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That following Saturday, February second, the Pens were playing the Hurricanes at Mellon, and Sidney wanted me to come with him to watch.
"Sidney, stop! I need to finish getting ready," I giggled as I felt his lips on my collarbone and his arms around my waist, holding my back against his chest.
"I'm sure Mario would understand if we wanted to stay..."
"Nuh-uh, we're going to go and support your team. Now, Nathalie and Mario are waiting for us."
I wiggled out of Sidney's grasp, pulling my trench coat on over my new dress Sidney got me after the doctor's appointment.

When we got to the Lemieux's box, Sidney and I leaned against the edge, watching everyone warm up.
"Aubrie, could I talk with you for a second?" Nathalie Lemieux asked me quietly.
I nodded and gave Sidney a peck on the cheek before following the woman out into the hall.
Nathalie looked around as if to make sure that the coast was clear, before finally speaking.
"Mario told me that you're pregnant?"
I immediately felt my face flush.
"Yeah.." I nodded.
"For how long?" she asked in an excited tone.
"Since the first week of December..." I answered, still somewhat nervous.
"I'm so happy for you! Who all knows?"
"Uh. You, me, Sid, Mario.. My doctors and Henry. We just want to let it sink in.."
"I understand. Mario and I were very private about our first pregnancy. You two may want to tell the team though.. And your families too."
I nodded, "Thanks Nathalie."
She pulled me into a hug, then we walked back into the bo and I returned to my place beside Sidney.

"Hey baby," he smiled, wrapping an arm around my waist with a grin, "and Aubrie."
"Hey!" I yelped, smacking his arm.
"So what'd Nathalie want?"
"Well apparently someone spilled the baby beans to Mario and she heard."
"I needed to talk to someone after you told me!"
"Hey, I'm not mad. I get what you mean, and it was smart of you to go to Mario."
"Well, I am a genius."
"That you are.." I rolled my eyes with a smile, carefully leaning up and touching my lips to his.

We watched the game, and during the break between the first and second periods, I got a text from Jared.
'Lol, they showed you & sid in the box on vs.'
I laughed, tapping Sidney's shoulder and waited for Mario to finish speaking.
"Yeah?" he asked, looking down at my phone, then I got another message from the kid.
'and they were talking about how well you two work because youre so hockey oriented :)'
"Well, we'll have to watch that when we get home," Sid smiled, knowing I DVR all the games I can on Versus on his TV.
"That we shall," I laughed, "I'm curious as to what the Incredibly Bad Haircut Men have to say about me."
After a four to one win over the Canes, we went down to the locker room to see everyone.
"Salut, Marc-Andre!" I smiled up at my big brother, and he pulled me into a huge hug.
I saw Sidney watching me from acroos the room, a concerned look on his face.
'It's fine,' I mouthed, rolling my eyes.
We hung around and talked with the guys for a while, then Mario told us it was time to get going.

I sat on Sidney's bed in my pajamas, TV remote in hand as I fast forwarded to the part Jared told me about.
"And look at who's here! The Captain himself, Sidney Crosby; out with a high ankle sprain for six to eight weeks," Brian Engblom said.
"Isn't that Aubrie Fleury with him?" Keith Jones asked, and Brian nodded, "The holder of just about every high school hockey record in the country, yes it is."
"Y'know, she coached that Langley High team to win the Nationals in Minnesota.. How amazing is that?"
"Fleury has a wicked sense for hockey; it does run in the family with her brother Marc-Andre, who's also out with a high ankle sprain."
"Let's see her senior year stats- Two years ago, this girl had a sixty-eight goal season, and nearly ninety assists.That's over 150 points.." Keith mused, reading stats off a sheet of paper.
"Yeah, if anyone's going to be helping Sidney Crosby back on the ice, it's gonna be this girl. She'll get him back in no time," Brian laughed, and they showed a clip of Sidney and myself sharing a quick kiss.
"Now, I know we're no gossip channel, but Crosby has himself quite the catch," Bill Patrick came into the conversation now, obviously trying to fill air time.
"This girl is lethal on the ice. They share a common passion, and are very good at what they do. I hear they help each other practice and have 'in house' competitions."
Keith continued for Brian, "They bring out the best in one another, which is just what the Pittsburgh Penguins will need when Crosby returns."
They tied it back to something actually relevant, so time must've been running short.
"We'll be back after this," Bill laughed.

"Awh, how cute," Sidney joked.
"See! Everyone thinks we're great together. It's weird," I grinned, erasing the recording.
"I never said we weren't.. I think it's funny that they can just talk about us for ten minutes.. The best part is when they had your stats right there.. Like they just so happened to be laying on the desk."
"How convenient," I nodded.
"That's Versus for you.. Gotta love it though," Sidney gave me a sarcastic, cheesy smile and a thumbs up before climbing into bed.

I was trying to watch ESPN's NHL highlights, and I was succeeding until Sidney nestled his face into the crook of my neck.
"How about Carter." Sidney mumbled into my neck.
"What?" I asked, looking down at him.
He set his warm hand on my stomach with a soft smile.
"Carter Crosby."
"Uh... no," I told him with a slight smile, "no alliteration unless it's really cute."
I kissed the top of his head, "You're sweet for trying though."
"No. We're not naming our kid after my mother.. or any of our parents, alright?"
"Cool with me.. How about James?"
"James Crosby? No.. And hey, don't worry about it right this second. We've got like, seven months to figure out a name," I smiled, running my fingers along his back and through his slightly damp, dark hair.
"You smell like my shampoo.." I mused at the fact that he smelled like my vanilla Philosophy shampoo and not the usual Old Spice.
"Oh really?" Sidney asked, lifting his head up to lock his eyes onto mine.
"Mmhmm," I nodded.
"Do you like it?"

I nodded again, "Love it. But I think we should talk about something.."
"Yeah?" Sidney asked, now totally serious.
"I know the team is going up to play the Habs on the twentieth. I want to go so I can tell my parents the news... I just can't do it over the phone."
"Do you want me to come with you?" he asked. I knew Sid loved Montreal, but this was something I had to do alone.
I shook my head, "I don't think you should be traveling right now."


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