Saturday, August 9, 2008

School Time

As everyone knows, school is starting up.
For me, it's Monday, August 11th...
and I'll be a junior in high school.

I've been busy doing sparknoting my summer reading..
Which consist of three books and a play.

But when school starts, I have to get adjusted to everything all over again.
They totally redid our school and it's very confusing.

So I'll be taking a break from posting Skate Your Lane.
Just until I get back into the groove of things.
[it won't take very long for that.. I learn fast]

I hope you all understand.. I'm really, really sorry.
and I really hope I don't lose any readers because of this.

But while you all are waiting...
I have three other blog pages with stories.
Two are actual series, and one is a blog for all of my one shots.
The links to them are in my profile, so take a look if you'd like.
I know it's not Sidney, but it's something interesting to read while I'm learning...

and I'll still come on and read comments and comment back,
which is why I just changed the Lake Tahoe post to this; so I don't lose all the name suggestions, but can still alert everyone.

I'm really sorry I have to do this..
and I hope you all can understand why I'm doing this.

I promise I won't take too long!!!