Wednesday, September 17, 2008



"Carey, stop. I'll go to lunch with you after practice," I yelped, holding my hands up between the two of us.
"Alright. Meet me back here after we get done," Carey nodded, getting the hint that I didn't want to be more than friends.
"Okay," I agreed, walking off to watch the Pens practice.

After the Habs finished, I went and told my brother I was going to lunch alone instead of with the guys.
I met up with Carey and he drove us to a small deli.
Once we got our food, we really began to talk.
"Sorry I was so weird earlier," Carey apologized, "I guess I just thought you liked me that way."
"I'm going to tell you this up front, right now so there's nothing to get in the way of us being friends."
"I have a boyfriend named Sidney."
"Wait, Crosby?"
"Yeah... And uh.. He and I are having a baby."
"You're pregnant?"
I nodded.
"Really? That's so cool!"
"You think so?" I asked, eyeing him carefully.
"Yeah. You've got something growing inside you. I think that's pretty awesome."

As Carey and I spoke, he never questioned whether or not Sid and I were ready for a baby.
He did ask a lot of questions about the whole 'being pregnant' process, and that was a huge relief for me.
"So, is Sid excited?" Carey asked after we finished lunch and went walking around the shopping plaza.
"I think so.. But I think he's overwhelmed, because I didn't tell him until after he got hurt, and he's nervous.. We'll figure it out."
Carey and I walked into a touristy knick-knack shop, and I felt my phone vibrate; a text had arrived for me.
I pulled it out of my pocket, smiling as I read, 'Having fun in Montreal? Miss you <3'
I quickly texted back, shoving my phone back into its place.
"Sorry," I said to Carey and he laughed.
"That was from Sidney, right?" he asked.
"Yeah.. Is it that obvious?"
"Judging by the way you lit up, it was super obvious," he nodded.
"Wow," I shook my head, picking up a stuffed grizzly bear, "think this would be cute for a baby?"
"You're so in love with him. It's awesome you've got someone like that in your life. And no, I like the moose better. You want your little one to be a true Canuck, don't you?"
He held up almost a miniature version of my stuffed moose that I had at the hotel.
"Awh. Perfect," I grinned, "and yeah. I do want it to grow up a proud little French-Canadian."
We shopped around the little tourist store, then I bought the moose and we went on our way.

"Do you know what gender it is?" Carey asked when we were in another store.
"No, I don't. I'm not sure I want to find out until it comes.."
"But knowing makes decorating and shopping much easier. Not to mention names."
"True.. I never really thought of that," I realized, "oh wow. And Sidney lives with Mario.."
"You live with him?"
"No," I shook my head, "I share an apartment with my best friend. But I don't think the Lemieux or my room mate want a baby around twentyfour-seven."
"I'd kick the room mate out," Carey laughed, making me smile.
"So, what do you want it to be? Boy or girl?"
"I overheard my brother talking to my parents when I told them yesterday. He said people would expect it to be a boy, you know? To be the ultimate hockey prodigy.."
"Because the two of you are just a gene pool full of awesome," Carey interrupted, "I saw you out there after the Pens finished practicing and before we went out."
"Yeah.. My brother wants it to be a girl, so everyone will be wrong. He thinks it'd be ironic for the face of the NHL to have a daughter."
"But what do you want?"
"I'm not so sure.. I love little kids.. I used to coach pee-wee hockey, so either way I'd be happy. All I know is that this kid is probably going to skate its way out during delivery with a stick in hand," I laughed, shaking my head.

A while later, Marc-Andre called, concerned and wondering where I was.
I told him I was shopping, and he told me to come back to the hotel.
Carey took be back, and we exchanged numbers and e-mail addresses, knowing we'd definitely keep in touch.
"Thanks for everything, Carey. You're really great."
"You too, Brie."
I got out and went upstairs to the room Marc and I shared.
"Hey," I greeted when I saw my brother in the room, pulling on a sweatshirt.
"Salut Aubrie," he grinned, "what took you so long?"
I pulled out the stuff I bought.
"Things for the baby to remind them that they're Canadian."
"Only you.." he shook his head.
"Hey! My kid isn't going to grow up an ignorant American. I haven't told Sid this yet, but I want to be here or in Halifax when I go into labour."
"You're hilarious. Only you would want to do something like that," he laughed, "but we gotta go. The game starts in an hour and a half."

At the game, Marc and I stood at the glass where the team comes from the locker room, watching everyone play.
It was an exciting, close game. Carey had been doing his best to hold his own in net, but in the end, the Pens won five to four.
The team, my brother and I were quickly taken back to the hotel to get our stuff, then to the airport.

Around two am, Marc-Andre dropped me off at the Lemieux house.
I wanted to see Sidney, and I couldn't wait until a decent hour.
I used my key and quietly entered the house, locking the door behind me.
I tiptoed into Sidney's wing, then into his room, softly closing his door.
In the light of the alarm clock, I could see Sidney fast asleep, and I smiled.
After setting my things down, I stripped out of my winter clothes and down to my cami and panties.
Then I carefully slid into bed, trying not to wake my sleeping boy up.
He had probably been waiting for me to come home, then dozed off.
I watched him in silence, admiring his peaceful, totally relaxed features.
Then I felt a tingle in my nose, and I sneezed, trying to be quiet, but Sid jerked his eyes open.
He stared at me for a second, totally confused and disoriented before his eyes widened in realization, lighting up.
"Aubrie!" he grined, setting one of his hands at the nape of my neck, his thumb on my cheek.
"Yeah, it's me," I smiled, mimicking his hand's placement.
"I saw you on TV during the game.. Now you're home," he said quietly, still trying to wake himself up.
"I know I'm here."
"I was supposed to pick you up!" he gaped, beginning his apologies.
"It's okay, Marc-Andre gave me a ride. Somehow, I knwe you'd be asleep."
"I didn't mean to.. I just laid down and I don't know.."
"Sidney, it's fine. Now, tell me. How do you think the game went?"
"It was a good game.. That Price is good, but I met him a few times.. He's a total jerk. Hopefully you didn't have to deal with him."
I bit my lip and shook my head.
"No run-ins with him. I did say hi to the Kostitsyn brothers though..."

Sidney and I talked for a few more minutes, then he yawned.
"Is someone tired?" I smiled, scooting closer and touching my nose to Sidney's.
He shook his head, pressing our foreheads together.
"Yeah, you are. You just don't want to admit it. You know I'll be here when you wake up..."
"I know," he smiled, kissing me gently.
"And tomorrow, you know what we're going to do?"
"Uh.." SIdney thought for a split second, "Oh! We're telling the guys. Good thing they're coming off of a win."
I laughed, wrapping my arms around him in a warm hung, then ended up just staying there, tucked carefully under Sidney's arms.
He quickly kissed my forehead, then a few minutes later, his breathing evened out as he fell asleep, and I followed suit shortly after.