Thrashers.
Then Sidney came home early Sunday morning.

I woke up and rolled over, my head hitting Sidney's chest.
He let out a slight groan, throwing his arm over my waist.
I felt his fingers graze over my stomach, and I suddenly felt uncomfortable.
I lifted up his arm, slipping out of bed and walking into the kitchen.
I got a bottle of water from the fridge and downed half of it within seconds.
After I put the bottle back in the refrigerator, I turned around and saw Sidney in the doorway rubbing his eyes, his curly locks all over the place.
"Bon matin. Why didn't you wake me up when you got home?"
"I heard you had a long day at practice and you looked too cute to wake up," Sidney grinned, walking over to me and setting his hands on my hips.
I leaned up, quickly pecking his lips before asking, "Do you have practice today?"
"Just for a few hours.. We're playing the Rangers tomorrow and it's gonna be pretty physical. Gotta be ready."
"Alrighty then," I nodded, resting my forehead on his shoulder and mimicking his hand placement.
"After two, I'm free for the rest of the day.. and the night for that matter," he winked when I looked up at him again, and I blushed a dark red.
"But right now, I gotta get out of here or I'll be late and they'll make me stay longer." I hadn't even noticed that he was dressed..
Sidney kissed me one more time before picking up his things and heading out the door.

The phone rang not long after the door closed, and I quickly picked it up.
"Miss Fleury, this is Melissa from Dr. Roy's office.. We spoke yesterday?"
"Oh.. Yes.."
"You had to go before we had the chance to set up another appointment."
"I'm sorry about that.. I was at my hockey team's practice, and I really couldn't talk."
"It's quite alright. Are you available in an hour? It's the only slot I have for two weeks, and we want to get you in as soon as possible."
"Sounds good. I'll see you then." Melissa said goodbye and I hung up the phone then took a quick shower.
After my check up with Dr. Roy, it was one o'clock and I was starved.
"Hey, Hen. Wanna come to lunch with me?" I asked when he answered his phone.
"Depends on what you want to eat.."
"Just some Denny's. Want me to pick you up?"
"Nah, I'm out and about. I'll meet you there."
"See ya in a few then." I hung up and drove to the closest Denny's to the apartment and saw Henry waiting outside for me.
"How do you do that?" I asked as we sat in a booth and ordered our drinks.
"I'm just cool like that," he shrugged, "So how'd you appointment go?"
"Pretty well. Did some tests and stuff.. I'm supposed to go back in a few weeks."
"Did they give you a due date?"
I nodded, a slight smile on my face, "The second week of August "
"It's good you're not freaking out about this. Have you thought about how you're gonna tell Sidney?"
"I'm freaking out, trust me. But it's out of my control.. I'm embracing this instead of hating it. And uh.. I've thought about it a little," I let out a small laugh.
"Aubrie," Henry sighed, giving me his famous parental look.
"I know, I know! Don't make me feel worse than I already do."
"When are you going to tell him?"
"I don't know.." I shrugged, dipping my french fry into the side of ranch dressing, "when the time is right, I'll know."
Henry rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to nag me, but I beat him to it.
"Hen, I have to do this my way. Let me get used to the fact that I have something growing inside me, then I'll tell Sidney."
"You have until he leaves for his next away game," Henry told me in a stern voice, "or else I'll tell him myself."
"They're going to Montreal on the nineteenth.. That's Saturday."
"So you have until Friday night."
"Fine. Way to be a jerk.. I guess I should call my mum and dad.. and let her know that they're gonna be grandparents."
Henry shook his head, "Not until after you tell Sidney. You don't want him to find out through the grapevine, do you?"
"Not particularity.."
"Then keep quiet until then."


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