Monday, October 27, 2008



After spending the previous day in bed with Sidney, the Pens had a game against Ottawa today at three, so Sid went.
I decided to stay home, too tired to sit through an entire game, so I sat on my couch instead.
Henry finally decided to show up after spending most of his free time with his new girlfriend, Vienna.
She was good for him, so I didn't mind their spending time together.
We sat on the couch with my laptop, watching episodes of Cabbie on the Street on
"Hey look, it's the one where Cabbie interviews me!" I laughed, clicking on the link to play the whole video.
"NHL Siblings?" Henry chuckled his famous 'Henry laugh'

"Hey this is your man Cabbie and today we're talking to and about NHL sibilings!"
He talked to the Sedins, Neidermeyers, the Staal boys, the Kostitsyns, and then me.
"Now Aubrie, you're obviously not in the NHL, but your brother, Marc-Andre Fleury, is."
"Gee Cabbie, thanks for reminding me," I laughed.
"So what's it like? Your big brother being a pro goalie and all?"
"Well, it fucking sucks!" I joked, "But really? My brother can be a jerk when we play. He shows no mercy because I'm better at scoring than he is at goaltending."
"And you're his sister? No mercy at all?"
"I know!" I pointed off camera to Marc, "and I won't forget all of those times, either, Marc-Andre."
"Ooh, sounds like someone's got some blackmail all up in here!" Cabbie grinned.
"Oh, definitely."
"Wanna share some of that with me?"
"Maybe later," I shrugged.
"So, you want me to like, call you or something?" he asked, and I shot him a weird look.
"Uh, are you trying to get my number? You do know my boyfriend is right over there.."
"Where?" he asked, and I pointed to Sidney, who was with my brother.
"Oh, wow.. Nuh-uh. No way," Cabbie laughed.
"Yes way."
"You mean you and your brother?"
"Ew, Cabbie! No. Sid, not Marc-Andre."
"Phew, that's a relief. Wait- you and Sidney Crosby?" he blurted, and I smiled.
"See ya, Cabbie," I waved before leaving the dressing room and he talked to my brother.

"How awkward was that?" I laughed, and Henry nodded, looking through my bookmarks for a new site.
"University of Pittsburgh? Carnegie Mellon? Duquesne?" he asked, seeing I had a bunch of college sites saved.
"Yeah.. I was thinking about signing up for some classes in fall or winter, depending on baby. I want to actually do something with my life.. Not just be 'that girl Sidney Crosby knocked up'. You know?"
"I think that's a really good idea," he nodded in support.
"There's just one problem. I want to go to play hockey. But I know it's not in the cards right now- don't even bother reminding me."
"So what? Enroll and take classes, then when you get settled with the baby and everything, join the team."
"Yeah.." I nodded.
"What made you want to go do this? Once we left Sorel, you didn't want to even think about college ever again."
"Hen, that's not true. I didn't want to go at the time because I was messed up. Then I met Sidney and everything changed. And there's also the fact that I don't want to coach high schoolers for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love it, and the guys. But I'd rather be playing myself."
"So the truth comes out," Henry laughed.
"What do you mean?"
"I knew you weren't happy. I just wanted to see how long it took you to admit it."
"That's not funny. But you know what. I'm never going to get to play professionally. And because of this baby, I'll be playing in a Wednesday night rec league for the rest of my career."
"Really Bubbles. Think about it. If you went pro, you would have to travel all the time. You and Sid? Well, it wouldn't be possible."
"Is it selfish to want a career and love, like Sidney has? All I know is hockey, and I don't think I could function if I didn't play."
"You're not being selfish, you just need to satisfy your passions. That's why you're coaching. You stay in-district and show off your talents from behind the bench. But that's not what you want, right?"
"Right," I nodded.
"Just visit the schools and talk to some counselors. I'm sure they'll be able to help. Oh, and definitely talk to Sid about this. He'll probably be supportive."

After our serious talk, Henry and I started making poutine as the game played on the TV in the living room.
But Henry left around five to go see Vienna before he had work, and once again, I was alone.
As I waited for the poutine to cook, I picked up my phone and looked through my contacts, pressing send when I got to who I wanted to call.
"Hello?" the voice asked, and I smiled.
"Hey Carey, are you busy?"
"No, why?" he asked.
"I'm making poutine and I have no one to talk to," I sighed, turning the stove's flame down to medium.
"You make poutine?!?"
"Well yeah, what French-Canadian doesn't?"
After a few minutes of catching up, Carey asked,
"Where's Sid at?"
"Oh, the Senators are here for a game and SIdney went for moral support.. Not much else he can do I guess."
"Ah, it's on CBC, right? I flipped by it earlier."
"Probably. I'm watching FSN Pittsburgh."So we watched the game together on the phone, while I kept an eye on the food I was cooking.
"Tough loss," Carey said after the Sens won the shootout, making it a 4-3 final.
I let out a groan.
"Sid's not gonna be happy..."
"Good thing you made poutine!" Carey laughed, making me grin.
"Hold on, Sid's on the other line," I said quickly, then answered my other call.
"Hey Aubs. I don't think we're going out for a victory dinner, if you saw the game."
"I did."
"So do you want me to bring anything over for dinner?"
"No, actually. I'm already making you a special something. So hurry home, okay?"
"For sure," he sounded somewhat excited, for his team just suffering a loss.
He hung up and I switched back to Carey.
"Sorry. He wanted to know if he should bring home dinner, and I told him not to."
We talked as I set the table and finished making everything, including some crepes, which were Sid's favourite part of my French-Canadian meal plan.
"Carey, next time we see each other, I'll have to make you my poutine."
"Uh, definitely! You should just come to college at McGill."
I had told him all about my whole dilemma, and he was supportive of my ideas too.

"Aubrie, I'm home," I heard Sidney, then saw him come into the kitchen.
"Who are you talking to?"
I held my finger to my lips, shushing him.
"Oui, maman. Je t'aime aussi.. Mmhmm, au revoir," I said to Carey into the reciever, who said a quick goodbye, then shut my phone.
"Oh, sorry!" Sid flushed as I approached him, lightly pecking his lips.
"Come see what I made for dinner," I led him to the dining room, where I had everything all dished out.
"Aubs, you didn't have to.. This is delicious," Sidney said, halfway through his plate.
"I know. I wanted to though.. Plus, Henry and I got bored."
"Henry was over?"
"Yeah," I nodded.
"How is he and that new girlfriend of his?"
"He's having a great time with Vienna. I think he wants to move out, but doesn't want to tell me," I muttered, then quickly changed the subject.
"So Nathalie mentioned something about how she wanted to throw me a baby shower.."
"Wait. Henry wants to move out, leaving you with the rent? I can't believe that.. How are you gonna pay it?"
Sidney kept going until I finally stopped him.
"Relax. We haven't talked about it yet. And I don't think he'll just ditch me with the bills and rent all of a sudden. He'd wait until I could fully support myself and pay all the bills. Don't worry, okay? Just sit back and eat your crepes."

Friday, October 17, 2008



I stood on the ice, waiting for Sidney to come out.
He had called Mario and Coach Therrien to let them know he was going to be skating, then he joined me on the ice.
I watched carefully as Sidney meandered along, weaving and testing his abilities.
"Nothing too fancy now, alright? Let's not prolong that six to eight weeks," I warned, going into the curve, skating backwards so I could keep an eye on my boy.
'You be careful too! I don't want you falling, ever," he answered, speeding up just a little to catch up to me.
"Sid, I'm fine. It's you I'm worried about," I argued.
We stayed on the ice until I heard familiar voices flowing from the locker room.
I saw Ty Conklin, Sergei Gonchar, Jordan and Jarkko come out, and I quickly asked Sid if he wanted me to get him a yellow no-contact jersey.
"No.. I think I'm done for now."
The guys all saw Sidney and watched him carefully, just like I was.
"Atta boy, Sid!" Sergei called after us as we passed them in the hall.
I had already gotten my Vans back on while Sidney pulled on his sneakers, being especially careful of his ankle.
"What the hell did you do to my skates?" Colby shouted from his locker.
"What on earth do you mean?" I asked and Colby pointed down to his feet.
"Pink laces?"
"I think they're hot," Sidney laughed.
Once Colby settled down and laughed the pink laces off, my brother came over to us.
"Hey Sid, wanna come over and play Call of Duty?"
Sidney nodded enthusiastically.
I rolled my eyes, "What's with you cripples and your Call of Duty four?"
"Oh, Aubs! I- uh," Sidney was trying to figure out who to let down.
"It's all good, Sid. Go with Marc-Andre and play your Xbox 360. Just don't come crying to me when he kicks your ass."
"Oh trust me, he'll be the one crying!"
"Mmhmm," I nodded, giving him a peck on the lips.
Sidney couldn't play video games to save his life. But for some reason, he was in denial and thought he was decent at it.
"I'll see you later."
"Bye! Love you."
"You too," I grinned, saying bye to everyone else before heading out to my car and going back home.

I lounged around for a while, then met the Langley boys at the rink for practice.
I was changing out of my longsleeve shirt into a tank top, when Jared laughed.
"Gee, CB, you're gaining weight."
I flushed, pulling my shirt over my body.
"You're a little fattie," Brett chuckled, and Casey nodded, poking my middle.
"Ew, why's it hard?" he asked, "Fat is supposed to be mushy."
Intrigued, Jared, Brett, and the other goalie, Jason began to poke at my 'fat'.
"Maybe it's not because I don't excercise or eat a ton of junk."
"What else could make you fat?" Bret asked.
Mike, now a sophomore, rolled his eyes at the seniors.
"Here's an idea. Maybe she's pregnant!" the fifteen year old told them.
"No way!" Jared and Casey yelped as I nodded.
"Congrats!" they all told me.
"Who's the lucky guy?" Brett asked.
"That'd be moi, thank you," Jared announced, raising his hand.
"Oh you wish," Casey shot.
"Tell Sid we're proud of him," Jason told me.
"Yeah, our little boy has grown up so much since we peer pressured him into groing a pair and asking you out."
"Brett!" I laughed, not knowing how to respond to him.
"What are you gonna name it?" One of the boys, Alex, asked.
"We don't know yet.."
"Do you know what you're having?" Casey asked.
"Well, a baby. I know that much."
"You don't know if it's a boy or girl?!"
I shook my head.
"I'm open to name suggestions though. Try and come up with some good ones and tell me when you do."
"Jared, obviously," the boy grinned.
"Uh-no. Let's just get practicing," I laughed, pointing them out the door and to the ice.

I stood at center ice, watching the boys doing passing drills all around me.
I felt my phone vibrating, so I pulled it out and checked the caller ID; 'Sidney <3'
I rolled my eyes and pressed 'reject' to cease the buzzing.
My team has playoffs starting in less than a month, and I knew he just wanted to check up on me.
I shoved my phone into my pocket, skating over to Mike and Jared with my stick in hand.
"Guys, come on. It's either go big or go home. Square your shoulders and follow through with your checks! Once you start, you have to finish it strong."
I heard a puck hit a goalpost and whipped around.
"Brett!" I yelled across the ice, and his head shot up.
"Cover your top shelf, we're not playing in a fucking rec league!"
I quickly covered my mouth.
"I uh. Wow," I muttered, then apologized to Brett.
"Angry fetus attack?" Jared asked.
"It would appear so.. I haven't really had any thing happen like that yet, so I don't know... Let's just do a scrimmage."

While I helped who Mike how to own his faceoff style, my phone rang again, and I continued to ignore it, even when it signalled a voicemail.
I groaned a little, then dropped he puck for Mike and Jared.
I let the team go after a few minutes of scrimmage; they had been on the ice for almost an hour and a half, and I could tell they were tired.
"Don't party too hard," I called after the last kids to leave, heaving my bag over my shoulder and leaving the rink.

I was at home, all settled in bed and watching Rock of Love 2 when I heard the front door open and close, along with quiet footsteps.
"Hey Aubs," Sidney announced his presence," did you get my message?"
I shook my head.
"I left my phone here."
"You went out?"
"Yeah, I had a practice with the boys."
"Their playoffs are coming soon, eh?"
"Yep. Gotta get ready. So what was your message about?"
"Oh, just that I beat your brother. Well, I put him to shame, actually," he smiled, but it seemed forced.
"That's awesome. Now come to bed," I smiled back, knowing now was not the time to call him out.

The next morning I checked my voicemail while Sidney was in the shower.
"Hey Aubrie, it's me. Even though it's fun and all hanging out with Marc, I'd rather be with you. I- uh. Guess I'll see you later then. Love you. Bye."
I grinned, leaping out of bed and sneaking into the bathroom.
I stifled my laughs when I heard Sidney singing I Fought The Law; a song overplayed during the Pens games.
I couldn't hold out any longer; I pulled the curtain back, a bright smile on my face.
Sidney quickly opened his eyes, an embarrassed smile crossing his reddened face.
"What are you doing?" he asked while I reached in and shut the water off.
"I listened to your voicemail," I answered, pulling on his hand and leading him out of the shower.
"Aubrie?" he asked, the pitch of his voice raising as he laughed, still trying to reach for a towel, even though I had now brought him into my room.
"What Sid?" I smiled a bit, looking over his sleek, wet body and brushing my fingers along his chest.
"Oh.. Nevermind," he smirked, getting my idea.
"So now do you remember what we were up to outside the dressing room?" I asked, gently touching my lips to his.
"Vaguely. Care to refresh my memory?"
I looked up at him, admiring how his dripping wet hair fell into his eyes, small curls sticking up everywhere.
"Definitely," I nodded, pulling him in for a much harder kiss as I slid my arms around his waist.
Sidney pulled me closer, and I let out an 'oof' against his lips, only breaking contact to pull off my shirt.
Sid's hands, which had been roaming earlier, were now planted firmly on my hips, his fingers playing with the edge of my pajama shorts.
He pulled back a little, shooting me a devious smile, then in one fluid motion, he had pulled both my shorts and panties down to my ankles.
I laughed as I stepped out of them, flinging the clothes out of the way with my foot.
"Someone's a little eager."
Sidney nodded, resting his forehead against mine.
I watched him for a second, and he watched me.. It was like he could see right through me and into my soul.
"What?" I asked, pulling back a little, now nervous.
"Nothing.. I was just admiring this beautiful girl in front of me. Now come back here," he quickly pulled me back into him, moving me towards my bed.

Saturday, October 4, 2008



The next morning, Sidney and I got to the arena just after everyone was supposed to be finished with practice.
As we walked through the halls, I grabbed Sidney's hand, smiling.
"Hey. If all goes well, I'll get rid of Henry and you can spend the night at the apartment with me," I wore a playful grin, and Sidney's eyes widened.
"I like the sound of that," he nodded, opening the door to the locker room for me.
"What's that?" I asked, pointing to a pair of baby booties in his locker instead of his shoes.
"Oh," Sidney flushed, "they all play jokes on me because every other team's fans think I'm a baby.. Not the first time they've done it, eh guys?"
"Nope!" Colby laughed, followed by Jarkko Ruutu.
"And certainly not the last!"

The two of us had been talking to everyone, Sid was catching up on the past few days.
Nobody knew that I had gone to hang out with Carey Price, and that was how it was going to stay. I wasn't about to be yelled at for 'fraternizing with the enemy'.
After a half an hour of mingling, Sidney pulled me to the center of the room, a wide smile on his face, and I knew what was coming.
"Hey guys, there's something important I need to tell you," Sid beamed.
"Oh, is it about your ankle?" Sergei Gonchar asked, now attentive.
"Nope," Sidney shook his head, a knowing smile still set on his face, "Aubrie and I are..."
"Getting married?" Colby asked.
"Breaking up?" Jordan added.
"Forming your own two person super team?" Kris Letang finished, and I laughed.
"No," I shook my head, setting my hands on my hips, "Sidney and I are having a baby."

A burst of loud, 'No ways' and 'Nuh-uhs' and 'Go Sids' filled the locker room, along with some applause and congratulations, but not from everybody.
I knew some people wouldn't be too thrilled, and I was right.
But I didn't want to deal with them; if they weren't happy, too bad for them.
"When are you due?" Ryan Malone asked, and I knew his wife was having their second child in March.
"August," I smiled, noticing Ryan suppress an awh as he gave me a hug.
"Thanks," I grinned once he let go, and then Brooks Orpik came over to me.
"Our little Aubrie is growing up so fast!"
"I know, right? Could you have ever seen me like this two years ago?"
Brooks laughed, "Uh, hell no! You were a bitch back then."
My smile fell; Brooks and the guys who were here when I moved out with Marc-Andre knew how much I had changed.
"I'm sorry.. I shouldn't have said that," Brooks apologized, and I shook my head.
"No, it's fine. I know I wasn't a pleasure to be around, but you understand why."
He nodded, giving me a hug.
"Why is everyone so full of hugs today?"
"It's not every day our best friend and captain tells us he's impregnated his girlfriend!" Colby yelled to me from across the room.
I saw the embarrassed look on Sidney's face as he stood beside his best friend, and I knew I was wearing a similar expression.
"Colby, shut up," I groaned, "why is he so awkward?"
I laughed, covering my face with my hands.
"He's crazy, that's why," Brooks told me with a smile.
"Hey, I'm gonna go get a drink. I'll be back, okay?"
Brooks nodded, wandering off as I quickly exited the locker room.

I found a bottle of lemon-lime Gatorade, then made my way down the hall to the locker room, texting Carey while I walked.
"There you are!" I heard Sidney as he opened the door and came into the long hall with me.
"I was wondering where you disappeared to."
I quickly shoved my phone in my pocket, putting on a smile and holding up the drink.
"I got thirsty."
"Yeah, well. I think everyone's taking the news pretty well.. Some of the guys aren't sure what to think. But I'm sure they'll come around," Sid smirked, nudging me back against the wall.
For some reason my heart was racing, which was something I hadn't felt in a while.
I wrapped my arms around Sidney's neck, a nervous smile on my lips.
Sidney just watched me for a few seconds, his hands at my waist.
"What?" I asked, a hint of curiosity in my voice to match the look in his eyes.
"Why are you so nervous all of a sudden?"
"I don't know.."
I saw an unconvinced look, and I added, "Really. Just butterflies, I guess."
Then I planted a light kiss on his lips.
"I like these butterflies," Sidney breathed in between his rough kisses.
I let out a slight gasp, dropping the Gatorade I had been trying so hard to hold onto as I felt Sid slide his warm hands under my shirt and along my sides.
"Sidney," I tilted my head back, letting out a slight moan and tugging gently on his dark hair.
"Hmm?" he asked.
"We're in the hall outside your locker room."
"The whole team's in there.. Not to mention my brother too." I was becoming more and more aware of our surrounding as the seconds passed, "We'll go to my place soon, okay?"
I gently pushed him back, readjusting my shirt.
He backed up and grabbed the bottle off of the floor, handing it to me as he gave me one more kiss, then lead me into the locker room.
I smiled when we saw everyone, lacing my fingers with Sid's as we walked over to Colby, Kris, Evgeni and Tyler Kennedy.
"Nice lip gloss, Sid," Kris laughed, making the other three laugh along.
"Thanks, I think it goes well with my skin tone," he shot back jokingly.
"What, pale?" Tyler grinned.

After everyone left the arena for a well deserved lunch, Sidney and I stuck around, setting up little pranks for Colby, Brooks and Tyler.
"Hey Aubs, do you think we could skate around for a bit?"
I looked up at Sidney from my spot on the bench in front of Colby's stuff. I had been relacing his skates with neon pink laces.
"You think you're ready?"
"I just want to skate. Nothing fancy," he promised.
"I know, but will it mess with your healing, trying to condition so soon?"
"It's been over a month. I asked Josh and the doctor. They say it'll be good for me."
"Alright. I'll go get my skates."
"I'll be here," Sid laughed.

I got up and gave him a kiss on the forehead, then went to the parking lot and retrieving my custom RBK 9K Pumps that Sid had gotten me for my birthday.
My phone vibrated as I made my way back to the arena, and I checked my newest text.
'Hurry up my feet are getting cold'
I got into the locker room, laughing at Sidney.
"Was that really necessary?"
"Was what necessary?" he asked, trying to hide a smile.
"Oh, don't even try to play innocent," I answered, setting my skates down and standing in front of him so his head was level with my waist.
He swiftly slid his arms around my middle, pulling me towards him, resting his cheek against my stomach.
"I love you," he told me in a content tone.
I grinned, placing my hands on his head, tangling my fingers in the curls of his hair.
"I love you too," I answered, then watched Sid crane his neck and look up at me.
"I wasn't talking to you," he shot, then nuzzled his face back into me.
"Oh, so that's how it's gonna be!" I tried not to laugh, but did anyways.