Sunday, July 27, 2008



After much convincing, Sidney decided it was best that I went to Sorel and talked to my parents, but he made me bring Marc-Andre along.

As soon as the Pens won 2-1 against the Panthers that Tuesday night, we were all on our way to the airport.
"I'm gonna miss you," Sidney muttered into my shoulder as we sat together on the bus.
"Sid, I'll only be gone for what, two days?" I smiled up at the cute boy.
"We'll take good care of her, Sid. I promise," Colby smiled reassuringly.
The team, including my brother, still had no idea that I was nearly twelve weeks pregnant. But Sid and I were planning to announce it that Friday before practice.

We got to the airport, and I was standing outside the bus with Sidney, my arms around his neck in a hug.
"I love you, Sid. I'll call when we get to Montreal."
"Love you too. Please be careful, and have fun."
"Don't sorry, I will," I smiled.
"Come on you lovebirds, we gotta go!" Marc-Andre groaned, and I gave Sidney one more hard kiss before following my brother.

Wednesday morning, Marc-Andre and I drove the hour and a half from Montreal to Sorel to our parent's house.
Despite their excitement to see their children just show up out of the blue, my mother knew something was up.
"Aubrie, you seem different since we last spoke. How are things with Sidney?" Tatiana asked me as we all sat at the familiar kitchen table for lunch.
"Mum," I rolled my eyes and she gave me a stern look.
"I know you're here for a reason, not just a random visit."
"What about me? I'm here because I missed you guys.."
There goes Marc; always the best child. Always the favourite.
"Be quiet, Marc-Andre," our dad shut him up instantly.
"Alright, fine. I-uh.. Sidney and I are great. I'm uh- pregnant," I said quietly, but mum heard.
She jumped up from the table and began mumbling incoherent things in her quick French.
My dad and Marc-Andre sat there, stunned.
"How long have you.. been..?" Dad asked over mum's babbling.
"Since like, the second week of December."
"Ew, since I got hurt?!" Marc-Andre cut in, "seriously? And you didn't tell me?"
"How could you be so irresponsible?" I heard my mum, and Marc muttered, "Merde."
"Don't you dare curse in this house, Marc-Andre!" Mum hissed, and I rolled my eyes.
"Congratulations," Dad smiled at me, and I grinned
"Thanks Dad. You're the only sane one here."
"Why didn't you tell us as soon as you found out?" Mum asked, clearly flustered.
"I wanted to tell you in person. Sid and I are really excited about this.. I hope you are too."
"We are," Dad smiled from his seat across from me.
"Well, I'm not! You're much too young, and not ready for a family!"
My jaw dropped at my mother's remark, "Mum! I think I grew up a little too fast. I know I'm still a kid at heart, and Sidney and I are nowhere near ready for this- but every day we become more and more.. prepared."
"You're not even married!" she tried.
"I know that. But it doesn't matter if we are or aren't. All that matters is that we love eachother..."
"Tatiana, don't give her the 'too young' speech! You were nineteen with Marc-Andre," Dad told her, and she piped down, looking at her plate.
"Mum.. I just want you to be happy for me."
"Is this what you really want?"
I nodded, "Of course."
"Then I'm happy."

Marc-Andre and I drove back to Montreal that night before dinner.
"I can't believe you didn't tell me that I'm going to be an uncle."
"I couldn't. I didn't even tell Sidney until after he got hurt.. I did it the day he got his x-rays."
"I guess that's why he's being so protective of you.." I nodded, and we went to our room at the hotel to go to bed.
"You can't tell anyone," I stressed.
"I promise, I won't."

The next morning we all went to the arena, and as it was, the Habs were there.
I snuck into their dressing room to hang out with Sergei and Andre Kostitsyn, who were with another boy.
This guy towered over me; 6'3, at least. He had very dark, probably jet black hair and dark eyes that had a familiar sparkle to them.
His presence reminded me so much of Nate.. and I was enthralled.
"Hi, I'm Carey," he smiled at me, and I smiled back.
"Brie. Nice to meet you."
"Price strikes again," I heard Andrei mumble to his brother.
"We'll catch up with you two later. We have practice, remember, Carey?" Sergei told us, then they left.
"What brings you to our dressing room? Looking for some autographs?"
He had no idea who I was, hah, who does he think he's kidding?
I shook my head, "Nope. Just wandering around, killing some time before the game and all. The usual," I added a slight shrug.
"So where are you from?" Carey asked as we sat on the benches in front of his locker.
"Originally? Sorel. But I live in Pittsburgh.."
"Aah.. A Pens fan then. Well, I hope you know.. Crosby's not here, so don't waste your time hanging around them. You're much better off here anyways."
I held back a laugh, "I'm aware Sidney isn't here, Carey."
If Sid was here, I wouldn't have been in the Hab's dressing room..
I couldn't help but notice Carey Price's arrogent side; much like the one Nate had.
"I wouldn't have pinned you for a Crosby fan.. Maybe I could change your mind?"
"Oh, and who should I be rooting for instead?"
"How about thirty-one for the Habs?"
I knew that was his number; the kid's jersey was hanging right there.
"Hey, maybe after practice I could take you out for lunch," Carey suggested, "I'd really like to get to know you better.."
"I bet you would," I rolled my eyes, "I think it's time for me to get going. It was nice meeting you."
I got up and made my way out into the hall.
"Brie, wait," I felt a strong hand grip my wrist, pulling me to a halt.
"Let go of me, Price," I snapped, glaring up at the guy.
He loosened this hold, and I tried to yank my arm away, but he only leaned down and tried to catch my lips with his, steadying me with his other hand on my cheek.

Sunday, July 13, 2008



That following Saturday, February second, the Pens were playing the Hurricanes at Mellon, and Sidney wanted me to come with him to watch.
"Sidney, stop! I need to finish getting ready," I giggled as I felt his lips on my collarbone and his arms around my waist, holding my back against his chest.
"I'm sure Mario would understand if we wanted to stay..."
"Nuh-uh, we're going to go and support your team. Now, Nathalie and Mario are waiting for us."
I wiggled out of Sidney's grasp, pulling my trench coat on over my new dress Sidney got me after the doctor's appointment.

When we got to the Lemieux's box, Sidney and I leaned against the edge, watching everyone warm up.
"Aubrie, could I talk with you for a second?" Nathalie Lemieux asked me quietly.
I nodded and gave Sidney a peck on the cheek before following the woman out into the hall.
Nathalie looked around as if to make sure that the coast was clear, before finally speaking.
"Mario told me that you're pregnant?"
I immediately felt my face flush.
"Yeah.." I nodded.
"For how long?" she asked in an excited tone.
"Since the first week of December..." I answered, still somewhat nervous.
"I'm so happy for you! Who all knows?"
"Uh. You, me, Sid, Mario.. My doctors and Henry. We just want to let it sink in.."
"I understand. Mario and I were very private about our first pregnancy. You two may want to tell the team though.. And your families too."
I nodded, "Thanks Nathalie."
She pulled me into a hug, then we walked back into the bo and I returned to my place beside Sidney.

"Hey baby," he smiled, wrapping an arm around my waist with a grin, "and Aubrie."
"Hey!" I yelped, smacking his arm.
"So what'd Nathalie want?"
"Well apparently someone spilled the baby beans to Mario and she heard."
"I needed to talk to someone after you told me!"
"Hey, I'm not mad. I get what you mean, and it was smart of you to go to Mario."
"Well, I am a genius."
"That you are.." I rolled my eyes with a smile, carefully leaning up and touching my lips to his.

We watched the game, and during the break between the first and second periods, I got a text from Jared.
'Lol, they showed you & sid in the box on vs.'
I laughed, tapping Sidney's shoulder and waited for Mario to finish speaking.
"Yeah?" he asked, looking down at my phone, then I got another message from the kid.
'and they were talking about how well you two work because youre so hockey oriented :)'
"Well, we'll have to watch that when we get home," Sid smiled, knowing I DVR all the games I can on Versus on his TV.
"That we shall," I laughed, "I'm curious as to what the Incredibly Bad Haircut Men have to say about me."
After a four to one win over the Canes, we went down to the locker room to see everyone.
"Salut, Marc-Andre!" I smiled up at my big brother, and he pulled me into a huge hug.
I saw Sidney watching me from acroos the room, a concerned look on his face.
'It's fine,' I mouthed, rolling my eyes.
We hung around and talked with the guys for a while, then Mario told us it was time to get going.

I sat on Sidney's bed in my pajamas, TV remote in hand as I fast forwarded to the part Jared told me about.
"And look at who's here! The Captain himself, Sidney Crosby; out with a high ankle sprain for six to eight weeks," Brian Engblom said.
"Isn't that Aubrie Fleury with him?" Keith Jones asked, and Brian nodded, "The holder of just about every high school hockey record in the country, yes it is."
"Y'know, she coached that Langley High team to win the Nationals in Minnesota.. How amazing is that?"
"Fleury has a wicked sense for hockey; it does run in the family with her brother Marc-Andre, who's also out with a high ankle sprain."
"Let's see her senior year stats- Two years ago, this girl had a sixty-eight goal season, and nearly ninety assists.That's over 150 points.." Keith mused, reading stats off a sheet of paper.
"Yeah, if anyone's going to be helping Sidney Crosby back on the ice, it's gonna be this girl. She'll get him back in no time," Brian laughed, and they showed a clip of Sidney and myself sharing a quick kiss.
"Now, I know we're no gossip channel, but Crosby has himself quite the catch," Bill Patrick came into the conversation now, obviously trying to fill air time.
"This girl is lethal on the ice. They share a common passion, and are very good at what they do. I hear they help each other practice and have 'in house' competitions."
Keith continued for Brian, "They bring out the best in one another, which is just what the Pittsburgh Penguins will need when Crosby returns."
They tied it back to something actually relevant, so time must've been running short.
"We'll be back after this," Bill laughed.

"Awh, how cute," Sidney joked.
"See! Everyone thinks we're great together. It's weird," I grinned, erasing the recording.
"I never said we weren't.. I think it's funny that they can just talk about us for ten minutes.. The best part is when they had your stats right there.. Like they just so happened to be laying on the desk."
"How convenient," I nodded.
"That's Versus for you.. Gotta love it though," Sidney gave me a sarcastic, cheesy smile and a thumbs up before climbing into bed.

I was trying to watch ESPN's NHL highlights, and I was succeeding until Sidney nestled his face into the crook of my neck.
"How about Carter." Sidney mumbled into my neck.
"What?" I asked, looking down at him.
He set his warm hand on my stomach with a soft smile.
"Carter Crosby."
"Uh... no," I told him with a slight smile, "no alliteration unless it's really cute."
I kissed the top of his head, "You're sweet for trying though."
"No. We're not naming our kid after my mother.. or any of our parents, alright?"
"Cool with me.. How about James?"
"James Crosby? No.. And hey, don't worry about it right this second. We've got like, seven months to figure out a name," I smiled, running my fingers along his back and through his slightly damp, dark hair.
"You smell like my shampoo.." I mused at the fact that he smelled like my vanilla Philosophy shampoo and not the usual Old Spice.
"Oh really?" Sidney asked, lifting his head up to lock his eyes onto mine.
"Mmhmm," I nodded.
"Do you like it?"

I nodded again, "Love it. But I think we should talk about something.."
"Yeah?" Sidney asked, now totally serious.
"I know the team is going up to play the Habs on the twentieth. I want to go so I can tell my parents the news... I just can't do it over the phone."
"Do you want me to come with you?" he asked. I knew Sid loved Montreal, but this was something I had to do alone.
I shook my head, "I don't think you should be traveling right now."

Tuesday, July 1, 2008



The door opened not long after I rang the bell, and I saw Sidney in a nice pair of slacks and a button-up dress shirt, his sleeves rolled halfway up his arms.
"Come on in," he smiled softly, putting my nerves at ease for the moment.
I stepped inside the house and Sidney removed my coat, resting it over a chair in the 'sitting room'.
Sidney took my hand into his, as my other one was tugging at the long, silver chained Tiffany's necklace he had given me nearly a year ago, my eyes catching a glimpse of the ring I received for our six month anniversary.. All reminders of our past year together.

Sidney pulled me into the formal dining room, where I saw plates, glasses and candles set for two.
He pulled out a chair and I sat down, examining the chicken, green beans and pasta, along with a caesar salad that laid in front of me.
Sid took the seat across from me, and I grinned.
"You made all this, didn't you?"
He nodded sheepishly, "Happy anniversary."
My smile widened, a wave of relief flooding over me.
I picked up the wine glass that had a golden liquid in it, and I smelled it.
"Apple juice?" I asked, an eyebrow raised.
"Well, obviously," Sidney responded, "one; we're underage. And two, alcohol is bad for the baby."
I felt my face turn bright red, and Sidney beamed at me from across the table.

"So you're not mad?" I asked cautiously.
"Mad at what, you being pregnant? Of course not, how could I be? I helped too.."
I nodded, looking down at my plate and picking at a green bean with my fork.

"I've been really thinking about this, Aubrie, and I know what we're getting ourselves into... Or, I have a vague idea."
"Yeah," I nodded again.
"Don't get me wrong. I want kids and everything. I would love to have little versions of us running around.. I just wasn't expecting it to be so soon.."
"Tell me about it. I feel the same way.. It's scary to think about seven months from now."
"Yeah, but we'll get through it together," Sidney smiled, which put a matching grin on my face.

After a wonderful and amazing dinner, Sidney and I were in his room.
I was sitting on his bed, and Sid was rummaging around in his stuff.
"Ahh, here it is," he smirked, pulling out a pastel yellow, wrapped box with a green ribbon around it.
"Voila. My anniversary present to you," he said, handing me the box.
"Sid.. I didn't bring your present.."
He held his hand up, "It's no problem. Just open it."
I noticed Sidney watching me carefully unwrap the gift and pull the lid off the box, a proud look on his face the whole time.
I moved the tissue paper, and I felt my eyes fill up with tears as my heart raced.
"Oh Sidney," I breathed as I lifted up the small mess of black fabric, carefully inspecting the stitching, a bright grin on my face.
He had gotten a baby-sized Pens jersey, 'Crosby' on the back, as well as Sid's number, with the Pen's logo on the front.
"This is adorable," I cooed at the jersey, setting it back in the box and pulling Sidney into a kiss.

He pushed me back into his bed, hovering above me before asking, "Is this ok?"
"Is what okay?" I asked back, playing with the top button of his shirt.
"You know.. What we're about to do. Will this hurt the little one?" he specified, setting a hand on my ever growing stomach with a soft smile.
"It's fine. I made sure to ask Dr. Roy at my last appointment."
"When's your next one?"
"Tomorrow," I answered.
"I want to come with you.."
"I'd like that," I grinned, setting my hands on his neck and tugging him down to press our lips together.

The next morning I woke up to Sidney's voice telling me it was time to get up.
I sat up, rubbing my eyes, when the scent of pancakes and bacon hit my nose.
I covered my mouth, jumping out of the bed and running past Sidney, into the bathroom to empty the few contents of my stomach.
When I was done, I went back to find Sidney sitting on his bed, a plate of pancakes, bacon and raspberries in his lap.
"You made me breakfast?" I asked, and he nodded.
"Sorry I made you sick," he said in an apologetic tone.
"It wasn't you, really. It's the 'morning' sickness," I said, picking up the glass of orange juice he had set on the nightstand, "and thank you. You're really a sweetheart."
"No problem," he answered, putting the plate beside him and standing up, "when's your appointment?"
"One..? Yeah," I nodded, glancing at the clock to see eleven am.

At Dr. Roy's office, I was seated on the exam bed like usual, and Sidney was sitting on the designated chair for guests.
"Ah, so you must be the proud dad-to-be," Dr. Roy smiled when he walked in, shaking Sidney's hand, "I'm Derek Roy."
"Sidney Crosby," he nodded back.
Dr. Roy chuckled, "I know you you are, young man. Now, let's get started."
The whole time, Sidney asked questions.
"What should we do if..?"
"When will she..?"
"What kinds of activities can't she do? Is she still allowed to play hockey?" Sidney asked as Dr. Roy started the ultrasound.
I grabbed Sid's hand, squeezing it gently, "Relax, please."
Sidney nodded, shooting me an apologetic look.
"You can still play.. Skate, pass, yes. But try not to get slammed into those boards. A fall shouldn't be too bad. You just need to take extra care and be cautious."
"Sid, my mum fell off of a bike with Marc-Andre in the womb, and look how he turned out."
A look of fear crossed Sidney's face, and I hit him playfully, giggling at the cool jelly on my stomach.
"Is that it?" Sidney asked, mesmerized by the gray image on the screen as he pointed to a spot.
"No," Dr. Roy laughed, showing us how tiny and insignificant this all had seemed before, but it was now just hitting me.
Truthfully.. I'm not sure I really even saw anything on that monitor besides fuzz..

"Thank you so much, Dr. Roy," I smiled, and Sidney shook his hand once more before we went and made another appointment with Melissa for a few weeks from now.
In the elevator downstairs, Sidney rested his forehead against mine, his hands on my hips and a smile set on his beaming face.
"Guess what, Aubs."
"What?" I whispered back.
"We're having a baby.."
"I know," I grinned, placing a soft kiss on his smiling lips.