Wednesday, June 4, 2008



Monday came, and I didn't tell Sidney.
Tuesday went by, and I didn't mention it.
Wednesday passed, and I kept my mouth shut.
Thursday, I almost told Sid, but I chickened out.
By Friday, he definitely knew something was up.
"Aubs, after the game you and I need to talk about whatever's been bothering you, alright?" Sidney asked me when we got to the locker room
"Yeah, sounds good," I nodded, sending him a half smile.
I noticed the concern in his eyes, and I knew he wouldn't be able to focus.
"Don't worry, Sid. It's a good thing.. Well, I think it's good. Now go get pumped for the game," I gave him a tight hug, following it with a hard kiss, then went to my normal seat at the glass.

Sidney came out playing pretty strong, but halfway through the first period, Paul Ranger pushed him as he fell to the ice, sliding into the boards feet first.
I watched his left leg go up like it normally would, but his right foot hit the boards at a weird angle, and I instinctively cringed.
As soon as I saw the pained look on his face when he got up, I knew something was wrong.
I jumped up, banging on the plexiglass.
"Sidney! Sid," I called out, even though I knew he couldn't hear me as he was helped off the ice.
I didn't know what to do as I looked at the people around me. They were concerned too.
"Hey, are you ok?" A woman next to me asked, her hand on my shoulder. I shook my head, "He's hurt.."
"He'll be alright. The kid's young, he'll bounce back," the man beside her told me.
"No, you don't understand. This is serious. Sid didn't hit the boards like he usually does when he falls. He hit his ankle funny.. It's got to be bad."
"And you know this how?" A second man asked me.
"He's my boyfriend.. Now I need to get out of here," I muttered, pushing my way up the stairs and through the crowd of the main concourse, down to the locker room.

"Where is he?" I asked frantically, out of breath and slightly shaken.
"Aubrie," Marc-Andre wore a familiarly concerned look, "the team doctors are checking him out. You need to wait until they're done."
My brother handed me his water bottle, "You're looking really pale. Like you're gonna pass out."
"I just know something's wrong, and I'm worried is all." I took a sip of the water and let out a sigh.
I knew I wasn't going to be telling him anything tonight, so I texted Henry making sure he wouldn't freak out at me. I wouldn't be able to handle both this and another angry lecture from my best friend.
'I understand. I saw on tv' was his reply.
Half an hour passed, and the team doctor came out of the room Sidney was in.
He informed one of the assistant coaches that he thought it was a sort of sprain up in his ankle, but he'd need x-rays once the swelling went down to be sure.
"Can I go see him?" I asked the doctor shyly, and he nodded.
"Go right ahead, Miss Fleury."
"Thanks Josh," I smiled, walking into the little room to find Sidney reclining on a long exam bed.

I was immediately at his side, gently pulling him into a hug before stepping back slightly.
"I saw what happened.. Probably hurts like hell, eh?"
Sidney nodded, "You have no idea."
"Oh yeah?" I asked, setting a hand on my hip as Sidney had a hold on the other one, "freshman year. I had a pretty minuscule ankle sprain, so I thought I could still play. Yea-no. I ended up making that one much worse, plus I sprained my left one three weeks later trying to get up in my Algebra class."
"How do you sprain your ankle in math class? Was the problem too intense for you?" he laughed, and I laughed along for a few seconds.
"So I hear you have to get x-rays, yeah?"
"Wednesday," Sid nodded.
"This seriously blows.." I muttered.
"Tell me about it. No more hockey, no more nights of kinky, rough sex," Sidney joked, making me turn bright red.
"So says you!" I retorted in a similar tone, earning a fake glare from my adorable boyfriend.
"Uh, you guys do know I'm right outside," Marc-Andre called, "and I don't like what I'm hearing."
Sid and I burst out laughing, and I heard my brother heave a sigh.
"He's such a drama queen," I smiled, trying to distract Sidney from the pain of his swollen ankle.. But I could tell it wasn't working by the way he clenched his jaw and kept his lips sealed when he smiled.
I ran my hand through his hair, and he eased up for a second, then quickly went back to the tension when I removed my hand.
I noticed the bag of ice sitting on Sid's ankle had started to fall, so I readjusted it as carefully as I could, trying so hard to be gentle, but Sidney still winced.
"I'm sorry," I quickly apologized, and was right back by his side.
"It's not your fault," he told me and I nodded slightly.
"I know, but I hate seeing you like this."
"Take it easy. I won't be down for too long. Remember when I fractured my foot?"
"But a foot and an ankle are totally different. If you're hurt like I think you are, it's gonna take some time to heal," I sighed.
''I don't want to think about it right now.. I just want to go home and sleep off this pain."
"I'll go ask Josh when you can go.."

When I returned to the locker room, everyone was there dressing out.
"Hey guys," I nodded with a half smile, and they greeted me back.
They were all so somber, so I asked, "Tough loss?"
"You can say that again," Kris Letang groaned as he pulled off his pads.
"How come you guys weren't breaking down the door to see Sid?"
"Marc-Andre said you came in here as fast as you could.. all worried and like you were gonna pass out unless you were with him. So we wanted to let you do what you needed to do," Ryan Malone told me with a sincere tone.
"Thanks.. I really appreciate it," I smiled, giving him a warm hug.
"You should all go say hey, because he wants to go home and sleep."
Instantly, half the guys were up and rushing to Sidney as if to see if his leg had been amputated.
Once all the guys had seen Sid, and Josh wrapped up his ankle, I took him to Mario's and helped him inside.
"Aubrie, I'm a big boy..." he pulled away from my reach then took a step, wincing as he put the slightest amount of pressure on his swollen tendons.
I shot him a 'told you so' look, and he apologized, so I continued to help him to his room.



LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

sidthekidlover said...

love it

i was in my owners box when he hit his ancle on the boards! i cried so hard for weeks. when he finally played agian i was so soo sooooooo happy!

lauren said...

WOW I love your story keep up the good work


plz make more!!!!!! I need to know what happens!!!

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I`m finally all caught up with you story. I just couldn`t deal with quizilla anymore so I`m gonna post on here now too. As always I love the story & can`t wait for more.