Friday, June 20, 2008



Ever since I got back from the road trip to Florida, Aubrie had been acting weird.. Like she was keeping a huge secret from me.
I almost got it out of her twice; once being before the game against the Lightning on the eighteenth.. But after she saw me take that fall and mess up my ankle, she's been quiet and I can tell that whatever it is, it's killing her.
She took me to get my x-rays done that Wednesday, and when I finished and got my 'boot' I heard her on the phone talking to someone, and it sounded pretty fishy.
Aubrie knew I had caught her off guard, but she quickly recovered and I let it slide, just like I always did.
In the parking lot, she asked me a question in that quiet, concerned, serious tone of hers.
"Did they give you a timetable?"
"Six to eight weeks," I nodded as I told her.
"Oh Sid," I heard her soft voice as she pulled me into a hug I really needed.
Once I wrapped my arms around her, something about Aubrie changed, but I couldn't tell exactly what.
Then I heard her mutter, "I need to tell you something.. It's important."
I let her go so she could take a step back, and the look on her face sent my mind into a frantic race.

The whole ride to her apartment, I tried to think of any and every reason Aubrie could want to tell me something.
I hadn't done anything horribly wrong over the past few weeks...
We weren't fighting, which was awesome.
The two of us had been so much better than we were before because of our November feud.
Maybe I had done something to make her mad without knowing it...
Or she could just want to talk about my injury.
But who am I kidding? I have no clue what she's on about.

Once we were at her place, I was waiting on her bed while Aubs and Henry were talking out side.
He had to be in on this too. She tells him pretty much everything..
Aubrie came back in and sat so she could face me, a nervous, cautious look on her normally bright and smiling face, which made me anxious.
Then she began to talk, and all I could do was sit there and listen.

After I finally got everything off my chest, Sidney just sat there staring at his hands as they rested in his lap.
"Sid?" I asked quietly, "Do you think you could maybe say something.. Anything? I don't expect you to be all excited or thrilled, but something is better than nothing."
He shook his head slightly, his eyes still focused on his hands.
"Well.. uh.. I'll just give you some time to yourself, yeah? I have to go schedule some practices at the rink and stuff.." I said nervously as I carefully got off of my bed and slipped on my shoes. I pulled on my January coat and scarf, pulling up my hood.
"I'll understand if you're not here when I get back," I hesitated for a second, "I love you no matter what."

I went out and sat in my car, resting my head in my hands for a second before slipping my key into the ignition and turning it.
The engine rolled for a few seconds, then halted, and I groaned.
"Just great," I sighed, leaning back in the seat.
I wasn't just going to walk back up into my apartment and ask Henry for a jump. No way.
So I sat there for a few more minutes, debating on what to do.
Then I heard a tap on the passenger window.
I jumped and looked to my right, seeing a familiar black trench coat and shirt standing outside.
Shaking my head, I locked the doors, not wanting to talk to him.
"Let me in, Aubs.. Please? Come on," Sidney pleaded.
"No," I answered, trying to start my car again.
"Aubrie Fleury, unlock the damn door!" he growled, pulling harshly on the handle a few times.
"You didn't want to talk about it a few minutes ago.. What makes you think I want to now?" I snapped, and Sidney took a step back from the door, peering in the window at me.
I turned the key one more time, hoping for the engine to roar and come to life, only to be disappointed by a rolling sound.
Sighing, I retracted my key and unlocked the doors, getting out of my safe hideout and facing Sidney on the sidewalk.
I looked up at him, and he stared intently back at me until I looked away, glancing down at the ground and shuffling my feet around on the snow covered ground.

"So, uh.. Since December?" Sidney started, and I quickly moved my eyes up to his, then back down.
"Yeah, the eighth," I said quietly, shoving my hands in my coat's pockets.
"It's uh.. Mine, right?" he asked, slightly rocking back and forth on the ball of his foot and the heel of his protective boot.
I kept my smart-alec reply to myself, knowing now was not the time to get into an argument about being faithful, and I nodded.
"Yeah, definitely" I told him simply.
Another awfully silent minute passed before Sidney spoke again.
"Do you know if it's a girl or a boy or what?"
I held back a laugh; what else could it be besides that?
"No," I shook my head, remaining my quiet composure and waiting for another question as silence fell over us yet again.
Sidney rubbed the back of his neck nervously, unable to keep still for more than a few seconds.
"When is.. When is it coming?"
"Are you ready?" he asked softly, and I shook my head.
"Not in the least. But I'm trying my best.."
Another pause; more tension filling the cold air around us.
"What do we do now? Where do we go from here?" I finally asked a question on my own.
"Um.." he managed to stutter out along with a slight, hesitant shrug.
This was not how I envisioned our talk to go... These questions and one-word answers were getting us nowhere. But neither of us could get out of the awkward atmosphere.
"Maybe we should take some time to figure that out," he suggested in a quiet voice, and I nodded.
"Yeah, you should go home and get some rest.. I think we both need to sort everything out. This is going to change our lives."
Sidney gave me a hesitant look, almost like he didn't want to leave, but he agreed.
"Are you okay with that?" I asked, watching him carefully.
"Yeah. I'll call you later or something.. Ok?"
I nodded, and he inched closer to me, planting a soft kiss on my cheek.
"I love you," he smiled as he spoke before getting into his car and driving off.

I went upstairs and got into bed, then Henry came into my room.
"I'm proud of you for telling Sid what's going on. I'm sure he'll get things sorted out soon."
"Let's hope so.." I nodded, "night Henry."

The next several days had gone by almost in slow motion; and it was now Sunday, January twenty seventh.
I hadn't seen Sidney since we talked in that parking lot, and today is our one year anniversary.
But who could blame the guy?
He sprains his ankle pretty badly, can't play hockey for two months, and then finds out he got his girlfriend pregnant.

I came home around two after a little practice with the Langley boys and saw a note waiting for me on the kitchen counter.
Be at the Lemieux's at six thirty. Please wear that dress I like so much..'

Even though there was no name signed- I could tell Sidney's handwriting anywhere.
"Oh great," I sighed to myself, "let me get all dressed up so Sid can tell me he doesn't want anything to do with me.."
I took a shower and got dressed, blow drying my hair and doing some light makeup before slipping on a pair of silver, metallic flats and my warm, black trench coat.

I got to the Lemieux house at six thirty sharp, and rang the doorbell, taking a deep breath and preparing for the biggest let down of my life.


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So, during the past couple of nights, I've read your entire story, well what is of it so far, and I must say, I'm addictive. Seriously, out of all the stories I've read, what I believe Sidney to be like is exactly how you write about him. I love the story, keep up the amazing work, and I can't wait for more!!

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thank you so much!!
That's how I envision Sidney being too, and if he isn't like how I write him.. I think I would be crushed.
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But I really think that's how he is.. So I don't think I'll be disappointed.

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I'm totally with you Parker, I love the cute/shy/amazing guy that I believe Sidney to be!

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I love this story! I live in Cole Harbour and my friends know Sidney, and my friend's younger brother is in his little sister's class! I think you have done a GREAT job on this story!


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