Friday, October 17, 2008



I stood on the ice, waiting for Sidney to come out.
He had called Mario and Coach Therrien to let them know he was going to be skating, then he joined me on the ice.
I watched carefully as Sidney meandered along, weaving and testing his abilities.
"Nothing too fancy now, alright? Let's not prolong that six to eight weeks," I warned, going into the curve, skating backwards so I could keep an eye on my boy.
'You be careful too! I don't want you falling, ever," he answered, speeding up just a little to catch up to me.
"Sid, I'm fine. It's you I'm worried about," I argued.
We stayed on the ice until I heard familiar voices flowing from the locker room.
I saw Ty Conklin, Sergei Gonchar, Jordan and Jarkko come out, and I quickly asked Sid if he wanted me to get him a yellow no-contact jersey.
"No.. I think I'm done for now."
The guys all saw Sidney and watched him carefully, just like I was.
"Atta boy, Sid!" Sergei called after us as we passed them in the hall.
I had already gotten my Vans back on while Sidney pulled on his sneakers, being especially careful of his ankle.
"What the hell did you do to my skates?" Colby shouted from his locker.
"What on earth do you mean?" I asked and Colby pointed down to his feet.
"Pink laces?"
"I think they're hot," Sidney laughed.
Once Colby settled down and laughed the pink laces off, my brother came over to us.
"Hey Sid, wanna come over and play Call of Duty?"
Sidney nodded enthusiastically.
I rolled my eyes, "What's with you cripples and your Call of Duty four?"
"Oh, Aubs! I- uh," Sidney was trying to figure out who to let down.
"It's all good, Sid. Go with Marc-Andre and play your Xbox 360. Just don't come crying to me when he kicks your ass."
"Oh trust me, he'll be the one crying!"
"Mmhmm," I nodded, giving him a peck on the lips.
Sidney couldn't play video games to save his life. But for some reason, he was in denial and thought he was decent at it.
"I'll see you later."
"Bye! Love you."
"You too," I grinned, saying bye to everyone else before heading out to my car and going back home.

I lounged around for a while, then met the Langley boys at the rink for practice.
I was changing out of my longsleeve shirt into a tank top, when Jared laughed.
"Gee, CB, you're gaining weight."
I flushed, pulling my shirt over my body.
"You're a little fattie," Brett chuckled, and Casey nodded, poking my middle.
"Ew, why's it hard?" he asked, "Fat is supposed to be mushy."
Intrigued, Jared, Brett, and the other goalie, Jason began to poke at my 'fat'.
"Maybe it's not because I don't excercise or eat a ton of junk."
"What else could make you fat?" Bret asked.
Mike, now a sophomore, rolled his eyes at the seniors.
"Here's an idea. Maybe she's pregnant!" the fifteen year old told them.
"No way!" Jared and Casey yelped as I nodded.
"Congrats!" they all told me.
"Who's the lucky guy?" Brett asked.
"That'd be moi, thank you," Jared announced, raising his hand.
"Oh you wish," Casey shot.
"Tell Sid we're proud of him," Jason told me.
"Yeah, our little boy has grown up so much since we peer pressured him into groing a pair and asking you out."
"Brett!" I laughed, not knowing how to respond to him.
"What are you gonna name it?" One of the boys, Alex, asked.
"We don't know yet.."
"Do you know what you're having?" Casey asked.
"Well, a baby. I know that much."
"You don't know if it's a boy or girl?!"
I shook my head.
"I'm open to name suggestions though. Try and come up with some good ones and tell me when you do."
"Jared, obviously," the boy grinned.
"Uh-no. Let's just get practicing," I laughed, pointing them out the door and to the ice.

I stood at center ice, watching the boys doing passing drills all around me.
I felt my phone vibrating, so I pulled it out and checked the caller ID; 'Sidney <3'
I rolled my eyes and pressed 'reject' to cease the buzzing.
My team has playoffs starting in less than a month, and I knew he just wanted to check up on me.
I shoved my phone into my pocket, skating over to Mike and Jared with my stick in hand.
"Guys, come on. It's either go big or go home. Square your shoulders and follow through with your checks! Once you start, you have to finish it strong."
I heard a puck hit a goalpost and whipped around.
"Brett!" I yelled across the ice, and his head shot up.
"Cover your top shelf, we're not playing in a fucking rec league!"
I quickly covered my mouth.
"I uh. Wow," I muttered, then apologized to Brett.
"Angry fetus attack?" Jared asked.
"It would appear so.. I haven't really had any thing happen like that yet, so I don't know... Let's just do a scrimmage."

While I helped who Mike how to own his faceoff style, my phone rang again, and I continued to ignore it, even when it signalled a voicemail.
I groaned a little, then dropped he puck for Mike and Jared.
I let the team go after a few minutes of scrimmage; they had been on the ice for almost an hour and a half, and I could tell they were tired.
"Don't party too hard," I called after the last kids to leave, heaving my bag over my shoulder and leaving the rink.

I was at home, all settled in bed and watching Rock of Love 2 when I heard the front door open and close, along with quiet footsteps.
"Hey Aubs," Sidney announced his presence," did you get my message?"
I shook my head.
"I left my phone here."
"You went out?"
"Yeah, I had a practice with the boys."
"Their playoffs are coming soon, eh?"
"Yep. Gotta get ready. So what was your message about?"
"Oh, just that I beat your brother. Well, I put him to shame, actually," he smiled, but it seemed forced.
"That's awesome. Now come to bed," I smiled back, knowing now was not the time to call him out.

The next morning I checked my voicemail while Sidney was in the shower.
"Hey Aubrie, it's me. Even though it's fun and all hanging out with Marc, I'd rather be with you. I- uh. Guess I'll see you later then. Love you. Bye."
I grinned, leaping out of bed and sneaking into the bathroom.
I stifled my laughs when I heard Sidney singing I Fought The Law; a song overplayed during the Pens games.
I couldn't hold out any longer; I pulled the curtain back, a bright smile on my face.
Sidney quickly opened his eyes, an embarrassed smile crossing his reddened face.
"What are you doing?" he asked while I reached in and shut the water off.
"I listened to your voicemail," I answered, pulling on his hand and leading him out of the shower.
"Aubrie?" he asked, the pitch of his voice raising as he laughed, still trying to reach for a towel, even though I had now brought him into my room.
"What Sid?" I smiled a bit, looking over his sleek, wet body and brushing my fingers along his chest.
"Oh.. Nevermind," he smirked, getting my idea.
"So now do you remember what we were up to outside the dressing room?" I asked, gently touching my lips to his.
"Vaguely. Care to refresh my memory?"
I looked up at him, admiring how his dripping wet hair fell into his eyes, small curls sticking up everywhere.
"Definitely," I nodded, pulling him in for a much harder kiss as I slid my arms around his waist.
Sidney pulled me closer, and I let out an 'oof' against his lips, only breaking contact to pull off my shirt.
Sid's hands, which had been roaming earlier, were now planted firmly on my hips, his fingers playing with the edge of my pajama shorts.
He pulled back a little, shooting me a devious smile, then in one fluid motion, he had pulled both my shorts and panties down to my ankles.
I laughed as I stepped out of them, flinging the clothes out of the way with my foot.
"Someone's a little eager."
Sidney nodded, resting his forehead against mine.
I watched him for a second, and he watched me.. It was like he could see right through me and into my soul.
"What?" I asked, pulling back a little, now nervous.
"Nothing.. I was just admiring this beautiful girl in front of me. Now come back here," he quickly pulled me back into him, moving me towards my bed.


mrsjordanstaal11 said...

YAY an update. As you know I love your story, and this was another great chapter. I love when the boys play video games, it`s so funny to watch it on the Sid DVD.

I loved the boys making fun of her & the fact that it was Mike who pointed out that she was pregnant.

I can`t wait for more.

Lauren said...

Yay for an update! They are so cute together :) More when you can!

kemilyyyyy said...

were you at the pen game last night? I was and I thought I saw you on the jumbotron. If was not you then it shoure looked liked you and now I feel stupid. 100 goals go sidney!

Parker said...

No, I wasn't at the game last night. I wish I was! But I was at the Weezer show in Phoenix.
I'll be at the Pens game next on the 30th.

haley_says_gawr said...

i love your stories mannn.
yay for sid and his kick ass game.!
cant wait for more.!

Kimmy said...

And update :)

I loved the chapter, they are so cute with one another.

Post more when ya can.